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Oct 30, 2015

Tips & Tricks|5 Not-So Spooky Skincare Solutions

Happy Halloween friends!

We’re so excited for all the Hallow’s Eve festivities this Saturday! What’s your costume? I’m sure it involves makeup, right? Halloween is best known for the characters you get to disguise yourself as and the makeup designs you can create. However, as fun as this night is, you want your zombie costume to be the only thing that looks dead—not your skin.

This week’s Tips and Tricks are all about protecting your skin (and your client’s) by giving it the extra boost of nutrients needed to revitalize it after Halloween night. It’s alive! We have five skincare solutions that can help you create your best skeleton face on Halloween, but #GlowAndTell the next morning. And the best part—they’re all Mary Kay products!

Mary Kay Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

Your eyes always seem to require the most makeup for your costume. Which means you need a pretty strong makeup remover to get it all off after the fun is over. Luckily, Mary Kay makes a superb eye makeup remover that gently wipes away all hints of makeup, even waterproof mascara. And it’s hypoallergenic, so don’t worry about redness or puffy eyes.

Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush

After you’ve removed the top layer of your Halloween makeup, use the Skinvigorate brush to gently clear your pores. This Mary Kay brush has two speeds that massage your skin while removing dirt and makeup residue. Pair it with the Clear Proof Clarifying Cleansing Gel to give your skin a fresh, clean feeling.  

Eyes Surprise

As we mentioned earlier, your eyes always seem to get the worst of the costume makeup, which is why we suggest another eye product for you to use. The Eyes Surprise by Mary Kay is a duo set that not only fills in wrinkles, but most importantly, reawakens tired eyes. After removing the makeup and washing your face, this is the perfect next step to help revitalize the sensitive skin around your eyes.

Mary Kay Botanical Effects Hydrate

After scrubbing your face, what it needs now more than anything is moisture. We suggest using the Mary Kay Botanical Effects Hydrate. It absorbs quickly and gives your skin the hydration it craves. We love it because it’s made with botanical ingredients like frangipani flower and water lily. These ingredients are packed full of skin-healing antioxidant powers.

Soft Touches

To finish off the post-Halloween skincare review, we’ve picked another moisturizer for you to try. This one is Soft Touches, and it’s sure to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Soft Touches promises to instantly hydrate your skin, giving it a fresh and more youthful look. Give it a try and let us know how you like it!   

As you recover from your Halloween weekend, and start creating holiday gift baskets for your clients, the Heroes want to remind you not to forget the skincare! Keep your skin looking healthy and alive, all season long. Let us know what your favorite skincare product is, and be sure to share all of your Halloween looks with us on our Facebook page!
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Oct 26, 2015

UW Spotlight|Remember the Details with the Customer Management Feature

You’ve worked hard, you’ve recruited, and you’ve traveled to parties, but now everything is beginning to run together. You’re having a hard time putting the face to the name, the birthday and anniversary to the Unit member, and the client to their favorite product. Oh, don’t worry—we aren’t judging. As a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, Director, or NSD, your job requires you to do a lot of work, all the time. From travel, to hosting parties and introducing women to the wonders of your products, your job never ends. Let’s face it—you’re Superwoman! But even you can’t keep up with all the details, all the time. That’s where we come in; we happen to be Heroes too. With UnitWise, we offer a variety of features that make running a business a little easier. And the feature we have in mind for you is perfect for this occasion. Introducing the Customer Management feature!

You’re probably wondering, “How can it help me?” Well, we’ll tell you! In just one online location you can have a complete profile of all of your customers and Unit members. From their beauty profile and purchase history, to their birthday and anniversary date, you’ll always have the information you need, right when you need it. Ready to see how it works? OK, let’s get started!

Customer Management

On your UnitWise dashboard, click on the “Customers” tab located on the menu bar at the top of the screen. From there, select the “Customer Center” icon from the drop-down menu.

Here, you will see a screenshot of all of your customers. To add a new customer to your list, click on the “Add New” button. You have the option of adding a contact, customer, lead, or team member—see, we know a thing or two about organization!

If you are adding a new customer, select the “Customer” icon from the drop-down menu. A new screen will open allowing you to enter in all of their relevant information, including important dates for your customer and assigning them to a group.

