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Aug 9, 2016

You're A Beauty Consultant, Don't Look Tired

For whatever reasons the sandman works in mysterious ways. Sometimes you have a deep sleep that’s drool on the pillow good, but other times you roll around, frustrated for hours. You may not think anyone will notice if you’re tired, but in reality your skin can give it away!

As a beauty consultant working on the frontlines at parties and events, it’s important to look your best in order to get sales and maintain a professional appearance.

We at UnitWise and MyUnitBuzz can’t promise you a full 8 hours of sleep for perfect, refreshed skin, but we can tell you how to cover up the fact that you’re exhausted.

Let’s Start By Waking Up

Splashing cold water on your face, or turning your shower water to cold may seem like a frightening idea, but the cold water will actually reduce inflammation, tighten your skin, and restore color.

Using a moisturizer with caffeine will perk up your skin, and you can use a primer to give your skin a nice tan glow.

Then Let's Fix Your Hair

Incase you’re too busy traveling to conferences like seminar and can’t wash your hair, we have the secrets for making your hair look clean and lively without showering

First, fight your instincts. When you’re short on time you may just wanna pull your hair back in a ponytail and forget about it. However, when you wear your hair down it will take the attention away from tired, puffy eyes. Also, parting your hair on the opposite side or wearing braids will cover up grease.

Fight hair grease by blow drying your roots or by applying some dry shampoo, that will give your hair a nice scent. Also, baby powder is often used to soak up grease.

Fight frizz with a leave in conditioner to moisturize your hair and to give it a sleek shine.

Last, but not least, add some texture spray to your hair. It will lift flat, tired hair and bring it back to life!

Next, We’ll Get Those Eyes Sparkling

When you’re tired your eyes are a dead giveaway. If you know ahead of time that you won’t be getting much sleep, prep your eyes with a hydrating eye cream to prevent the skin around them from drying out and puffing during the night. Applying eye cream will also help in the morning.

Allergies and sleep deprivation are both culprits that cause red eyes! Clear them up by using daily nasal sprays or allergy pills. To simply get rid of redness apply one or two eyedrops to each eye.

If you do wake up with puffy eyes, stay calm, there are many solutions to instantly de-puff them. The most common solution is to take two cold spoons out of the freezer and place them under your eyes for about 10 minutes, during this process the blood vessels around your eyes will become uninflamed and discoloration will dissipate.

Other common items for depuffing eyes include cool cucumber slices, cold tea bags, frozen bags of peas, and potatoes slices...that’s right, potato slices.

Also, you can get an eye roller and keep it in the fridge. Bust it out when you need to roll eyebags away! Most eye rollers have a soothing mineral gel that get rid of dark circles under the eyes.

You can always cover up dark circles around your eyes with a yellow based foundation. However, when it comes to eye make up and you’re tired, less is more. Avoid the heavy eye shadows and stick to an all natural look.

Curl your eyelashes and add volumizing mascara to make you eyes look more open. As a result you’ll appear bright eyed and bushy tailed!

Bonus Tips!

  • Start your day with a citrus fruit to wake up and get energized. 
  • Wear light pink to coral shades of lipstick to brighten your face. 
  • Wear bright colors to fill the room with energy.
  • Stay hydrated! Water keeps your skin looking firm and full and prevents eye bags and discoloration from forming. 
  • Take a walk when you wake up to get your blood pumping and to return color to your skin.
  • Keep that beautiful smile on. A nice bright smile will spread positive energy to the entire room. 

Get Those Sales

You’re a confident consultant, and you’ll get those sales—especially while looking your best. By being your own makeup artist, no one will know whether you got 3 hours or 8 hours of sleep, because you’ll have a healthy, natural glow at all times.

What are you makeup tricks for looking less tired? Be sure to share them with us!

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