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Dec 28, 2012

A New Year's Message from the Heroes

The Heroes at UnitWise would like to wish each member of the UnitWise family a Happy New Year!  2012 has been a great year for UnitWise!  We have added many new features & the Unitwise Family has grown significantly!
Here are a few of the highlights from this year...
You probably already know about these, but here's a recap anyway:
- One Step CDS: Track your CDS orders and record your Expenses in just one step! (
See More)
- Anytime WAS Sync: Bring over your WAS reports from InTouch for previous weeks (
See More)
- Pink Sale Pricing: Adjust the price for Pink Sale Items on the fly (
See More)
- Shared Library: Share your documents with the entire UnitWise community (
See More)
- Bulk Add Expenses: You can now Add Expenses in Bulk & even Record Recurring Expenses (
See More)
- Endicia: Purchase and Print postage from home without a monthly fee! (See More)
- UnitWise LIVE:  We have had the opportunity to visit many members of the UnitWise Family over the year!  Some highlights include visiting Senior NSD Glinda McGuire in North Carolina, NSD Dacia Wiegandt in Florida, and speaking at the Fall Retreat for NSD Lisa Madson in Wisconsin!

"For last year's words belong to last year's language and next year's words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning."
-T.S. Eliot
The Heroes will be on a limited support schedule for the holiday
New Year's Eve  -  9am - 4pm EST
New Year's Day - Email Support Only
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Dec 27, 2012

UnitWise Reports for Tax Season

Everything you do in UnitWise is tracked and accounted for.  Every Sales Receipt, Invoice, Purchase Order, Loan/Borrow, Exchange, Expense, etc is stored on our secure servers.  That's A Lot of information & our program has taken all that info & conveniently organized it all into a series of reports. 

You can access all this information from Home >> Reports.  You will notice in the left column that we have reports for each section of UnitWise including Customers, Accounts, Products, etc. 

There is even a section of Reports entitled: Year End / Tax.  This section includes reports that will be of particular interest around tax time including Profit & Loss, Non-Recovered Sales Tax, and many more. 

Running the reports is a simple process: just enter the time period, any search criteria, and run the report.  Each report can be saved as a pdf or excel file so you can save them or send them to your accountant. 

If you have any questions regarding running your reports, just give us a call or send us an email.  We aren't Tax Advisors, but we would love to help you find a report or show you how each one works :)

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Dec 26, 2012

Christmas Means Giving

This year, instead of a Secret Santa program or exchanging gifts, the Heroes at UnitWise decided to take up donations for a local charity.  This made much more sense than giving each other things we don't really need, and it gave us an opportunity to reach out to our local charities here in Rock Hill, SC. 

The local organization we decided to work with this Christmas was the Dorothy Day Soup Kitchen.  This Soup Kitchen has been faithfully serving the Rock Hill community for 24 years, providing daily hot meals for anyone in need.  During Thanksgiving & Christmas, their volunteers provide a large banquet and also deliver to the sick & shut-ins of the community. 

It was truly a blessing to see such goodwill in action.  After seeing this work being done here in our city, we have been inspired to do more with the Dorothy Day Soup Kitchen in the future.  Especially since these organizations need help and assistance not only at Christmas, but throughout the year as well.   

Agie & Amanda meeting with Beverly Carroll of the Soup Kitchen
If you have been working with a local charity, send us a picture & we will share the story on Facebook! 

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Dec 22, 2012

Christmas Support Schedule

From all of the Heroes at UnitWise, we would like to wish each of our users a very Merry Christmas!  We hope that your holiday season is merry and bright, and that you are able to spend some quality time with your loved ones during this special time of year!

Our Heroes will also be celebrating the season with family and friends; we will not be offering live support on Monday, Dec. 24 & Tuesday, Dec. 25.  We will still provide email support for any emergency situations.    Our normal business hours will resume on Wednesday, Dec. 26th.

Merry Christmas!

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Dec 20, 2012

One Step CDS

CDS Orders just got a lot easier thanks to UnitWise!  For each Customer Delivery Service transaction, you can record it as a CDS Order to track the income & expense from just one place! 