Once your new customer has been added, not only will you be able to keep up-to-date on their personal information, but also their product list and expenditures. But the simplicity doesn’t stop there. You can also Bulk Edit your customers based on the group you assigned them too. Click on “Bulk Edit” to see how.  

In the Bulk Edit section, you can select different preferences for each of your contacts based on their group assignment. You can easily turn different features on and off, such as email or text blast, for each contact, as well as deactivate any members no longer with you. It’s just another way we’re working to help make managing your customers a little easier.

You don’t have to remember every little detail—you have us! The UnitWise Heroes want to ensure we are the best support team for you and your Mary Kay business. Give us a call 704.234.6006, live chat us, or send us an email at anytime you need help. And remember, our referral program is still going strong. All you have to do is refer 4 of your Mary Kay friends to UnitWise, and you’ll get a one month UnitWise subscription for free!
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Oct 23, 2015

Tips & Tricks|3 Benefits Social Media Offers Your Mary Kay Business

Social media—that’s just for staying in contact with old high school friends, right? Wrong! Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, and LinkedIn are reinventing the way people (and businesses) meet and learn about one another.

As an NSD, Director, or Independent Beauty Consultant, Mary Kay already provides you with the tools you need to post relevant and brand-appropriate information on social media. But the UnitWise Heroes are here to let you know that you can do so much more! In just 200 characters or less, you can learn a lot about your Unit, your customers, and the people around you. So it’s time to do more than just post statuses and pictures. It’s time to engage and communicate with your Unit and clients. Ready to do this? Great—let’s go!

Interact With Followers

It’s not enough just to post statuses on social media sites. The generations of customers accessing your site are searching for more interaction and engagement. Do you respond to posts within the hour? Do you “like” other people’s pages? If not, you should start!

To be more active on social media, we suggest posing questions to your audience, or encouraging them to share their own stories & experiences. If you are offering a unique beauty collection, let your friends and followers know first. It will provide them with an incentive to keep following your business updates.

Be Active

Knowing when the majority of your customers or Unit members are on social media is vital to your online success. To get the most interaction with your followers, post your status during peak active hours.

You’re probably wondering, “well how do I know when’s a good time to post?” Well luckily, technology provides a solution! Use an activity checker tool, like Tweriod, to view charts and percentages of when your followers are the most active. It helps you narrow down a time in the day where you’ll receive the most interaction. Kind of cool, huh?

Team Building

Although social media platforms are a great way to communicate with customers, they’re also a useful tool to connect with other Mary Kay ladies. Through pictures, statuses, and comments, you can open and share your business’s events with your Unit.  

You can post accomplishments, birthdays, and even special recognition your Unit has received on your social media pages. Posts like these can help boost moral and give your Unit the extra encouragement they need.

Social media platforms are a great place to improve communication between Unit members and your clients!  And with UnitWise, we can make it that much easier. Our social media features can help you schedule posts and keep track of important updates and reminders. Give it a try today and see how much it can help you!
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Oct 19, 2015

UnitWise Spotlight|Using the UnitWise Invoice Feature

Leave the credit card imprinters at home, and set up a payment plan for your customers, today! Since we’re flying through the holiday season, there isn’t a better time to learn about how UnitWise can help you. For this week’s UnitWise Spotlight, we’ll be talking all about the invoice feature.

The UnitWise invoice feature comes in handy when your customers have ordered products but haven’t paid the full amount for them yet. With the invoice option, you can keep track of payments, set up payment plans, and schedule due dates. And to make it easier, if you are a member of our Consultant Complete and Director Complete membership, your customers can easily log on to the UW Payment Hub available through your UnitWise website to make a payment.

It’s just another way UnitWise is working for you. So let’s not wait anymore—here it is, your UnitWise Spotlight of the week: the Invoice Feature.

The Invoice Feature

To start using the invoice feature, click on the “Customer” tab located on the menu bar at the top of the screen in your UnitWise dashboard. From keeping track of your payments to issuing due date reminders, the invoice feature can make life a little easier.

From there, select the “Invoices” icon along the top menu bar.

A record of your customers’ invoices will appear: history, voided, partially paid, and fully paid. To create a new invoice, click on the “Create Invoice” tab located on the right side of your screen.

