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Jun 30, 2015

UnitWise Features | Blogging

Do you blog? Do you know what blogging is? Or do you know what blogging is and pretend not to, so you have an excuse not to do it? Many of us would secretly agree with that last bit, but showcase our enthusiasm to know more. Well, my friend, you stopped by on the perfect day because today I'm blogging about blogging!

UnitWise Features | Blogging

Did you know that the blogging feature is built right into your UnitWise Website feature? If you have the UW Website as part of your plan, blogging has tons of benefits not only for you, but for your entire team as well. Let's start with some blog facts that you will remember and never need again:
  • The blogs of today evolved over the past decades from their beginning as online diaries - dating all the way back to 1994 
  • The term blog (coined in April or May of 1999) originated from the word Weblog
  • The term blog can be used as both a noun and a verb
Using the blog feature included with your website has many benefits. It helps to create a voice for you online. It can make your website more personable. It gives you an outlet to share your stories of success, failure, tips, tricks, show off memories from Seminar, and anything else you want it to be. You can be truely inspiring with a blog by providing goals your team can achieve in a week with tips on how to make it all happen. Any trip you go on, a blog is the perfect way to share your adventure and create fresh new content for your website. 

The blog feature in UnitWise is completely customizable to match your website. You can share a link to your blog in your newletter, or include links in your emails via the email marketing feature. Here is a great video to find out more:

A blog can be anything you want it to be. Use it for training, storytelling, reviews, challenges, anything and everything. Showcase your amazing life and beautiful personality using your blog on your UnitWise website. If you have any questions about using this feature or anyother feature in UnitWise, call the UnitWise Heroes via phone: 704-234-6006 or email:

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Jun 26, 2015

Tips & Tricks | All About Bronzers

When you hear the words Contour and Bronzer, a look of confusion takes over on most of our faces. Here is the first bit of information that you can share with all your friends that will make you seem like a makeup genius - All bronzers can be used to contour, but not all contour shades (the grey toned ones - true contour shades) can be used as bronzers. Give it a second to let that logic sink in...

Ah, ha! Now that we are all on the same page, let's go over how bronzers are used. If you would like to know more about contouring, I did a whole blog on it - Tips & Tricks | All About That Contour!

Bronzer Finishes

Powder Bronzer
Just like any other powder in the makeup realm, powder bronzers have multiple finishes to provide the look you want. There are matte, satin, shimmer, and disco-ball glitter (you know which ones I'm talking about). This is where that whole - bronzers can be used to contour - bit comes in. Matte bronzers can be used to contour your face. You really don't want to use any powder with a sheen, or shimmer to contour - trust me, don't do it. You only want certain areas of your face to glow as if you were kissed by the sun, not your entire face to sparkle like a vampire in Twilight. 

The MK Bronzing Powder gives a satin finish. A satin finish just means that the powder is more finely milled than what you would find in a shimmer powder bronzer. It gives off a very luminous glow that looks very natural.

Cream Bronzer
Cream bronzers can be a bit tricky and require some practice to get used to. But don't let that shy you away from using this texture bronzer. They give off the most amazing natural glow when applied properly. These bronzers are very versatile in how they can be used. You can use them for a simple glow over your moisturizer, over cream foundation, or cream contour (never apply cream products over powders).
You can apply cream bronzers:

  • Around your hairline on your forehead and blend it down 
  • Just above the hollows of your cheeks
  • Under the jawline

Finding The Right Tone
Bronzers come in hundreds of different tones. You have warm, cool, pink, warm-pink, orange, and everything else you can think of. It's a bit overwhelming at first, but that's why most beauty stores let you test the product before you buy. Swatch every shade that you like, walk around the store for a bit (very important), and see how it reacts on your skin tone. If you are fair, stay away from really warm toned bronzers because they will make you look orange. Darker skin tones should avoid cool toned bronzers. For medium skin tones, you basically can work anything, so test them all to see what you like best.

How To Apply
You don't want to bronze your entire face. Think of where the sun hits your face to guide you on where to apply your bronzer. The most common places are your hairline, tops of the cheek bones, a little on your chin, and under your jawline. You can even put a little on the bridge of your nose, but keep it really light.

