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Jan 27, 2012

Get a Custom Domain Name for Your Business!

Earlier this month, one of our users informed us that with another company she was paying $25 for a custom domain, and an additional $5 per month to keep it.  We were shocked to hear of these exorbitant prices, and yet we continued to hear similar stories while we were at Leadership Conference.  We have also seen many examples of companies booking domains in their own name and not releasing it to their customers when requested.

Facts about Domains with UnitWise:
-  With UnitWise you can have your own Custom Domain for only $15.00 per Year!  
-  When you book a domain through UnitWise, we book the domain in your name so that you are the rightful owner (as you should be)
-  We will notify you when your domain is set to expire.  As long as you keep renewing it, the domain is yours to keep.

To Book a Domain Through UnitWise, you can follow these Steps:
1.  Go To Social Media
2.  Select My Website
3.  Click Domain Pointers Tab
4.  Select Request Domain 
5.  If the domain is available, we will book it for you and charge the card we have on file.  

NOTE: As of 2/2/2012 the cost of a custom domain through UnitWise is $15.00 per year.
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Jan 24, 2012

Scheduled Server Upgrade Notice

This Wednesday, Jan 25th at around 2AM EST we’ll be migrating to new servers at Amazon Cloud.

What’s included in the upgrade?This upgrade contains primarily ‘behind the scenes’ changes to ensure that UnitWise continues to be as fast, secure and reliable as possible.We are moving to a new server infrastructure which includes dedicated load balanced application and database servers. The new architecture will offer speed improvements and also greatly improve our capacity as our user base continues to increase. 

The downtime will be approximately 4 hrs, but we expect it to be done earlier than that. As always please do not hesitate to contact the heroes for any further information. Thank you.
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Jan 13, 2012

Julie Potts Wins the iPad 2

This morning at Leadership, the UnitWise Heroes presented Julie Potts with a Brand New iPad 2 for making the most UnitWise Referrals for the year of 2011!  

If you see Julie while you are in Atlanta, be sure to give her a big congratulations also!  

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Jan 10, 2012

UnitWise at Leadership

While this year's Mary Kay Leadership Conference is keeping our UnitWise booth incredibly busy, we will also be documenting it with plenty of pictures and posts.

James, Agie, & Glenn at the UnitWise Booth
Georgia World Congress Center - Atlanta, GA

Here you can see some of the UnitWise Heroes: James, Agie, and Glenn relaxing on the couch in the UnitWise booth just before they are met by thousands of Mary Kay directors.  

The conference is being held at The Georgia World Congress Center in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia.  Our hotel is relatively close, and we can walk there to avoid the infamous traffic that Atlanta has to offer.
All I See is Purple

Once inside the enormous conference center, one is quickly taken aback by the size of the space, the architecture, and the abundance of the color purple :)
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Jan 9, 2012

Business Resolutions for 2012

This time of year, everyone likes to make big resolutions for the year to come.  We stumbled across this list of very helpful Business Resolutions from and found them to be very beneficial and also applicable to the Mary Kay Industry.

1.  Prioritize: 
"Start every day with strategic clarity by spending 10 minutes reviewing what one-to-five things you want to achieve this year, what your strategic priorities are for achieving them, and (most importantly) what businesses, activities and opportunities you have decided to say "no" to because they distract you from what is truly important."   - Kaihan Krippendorff, author
2.  Focus on Less:  

When it comes to focusing your attention, energy and business resources, less is certainly more. The best example of this, is Steve Jobs' approach to Management.
3.  Watch Your Cash Flow: 

Effective cash-flow management is essential to the growth of all businesses. Simplify your accounting process, choose an accounting solution that helps you stay on top of your finances. And start making financially informed decisions today!

4.  Optimize Time:

The time and energy you (and your team members) spend on your Business projects is perhaps your most valuable resource. Make the most of this resource, by using time-tracking tools to track the time spent on your projects. Another way to do this, would be to integrate time-tracking into your invoicing process.
Remember, time saved is money earned!
5.  Get Paid Faster:

An automated invoicing process can help track time and expenses while you focus on other aspects of your business. Work with an invoicing tool that comes with additional features such as reports, mobile accessibility and integrated online payment capability.

6.  Create a Customer Community: 

Do you have an online customer support community where your customers and employees can interact, share feedback, discuss ideas and brainstorm? If not, set up a forum where you can engage them and gather valuable insights.

7.  Go Social: 
Social media is more than just an extension of business ethics. Your customers are out there, having conversations about your Business (or your competitors). It's all up to you to be a part of those conversations, engage your customers and prospects, provide support and share content that matters to them.
8.  Don't be Afraid to Talk Pricing: 

The pricing of products or services that your Business offers is probably not the main decision-making factor for your prospective clients. But, it certainly is important.

9.  Collaborate: 
Foster an environment that encourages employees across various teams and locations to collaborate effectively. Online tools for Project Management, Discussion Forums and Web Conferencing can help you on the way to achieving this

10.  Stay On Top of Your Numbers:  
In order to make informed Business decisions, it is critical to keep an eye on your Business reports. An online reporting and Business Intelligence tool can make it easy for you to visualize and analyze your Business data.

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Jan 7, 2012

Our Booth at Leadership

We've got our booth setup at Mary Kay Leadership Conference 2012 in Atlanta, GA and are ready to go!  We will be in Booths 63 & 64 in Building A / Room A 402 at the Georgia World Congress Center.  Please come by to visit our booth and bring your friends as well! We would love to chat with you!  

Stop by for a special gift from the Heroes, and also to see who won the iPad! 

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