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Dec 30, 2010

January Webinars

We have 2 Webinars scheduled for the first week of January. That will cover the entire program, start to finish.  Choose which time works for you. It should be about 45 minutes long, then we'll have a 20 to 30 minute question and answer session at the end. If you're new to UnitWise, or just want a refresher, you'll get a lot out of this webinar. The Webinars are Free. Click here to sign up.
Below are the dates and times.

Title:    UnitWise Walkthru
Date:    Tuesday, January 4, 2011
Time:    6:00 PM - 7:30 PM EST
Title:   UnitWise Walkthru
Date:   Thursday, January 6, 2011
Time:   8:00 PM - 9:30 PM EST

Space is limited, so register now!
The Heroes at UnitWise
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Dec 29, 2010

End of Year Inventory

Margrette Field, an Independent Sales Director from Vista, CA. Margrette will post a blog each Wednesday full of tips, tricks, info and advice for other consultants and directors. Be sure to check back each week!

Hello Gorgeous!

I hope you all enjoyed time with your family over the Christmas holiday and are planning on a fun event to bring in the New Year!! 

At the end of every fiscal year, you have to take a physical count of your inventory.  This is helpful not only for your tax documents, but also for you to make sure your inventory list in UnitWise is accurate.  You may have a small inventory and some of you may have the need to carry a larger inventory to best suit your sales volumes from month to month.  In any case, you do have to count it. The best part of taking a physical count is that you can audit your inventory and make sure you have your ideal quantities of the products you want to stock are up to date. This saves you a lot of time each time you go to order from Mary Kay!  

I recommend taking a current Order Sheet from Mary Kay and hand write your inventory on the order sheet itself. Then from there you will go to your UnitWise Dashboard and click on Inventory and then click on Bulk Edit.  You can update the physical count of your inventory on hand and also update your ideal quantities for each of them! 

Next week I’ll share more about the reports you can print to make tax time a little less “taxing”.

Pink Hugs,
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Dec 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

UnitWise Heroes support will be limited from the afternoon of Friday 24th until Monday 27th.  We'll be operating on a skeleton staff, in order to give our team some well deserved down time with family and friends. 
During this time, emergency support will be available, but ordinary online chat and phone support will be unavailable.  To access support send email to, requesting assistance.  Please ensure that you provide lots of detail to assist in helping with any issues.
We recommend that you use email support, rather than call on the phone or online chat.  We all carry mobile devices, which will enable us to respond to your needs more quickly, even if we're away from the office telephones.  
    Thank you for your business in 2010.  You've helped us to achieve outstanding results this year, and we hope to have helped you, in your business, to have had an exceptional year as well.  
    With best wishes to you during the holiday season, 

    All the Heroes at UnitWise and SPAN Enterprises.

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    New Year Makeovers!

    Margrette Field, an Independent Sales Director from Vista, CA. Margrette will post a blog each Wednesday full of tips, tricks, info and advice for other consultants and directors. Be sure to check back each week!
    Hello Gorgeous!

    Did you know the week between Christmas and New Year’s can be a powerful selling week for you?  Here’s a few tips to remember around this time of year! You’ll want to plan ahead as a business owner to stay on track!  Since it’s a new Star Quarter you’ll be able to get yourself on target with a wholesale order of $600 before December 31st!!  How can you do this? Well, here’s a few fun ways to go about it! 

    Sell $1000 – Hold New Year, New You Makeovers to help women look their best as they bring in the New Year!
    Hold a 24/24/24 contest for yourself!  Sell $24 to 24 people in 24 hours! 
    Hold an end of the year “I Don’t Wanna Count It” Sale!  You could discount your current inventory for all or a select few of your customers! 
    Follow up on Preferred Customer Program!  Your customers are already receiving the fabulous new Look book in their mail boxes.  After Christmas call them to follow up and see what they thought of the free sample of our Velocity fragrance!!  Start booking them for a “Winter Collection Preview” for them to see the new products in person!

    I recommend printing a report of your Preferred Customers to make your phone calls to follow up!  And, it’s always a good idea to send an email marketing to them letting them know it’s on it’s way, and another as you begin to follow up to make sure they received it.  This Look is SO important because it offers a free sample of the TimeWise Replenishing Serum+C!  Your customers will need to go online to receive their sample so you need to call them to let them know how they can get a free sample!

    Have a very Merry Christmas!

    Pink Hugs,
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    Dec 16, 2010

    Second Star Quarter in Mary Kay!

    Margrette Field, an Independent Sales Director from Vista, CA. Margrette will post a blog each Wednesday full of tips, tricks, info and advice for other consultants and directors. Be sure to check back each week!
    Hey Beautiful,

    Today marks the end of the second Star quarter in Mary Kay!  I know some of you are working to finish up your Sapphire Star at the $1800 wholesale level and some of you are reaching up into the higher rungs of the ladder and achieving even greater success. Remember the $75 Starter Kit deal is still on today as well!  Sometimes as women we work better under pressure, don’t know why but we do!  There’s something about a non-negotiable deadline to help you get things done, isn’t there? 