When using bronzers, apply your product with a very light hand and remember to blend well. It's a lot easier to build the color gradually than to slap on a ton of product at once hoping it will blend out. What are your thoughts on bronzers and how to use them? Share with the UnitWise Heroes what your favorite bronzers are on our Facebook and Twitter.

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Jun 23, 2015

UnitWise Features | Consultant Management

Seminar 2015 is almost here, and there is a lot to plan and organize. The UnitWise Heroes are right there with you on planning ahead and setting yourself up for your future goals before Seminar even starts. Seminar re-energizes your MK spirit and new consultants start to join your team. Get a head start on managing your current, and new consultants, with the UnitWise Consultant Management feature.

Consultant Management
You can manage your entire business within UnitWise and never rely on spread sheets again. Tracking your consultant's progress is made simple where you can have their weekly accomplishment, consultant productions, birthdays, and anything else you want to see for the week. The Consultant Management feature puts all the information you want to see in one place, so you never have to go hunting for it. Sending an email, tracking your team's sales, having reports auto-generate based on sales goals, and everything else you need can be done in UnitWise.

When it comes to welcoming new members to your team, you can make notes for the recruiting interview. When the interview is over, you can create follow up appointments that sync to your calendar.

Here is a great overview of how the feature works:

Join Our Webinar to Learn More
UnitWise has a lot of amazing features to help you succeed and reach every goal you set. Join the Heroes Wednesday June 24, 2015 at 1:00pm EDT for a guided tour and in-depth look at what UnitWise can do for you. Register Here.

If June 24th doesn't work for you, we also have another webinar coming up July 8th at 2:00. Register for the July 8th Webinar

The Heroes can't wait to hear from you, so if you have a question about anything, just call 704-234-6006 or email:

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Jun 19, 2015

UnitWise | Features to Make the Perfect Father's Day

Holidays are always a busy time for Directors and Consultants. You have so much to do to prepare and make sure everything is ready for your clients. While you are planning for Father's day, don't forget that the new fiscal year starts on July 1st. UnitWise has everything you need to manage your business like boss. Let's get to it!

Father's Day
Gift baskets are a popular gift for men on Father's day, and although the products are important, it's really more about the packaging. Let me be the first to say that y'all have some of the most creative packaging ideas I have ever seen. I see you on Pinterest and Facebook - so talented! UnitWise wants you to keep all your sets and certificates documented properly for tax purposes and to keep your inventory up-to-date. You can organize all your gift sets, certificates, and special promotions in your UnitWise account. Products are easily grouped together in your inventory, so it shows up correctly on all your financial statements. What's really great is, your inventory will automatically update as you create gift sets. Here's a video that shows exactly how it all works.

New Fiscal Year
The new fiscal year starts on July 1st, and our Year End/Tax Reports feature will save you a lot of time getting all your financial reports together. You can quickly run reports for certain time periods, or however you wish to organize them. You just click a few buttons and any report you could ever image will magically be displayed on your screen. If you have any questions, pick up the phone and dial the Heroes. We are always ready to lend a helping hand and we love to hear from you. Our number is 704-234-6006 or send an email:

Never hesitate to give the Heroes a call, and if you want to learn more about the amazing features of UnitWise, join our next webinar on Jun 24th - UnitWise Website Walkthrough. Have a wonderful holiday and our next Tips & Tricks blog is coming up soon and it's all about bronzers!

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Jun 12, 2015

Tips & Tricks: The Interview Look

For today's Tips & Tricks blog I wanted to do something a little different. 'Tis the season for interviewing and the UnitWise Heroes want to congratulate all the recent grads and people looking to upgrade their career. It's an exciting time and when you do land that interview it is important to have the right look. The right look is actually a very simple look because we want your personality and skill set to shine, not your face. So today, your face is the dream job for your makeup collection. It's time to interview your blushes, mascaras, lipsticks, and foundations, to find the right fit for the position. So let's get started...

