Featured Vendor: Director Double

Jennifer Coffey
Owner & Founder of Director Double

Listen to our Interview with Jen Coffey of Director Double

We are always glad to speak with Jen Coffey of Director Double.  Over the years we have gotten to know Jen & her team from several Leadership Conferences & we even held a joint webinar with Jen last year on Email Marketing Tips.  This week, we had the chance to catch up with Jen to talk about What's New with Director Double.  

Jen & her team offer Newsletters, Postcards, Flyers, & other services to help Mary Kay Directors become more Efficient in their business.  Jen began Director Double 5 years ago.  After a series of health challenges, Jen decided to step down from her role as a Mary Kay Sales Director and focus on recovering her health.  By doing this, Jen began a new chapter in her life.  Jen is still a Mary Kay Consultant, and although she is no longer a Sales Director, she has still found a way to work with Mary Kay Directors & Consultants from all over the United States.  

Director Double began as a somewhat small project.  Jen was creating Newsletters for her Senior Director, then a few of her director friends, and eventually they began attending Leadership Conferences, gaining contacts & new clients across the country.  As the business expanded, so did her team.  Jen employs a team of talented designers from their headquarters in Chandler, Arizona.  

One of our favorite things about Director Double is their slogan: "Double Your Efficiency."   Since we are also a company that exists to help Mary Kay Directors & Consultants succeed in their business, this means a lot to us.  Thanks to Director Double, Directors can rest assured that their Unit will be receiving a quality newsletter so that they can focus on their Income Producing Activities.  As Jen says, "We take Care of the Paperwork, so you can take care of the People Work." 

Director Double is also offering an end of the year special, it's the Race to the Finish Special!  They are offering a free set-up and free 1st month of newsletter creation (a $35 value) for new clients who sign up before June 15th. 

To get learn more about Director Double, you can go to their website: www.DirectorDouble.com or even give them a call at 480.518.3733


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