Here's How We Have Simplified This:
-  After a CDS order has been made, you can record the transaction in UnitWise using a Sales Receipt
-  Check the box for "Use Customer Delivery Services"
-  Enter the Product Details
-  Verify that the total is correct for your customer
-  Receive Payment  (Note:  Use Processed Credit Card if your card has already been processed through InTouch)
-  Select a Deposit To account
At the bottom, you can enter your costs for this order. 
-  Enter Your Shipping Costs & Total Amount Paid to MK
-  Select a Pay From account to track your expenses

After you Save this Receipt, a Purchase Order will automatically be created to track your expenses incurred for this CDS Order!
This particular example includes a total cost amount of $19. 
This consists of  $14 worth of product (wholesale) and $5 Shipping & Handling

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Dec 10, 2012

Use the Rich Editor to Customize your Website

Your UnitWise Website offers many customization options through our Rich Editor.  To access this, you will need to login to your UnitWise account, then select "Social Media" >> "My Website".  After selecting a page to edit, you will be able to add content.

Edit the Font, Size & Color of the Text:
We offer a handful of universal fonts to choose from, you can also select any size or color for the text on your website.

Link to Another Website:
Selecting the "Link" icon will allow you to link directly to another website.  For Example: highlight words like "Click Here to View my Facebook Page" then click "Link" and enter the url ( for your facebook page.  Words and images can be linked to other sites.

Add Images:
Selecting the "Image" button allows you to browse your Resource Library to add images to your website.  If you have not yet uploaded the image to your image library, you may also upload it directly from your computer.  Any files hosted on your UnitWise website must also be stored within the Resource Library section of your account.

Embed Videos & Other HTML:
The "Embed Media" Button allows you to upload any html object to your website.  You can also use this to select videos from YouTube or Vimeo that are in the resource library.  This is an incredibly versatile feature because there are so many html objects available online.  Most video hosting sites offer html codes to embed videos.

Add Audio:
If you have added audio files to the Audio section of the Resource Library, you can embed them into your website by selecting the "Audio" button here.  These audio files must be in the Resource Library in order to embed them.

Create a Table:
Creating a table can be useful for entering data in a spreadsheet format.  It can also be helpful to evenly space images on a page.  for example. you can create a table and add images in the cells.  This can help to provide even spacing to images in a grid layout.

Create Online Forms:
Online Forms can be used to collect information from your website visitors.  You can add multiple types of text boxes to collect data, and add a submit button to have it sent to you when it is completed.  
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Dec 6, 2012

Anytime WAS Sync

Winter has arrived & everyone seems to be getting into the holiday spirit!  We have even added a great new feature to UnitWise for you.  You can think of it as an early Christmas present, and it's much better than 10 Lords-a-Leaping!

You can now Sync your WAS data from Intouch for previous weeks!

Here's how you can do this:
- From within your UnitWise account, you can select My Unit >> InTouch WAS
- Now you can select the week that needs to be added
- Select the Consultant Name
- Click Sync Now

Take a look at this image to see how it's done:

 * - The Anytime WAS Sync is available on the Director's Package of UnitWise
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Dec 3, 2012

Add a ProPay "Buy Now" or "Donate Now" Button to your Site

ProPay has recently introduced the ability to create "Buy Now" or "Donate Now" buttons to your website!  These buttons are relatively easy to create & can easily be added to your UnitWise website. 

Follow these instructions to start receiving payments or donations securely through your website with ProPay

To create a "BUY NOW" or "DONATE NOW" button, follow these simple steps:

- Login to your ProPay Account.
- Click on My Account.
- Click on Website Tools
- Click the link to create a “BUY NOW” or “DONATE NOW” button
- Complete the simple form (Item Number, Item Description, Amount, and whether you want to collect the Shipping Address)
- Click Continue

The HTML code is automatically generated for you. All you need to do is copy and paste this small snippet of code into your UnitWise Website by selecting the Embed Media button.

Once completed, you have either a "BUY NOW" or "DONATE NOW" button on your web page. It’s really simple and cool.

When a customer clicks on your "BUY NOW" or "DONATE NOW" button, they are directed to a secure payment form hosted by ProPay where they can complete the payment transaction for the preset amount.

What are the benefits of the ProPay "BUY NOW" and "DONATE NOW" buttons?

Simple and easy to implement – no programming necessary.
No cost to implement – they’re FREE with your ProPay Account. 
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*UnitWise is not affiliated with Mary Kay

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