Face Coverage:
I realize that not everyone is comfortable wearing a light coverage foundation at all nonetheless to an interview. So the best thing to do is wear a foundation that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Your makeup's purpose for your interview is to make you feel confident in yourself so you don't feel nervous. If you are used to wearing a tinted moisturizer, than wear that. If you love full coverage foundation and wear it every day, wear that. Do remember to hit your oily spots with some powder though so you don't get super shiny. Also, if you have some setting spray, I would highly recommend you use it to keep your making from moving around if you sweat. 

You will be making a lot of eye contact and expressing your excitement with your eyes. Browns and soft neutrals are best for interviews. You don't want anything too harsh or heavy. A simple cream across your lids and a slightly darker brown in your crease is all you need. Then of course a few coats of mascara on your top lashes to really brighten and open your eyes. You can apply a bit of brown liner to your bottom lash line and a touch of mascara, but keep it as simple as possible. You want to look very awake and fresh. 

A matte blush is perfect for your job interview look. If you are completely against matte anything, then try to use something that is a very light shimmer. You don't want anything that will cause your interviewer to lose focus on you and focus on your beaming blush. Put the highlighters down and just dust on a light flush of color. Coral colors look very natural and complement most skin tones. Pinks work great too. I would just stay away from super deep colored blushes. You want that natural "No Makeup, Makeup" look. 

When it comes to an interview look, leave the gloss out of it. Interviews are not a gloss moment. A lipstick, or tinted lip balm, that is like the color of your lips but better (you know what mean) is perfect for an interview. Your whole makeup look is meant to give you confidence and make you feel comfortable so you are not worrying if you have lipstick on your teeth or if your mascara is smudging. Less is always more when it comes to your interview look. 

The whole Less is More idea applies to your hair as well and the color of your outfit. Simple hair that is not all in your face is ideal - you're not trying to win an Instagram contest. When it comes to outfits think navy blues, browns, black & white, and maybe a simple pop of color with some earring studs. You want your jewelry to be simple if you have to wear something, and steer away from big flashy watches. Remember your interviewer wants to talk and get to know you and your skills, not the jewelry or favorite bright lipstick you love to wear. Keep it simple and let your personality shine and be adaptable to any environment. You will do great!

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Jun 9, 2015

UnitWise Preferences | Your UnitWise Your Way

The unique design of UnitWise makes it easy for you to manage your business your way. An important key to getting the most from YOUR UnitWise is the information you put into Preferences.

To set your Preferences, in Your UnitWise click on Settings and choose Preferences.
There are seven tabs that call for your attention. The preferences set here influence other aspects of how UnitWise functions such as invoicing, sales receipts, accounting, importing and syncing with MK, email marketing, tasks, all aspects of your calendar and what information appears on your dashboard.

Unit Information
Begin creating your personalized UnitWise here by including your Unit Name and Number, Consultant Number, Rank and Director information.

Sales/Order Tab
The information you input here influences the accuracy of your invoices and sales receipts. Plus, on this tab you can create the look of these purchase receipts, including adding your image, name and contact information. You can also create a message your customers will see when they receive an invoice or sales receipt via email.

General Tab
Create your Gift Setting thresholds and Weekly Accomplishments. Take a look at the Save Follow Up Tasks button listed under Gifts. This is where you can set up the parameters for Tasks, Follow Ups and Call Notes. 

Other Tab
From here, you can set your time zone, daily email reminders, and adjust how other features appear in Your UnitWise. 

MK Credential
UnitWise provides a way to create Purchase Orders from InTouch, sync Customer and Consultant contact information, Birthdays and Anniversary information, and update special recognition reports. These credentials need to be current to activate these features. 

Contacts Settings 
Your choices here will influence the number of days in advance you would like to know about Birthdays and Anniversaries. Plus, you can choose whether your customer list is displayed as last name/first name or first name/last name.

Web Settings
Subscribers who have opted for our marketing and website features can personalize the Auto Reply aspect of their guest book and other website views, and create their email signature.