    So, if you did finish your Star and you’ve closed every prospect you know of, then what is there to do between today and next week?  Start dialing!  Dialing for Dollars is what I like to call it! Set up those quick stop appointments to show your great gift ideas and book those last chance Holiday Makeovers with your customers!  So, I have a question for you.  Have you ever sat down to make calls and then had trouble remembering who you needed to call back?  It was just a blur because you talked to a lot of women and then a few days go by and you know you should follow up with your leads but you can’t remember which one said to call you back when?  I want to share an easy way to keep track of your calls so you won’t miss a follow up opportunity again!  I find a great place to track this information is in the Call section of your Activities menu on your Dashboard.  Here you can enter a future phone call and set a reminder to tell you when you’d like to make the call and even link it to a particular contact!  There’s room to write a description of the conversation to remind you when you go to make the call and the number is right there to make it quick and easy! 

    Remember to check out all of the “what’s new” features listed on the UnitWise Dashboard!

    Create a great day for yourself by choosing to Live in Your Vision!

    Pink Hugs,
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    Dec 15, 2010

    Celebrate the season with the new Holiday Theme!

    Make this your theme, under 'Manage Site Appearance' in the Social Media menu.

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    Dec 8, 2010

    Winter Products

    Margrette Field, an Independent Sales Director from Vista, CA. Margrette will post a blog each Wednesday full of tips, tricks, info and advice for other consultants and directors. Be sure to check back each week!
    Hello Gorgeous!

    Tis the season! I hope you are all selling your way to Star Consultant status by Dec 15th!  Remember, if you participated in the Preferred Customer Program or you were a Star in Quarter 1, you are eligible to order the new Winter products!  What an awesome gift Mary Kay gave us to help us continue to our sales and give our customers even more options for their gift giving this year! 

    Sometimes we find ourselves offering payment plans for larger orders.  This is completely up to you as a business owner. However, if you choose to do so I will share with you how easy it is using UnitWise!  After you create the Invoice for your customer go to Receive Payments in the Customer Center.  Here you’ll be able to select the customer who’s making a payment on their Invoice.  You will notice the Receive Full Payment box is automatically checked.  You simply uncheck that box and then apply the appropriate amount of payment   It’s that easy! I recommend putting a reminder in your Activities calendar so you know when to follow up with your customer for future payments. 

    Have a great week!  Sell, sell, sell your way to Star!

    Pink Hugs,
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    Dec 3, 2010

    Email Marketing...

    Margrette Field, an Independent Sales Director from Vista, CA. Margrette will post a blog each Wednesday full of tips, tricks, info and advice for other consultants and directors. Be sure to check back each week!
    Hello Gorgeous!

    Happy December!  I hope you took advantage of the after Thanksgiving Sales and offered a Pink Friday or Cyber Monday sale for your business!  I used the email marketing feature and made a template. With one click of a button all of my customers received an email about my sale.  That “click” turned into over $1000 in sales!  I heard from some other Consultants and Directors they had great success with their sales too!  If you had a sale, let me know how it went for you!    

    I kept stalling in writing this blog because I was just amazed at all of the specials Mary Kay is offering this month!  Did you know the $75 Starter Kit has been extended until Dec. 15th?  And, we are eligible to purchase new products starting on Dec. 5th AND we will receive a FREE Trial Size Oil-Free Eyemakeup Remover with every purchase of a Full Size Oil-Free Eyemakeup Remover!  Can you believe it?!  So much to take advantage of this month!

    Since many of you either placed an order during the last days of November or will be placing orders in December, I want to remind you of a fun and easy tip to keep your inventory up to date! Did you know with just a few clicks you can import your orders into UnitWise?  First, you will want to locate the order in Intouch and find the Printer Friendly version.  Copy and Paste the order by right clicking and select All, and then right clicking again to select Copy.  In UnitWise you’ll find an Order from MK link under the Inventory tab on your Dashboard.  Create a new Purchase Order and under the Product Details section you will want to click on the Import from Intouch button. There it will ask you to again right click and Paste the order into the box.  Depending on your browser it may ask you to do it one more time.  Viola! Your order has been imported and the next step would be to make sure you mark the order as Received when the shipment arrives.  Your inventory will be up to date!  If you have questions, ask a Hero!  You can online chat with them, send an email, or even watch a quick video on how to import your orders from the Video Guide located on your Dashboard! 

    Have a great weekend! 

    Pink Hugs,
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    Nov 29, 2010

    Get your shop ready for Cyber Monday!

    According to the National Retail Foundation, 106.9 million Americans plan to shop online today, Cyber Monday.