You can Integrate your ProPay with Your UnitWise account. When this feature is activated, you can safely store customers' credit card information, process their payments when creating Sales Receipt or receive payments towards Open Invoices.To integrate with UnitWise, you only need to include the ProPay Account Email and the last four digits of your Social Security number. When you click Link my ProPay, the other fields will auto populate. 

Payment Hub
If you are using UnitWise to manage your UnitWise website, activating the Payment Hub gives customers a way to view open invoices and view previous purchases. Because you have activated ProPay, they can also pay on an open invoice.

Staying on Task
As Preferences affect so many aspects of your UnitWise account, you may want to consult with your Director and/or your tax professional for best business practices.

Learn more about Setting Preferences here:

With your Preferences in place, you will gain more productivity from every UnitWise experience. 

If you  would like assistance with setting up your Preferences, you can contact a UnitWise Hero. Or complete this SetUp Form with as much information as you desire. We will do the setup for you.

UnitWise is all about YOU and helping manage and grow your business. Got questions? Want some advice on getting the most from UnitWise? UnitWise Heroes are here Monday-Friday 9-6 EST for telephone or Live Chat. You can reach us anytime via email at  Sign up for one of our FREE webinars. 

Did you know? When you are somewhere other than your home base, take UnitWise with you! Use our handy apps for iPad and Android. Just visit Google Store or iTunes to download. And if all you have is your phone, just log into your UnitWise Account with 

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Jun 4, 2015

UnitWise | The Book of Knowledge-Virtual Style

When I was growing up -- long before the Internet was available -- we had three sets of encyclopedias. One set that I enjoyed the most was the Book of Knowledge.
It was written in easy-to-understand language and had lots of pictures.

UnitWise has it’s own Book of Knowledge, known as  Knowledge Base.  It, too, is easy to understand and offers lots of pictures, though in this case, the pictures can be seen via video.

This vast library of everything UnitWise is readily accessible by clicking on the Help Button on the right hand side of the UnitWise banner, past the Referrals Button (hint, hint.) When you click on the Help Button, you see two choices: text and video. 

I read it for the articles.
Let’s take a look at the text section first. (Pictures are great, but personally, I am a fan of "read instructions first, then look at the pictures.")
When you click on text, you will see the opening page for the Knowledge Base. You do not need to login to access the UnitWise information. 

Here you can quickly see what is of current interest with other UnitWise users. Maybe the answer to your question is right here. If so, click on the  appropriate link to see the information.

After you peruse this list, click on the words “Knowledge Base/Find Answers to Common Questions” next to the icon that looks like cans.

On this page (think of this as your virtual index to UnitWise’s Book of Knowledge contents) you can search by topic or by folder. I prefer to use the topic option. It gets me going in the right direction. 

Let’s say you want to set-up your UW Payment Hub. Type in “Payment Hub” and click Search.

A listing of links and titles that are pertinent to this UW Payment Hub search are listed.
Take a look at this lineup. The most important link, the one that weighs the heaviest to your search inquiry is at the top. Then, in descending order by weight, are other topics that touch upon the original search.

For our exercise here, click on the first link. You will see the step-by-step instructions for setting up a UW Payment Hub. 

Remember earlier I talked about pictures?
Many times when you do a search by text there is an accompanying video you can view that shows the steps that are outlined in the text.

I need to see it. 
If  you prefer just “the pictures”, you can view all the Videos UnitWise has available.
There are four ways you can access this Video “Book of Knowledge.”

1 - On your UnitWise Banner, click Help and choose Video. This will take you to the UnitWise YouTube Channel.  On this homepage are the most popular videos. To see the vast Library of various topics and features of all things UnitWise click on Videos. (You will find this link listed under the UnitWise banner name.)

2 - On every page in UnitWise there is a Video Guide button leading to videos that pertain to this page. You can find this link at the end each page’s menu bar.

3 -
Within the Knowledge Base type in Video in the Search Field and Enter. For your viewing pleasure, a list of videos by title pop-up, sub-categorized by Topic. 

4 - In a search by text within Knowledge Base. If a video about that subject  exists (as noted above) usually it will be there along with the text instructions.

Knowledge really is power. The more knowledge you and your assistants have on the features of UnitWise, the more power the UnitWise business management system gives you to grow your business.

UnitWise Heroes are always available to help you learn more about the many features and benefits of the UnitWise beauty consultant business management program. Give us a call, 704-234-6006 or touch base via livechat Monday-Friday 9-6 (EST). Drop us an email anytime. We are here to help you create your own UnitWise “Book of Knowledge.”

 Did you know?  UnitWise offers five levels of service to best match you and what you need from a business management solution.  Are you using the right program for your needs?  Find the program that suits you best here.

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Jun 2, 2015

UnitWise Q & A | Taking care of the bumps in the road

UnitWise has the best clients ever! You are smart, savvy and get things done quickly and efficiently, like driving an energy efficient vehicle in a traffic jam full of gas guzzlers.

But, sometimes we all experience that ‘thing’ in the middle of the road causing us to swerve, possible causing a flat that stops the momentum.

UnitWise Heroes are always available to provide, shall I say, “roadside assistance” to get you back on the road to success.

Here are four questions that came up this week that creates some bumps in the road for some of our clients.

I need to make changes to my member name and password. Unfortunately, previous stored information shows up when I go to member's sign-in. How do I delete that info so that I have to enter it each time? 
To keep  information from pulling up automatically, clear your browsing history and cookies, clear your cache (if you are using a PC) by holding the CTRL button and F5 key at the same time. This will clear out the stored information.  The next time you log in, uncheck the "Remember me?" box under the password field. This will ensure it does not pop-up automatically. 

Is there an easy way to find my unpaid invoices?
Yes. Under Customers, click on Invoices. On the left side of the screen you will see Open Invoices. There are also Partially Paid Invoices, too. Another way is to click "Receive Payments" link found under the Customers Tab. This will bring up any unpaid invoices.

How do I record expenses and keep a receipt?
From the Accounts tab click on Expenses. Then, click on Add Expense. On this screen select the payment type, where it is coming from, the date it came in, and add a reference number.
Next, select a Payee. If the Payee is not in your address book, you can add it by clicking on Quick Add.
Then choose the Account Type.
You can also upload your Scanned Receipts on this screen by using the Attachment application on the bottom. Save your work.

I created a CDS invoice, but when I try to save it, I see this pop-up: "COG must be greater than zero." Now what?       
Let’s go through all the steps for when a customer orders from the MK website.

1.Setup your CDS shipping costs by going to Settings > Preferences > Sales/Order tab. Enter your CDS settings and click Save Preference.

2. Create a Sales Receipt by either going to Customers > Sales Receipt > Create Sales Receipt or by searching the customer's name in Customer Center and clicking on the R icon beside their name.

3. Set the Sale Type to Online / Personal Website and check the box to Use Customer Delivery Services. This box should ONLY be checked when the products are being shipped directly from MK and no items will be deducted from your UnitWise inventory.

4. Enter the products ordered and at the bottom of the Sales Receipt, you can choose to add a discount or to tax the shipping. If the customer does not pay the shipping amount, the shipping and tax amounts will be sent to the appropriate expense accounts automatically.

5.Select Processed Credit Card for the Payment Type. This will automatically calculate the ProPay fees and you can also select the account that ProPay is linked to and Deposit to that account.

6. Calculate shipping and enter it here into the shipping field, if  shipping is passed onto your customer then leave this field at $0 and charge shipping on the customers portion. 

7.The Cost of Goods field will be wholesale product price + shipping (if shipping was passed to customer then amount is 0) + the full retail tax amount. 

8.The Pay From Account is going to record the expense into your Chart of Accounts, simply choose which account to charge and enter the total cost of goods again (this will be the same amount located in the COG field). 

You can see the steps here:

All fixed.  You are ready to go. Just check your mirrors before easing back onto the road.

UnitWise Heroes are available to provide “roadside assistance” whenever you need it. Contact us by phone 704-234-6006 or  via live chat Monday-Friday 9-6 (EST) or drop an email anytime to

Did You Know? 51 (and counting!) National Sales Directors use UnitWise.

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