    What's Cyber Monday? It's the online equivalent of Black Friday. Retailers offer huge discounts if you shop through their websites. It's a pretty great when you think about it. All the great deals and discounts you could want, and you don't have to get up at 4:00 am to get them.

    Are you doing anything for Cyber Monday? With so many people online looking to spend money, now would be a great time to direct them to your Mary Kay shop site.

    Help them get there by including a link to your MK shop on your UnitWise site.

    Here's what you do:

    -Go to My Website under the Social Media tab
    -Click on General Settings
    -Choose a name for your shop menu, something like "Shop With Me" or "Shop Now"
    -Enter your MK shop link URL name in the space provided
    -Click save settings, and then check out your site.

    When your visitors click on your shop link, they'll go straight to your MK shop page! Let the Cyber Monday deals begin!
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    Nov 25, 2010

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Margrette Field, an Independent Sales Director from Vista, CA. Margrette will post a blog each Wednesday full of tips, tricks, info and advice for other consultants and directors. Be sure to check back each week! 
    Hello Beautiful,

    Wow, can you believe Thanksgiving is here?  If you’re like most of us this can be a busy time of year.  So that means you have to be even more on top of your schedule than ever!  You can set reminders in UnitWise for all of your activities and keep you on track.  You can set multiple reminders to help you and they can be sent either via text or email or both!  You can set the priority of the event, you can even link it to a particular customer, contact or unit member and decide if you want that event visible on your website. Other ways you can utilize this feature is to send reminders to your cell phone via text that say “Call Director Hotline”. A lot of Directors out there have hotline numbers and they would LOVE to hear from you!  You can keep in the loop by creating a habit to call in every day!  Heck, my Mom gave me this idea too! She said you could send reminders with affirmations!  Brilliant! Imagine every day getting an email or text saying “you are a master booker”.  Or “you are an amazing woman with the ability to achieve success”.  Wow, have fun with this!

    Since this is the time of year to share our gratitude for all the simple pleasures and the wonderful people we have around us, the UnitWise team of Heroes deserve a big THANK YOU!  Have you noticed they are always available to us either on online chat, a phone call, or a click of an email away?  I love that I can have an answer to my questions either by going online, watching a video or shooting a quick email to my Hero. So, on behalf of all the happy UnitWise customers, THANK YOU Heroes for all you do to make us look SO good! 

    Ok…so now for the real tip of the week!  Eat as much turkey as you want! ;)  Did you know scientists have found there to be no calories in food consumed on Thanksgiving Day?  It’s amazing! So, eat all you want, and be happy! 

    Until next week!

    Pink Hugs,
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    Nov 20, 2010

    The Heroes like turkey too

    Just a quick note to let you know that live chat and phone support will be unavailable next week from Thursday to Saturday. We'll be busy eating turkey, napping, eating left overs, and then napping some more. If you need help, just shoot us an email, we'll still be answering those. Live support will resume the following Monday, November 29.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Enjoy your family and enjoy the food!
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    Nov 19, 2010

    Sync your Intouch Anniversaries and Birthdays with UnitWise

    UnitWise is bringing you another exclusive feature that's going to save you time! You can now sync your Intouch Anniversaries and Birthdays! Check out the short video below to see how this awesome new feature works.

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    Nov 17, 2010

    Keep record of those gifts

    Margrette Field, an Independent Sales Director from Vista, CA. Margrette will post a blog each Wednesday full of tips, tricks, info and advice for other consultants and directors. Be sure to check back each week! 

    Hello, Gorgeous!

    It’s the time of year when you are most likely sharing your gift services with your customers.  So, how you do you keep good records of this in UnitWise?  This information is actually good to know at any time you’re offering gift sets to your customers throughout the year.  Sometimes we want to add in little “extras” or maybe include your gift wrap in the price of a gift set.  Since you are an Independent Contractor you may choose whether or not you’re going to include the cost of those extra items in the total sale price. 

    Here’s an example of what to do if you are charging for gift wrap.  You may have seen the post regarding how to make product collections.  First you will want to add product to your inventory called "WRAP".  To do this you want to go to your Inventory tab on your Dashboard and then click on Products. Then from there you'll click on "Add Product". You can enter the details there accordingly for your new gift wrap product.  You’ll be asked to assign it to an existing category or you can create a new one.  Next you’ll make a Product Collection. You’ll see how you can simply add any products in our line and now your gift wrap with product name WRAP to the collection.  This will give the entire collection a new price including the amount you add for gift wrap!  Just name the collection and you’re all set! 

    Here’s the video to review the steps once again.

    The Video Guide link located on the top right of your UnitWise Dashboard is the best place to find answers to frequently asked questions. 

    Setting up product collections will make invoicing a breeze and the best part is your inventory will always be up to date!

    Until next week…Keep Selling!

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