From here, you’ll be able to search for or enter in the customer’s name, the due date, the products purchased, and the appropriate payment information. In the same window, you can even view a customer’s product history by clicking on the green “H.” And the best part is you can even save, email, or print the invoice so that your customer can have a copy.

So what are you waiting for? Get back out there, sell products, and send invoices! As the holiday season continues to creep up, remember that the UnitWise Heroes are here to help. Give us a call at 704.234.6006, chat with us online, or send us an email at
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Oct 16, 2015

Tips & Tricks|5 Reasons to Have a Mentor

“A mentor? Why in the world would the UnitWise Heroes suggest I get a mentor?” We know, it seems odd, but we have our reasons—five to be exact. And we promise to not keep you waiting much longer to find out what they are. So without further ado, the logic behind our suggestion.

Been There, Done That

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone tell you the potholes, speed traps, and speed bumps to avoid on the road to a successful business? We think so! Instead of spending time reinventing the wheel, ask a friend for advice on how they handle certain situations. Mentors are great for providing tricks of the trade that can save you valuable time.


One of the best ways to succeed in business is by networking and connecting with clients and fellow entrepreneurs, right? A mentor can help you make connections and refer people to your business by telling others about you and your work. And since a mentor has experience in your field, they can provide you a list of people to reach out to or help you build better business relationships. Oftentimes, the best way to succeed is to have someone help you get your foot in the door.

Free Support

Although you have your Unit for support, being an entrepreneur can be lonely. A mentor might just be one of your biggest supporters—always wanting to hear about your business, willing to offer advice, and being your support center when you need it. They are the kind of people you want around when you need to talk through problems, find solutions, or need new business ideas.

Goal Oriented

One of the biggest tools a mentor can provide is keeping you on track. Just like a coach for a sports team, a mentor can help you figure out your goal, as well as provide you with tips on how to get there. It’s been proven that two heads are better than one, so team up with your mentor and make wiser business decisions, together.

Seeing the Forest for the Trees

To quote a popular 1940’s idiom, having a mentor can really help you see the forest for the trees. What we mean is, we often become caught-up in the fine details of our business, and forget to look at the overall picture. A mentor can help you handle and see situations more clearly, bettering your business, faster.  

Having a mentor can help you be the best Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, Director, or NSD. So what are you waiting for? Find one today!

Do you love UnitWise? If so, spread the love to other Mary Kay Independent Consultants, Directors, and NSD’s. For every four eligible referrals you make, you'll get a month of UnitWise for free! Just have them enter in your UnitWise username as the referral code when they sign up.  Imagine having your whole year of UnitWise paid for just by referring friends; it's possible and so easy to do!
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Oct 12, 2015

UnitWise Spotlight|Stay in Sync with the Calendar Feature

Gone are the days of carrying around a calendar, penciling in events, and making copies to send to your Unit. From parties, to routine tasks, to family time, it’s now easier than ever to keep track of your busy life—thanks to the UnitWise Calendar feature. And the best part, you can share it instantly with your Unit and customers, letting everyone stay up-to-date on all of your upcoming Mary Kay events.

Are you syncing what I’m syncing? That’s right; it’s time to learn all about the Calendar feature brought to you by UnitWise.


When it comes to keeping track of your events and important dates, nothing can help you better than your UnitWise Calendar. From adding all of your events, to syncing information saved in your Google calendar, this feature is just another way we’re working to help you! To access your UnitWise Calendar:
  • Click on the “Activities” tab on your UnitWise dashboard.
  • Select “Calendar” from the drop down menu.
  • From there, you’ll be able to view a snapshot of your calendar and events, as well as add, delete, and sync from Google.
  • Select the date of your event on the calendar.
  • A pop-up box will appear, allowing you to name the event, schedule a time, and choose the type of event.

  • If you want to add more details to the event, select the “Edit event details” tab.
  • From here, you can choose to have the dates shared on your website, send reminder emails, add file attachments (training information), as well as include invitees for the event.
Staying in sync with everything that’s going on in your life is easier than ever before with the UnitWise Calendar feature. 

Do you love UnitWise? If so, spread the love to other Mary Kay Independent Consultants and Directors. For every 4 eligible referrals you make, you'll get a month of UnitWise for free! Have them enter in your UnitWise username as the referral code when they sign up. Imagine having your whole year of UnitWise paid for just by referring friends; it's possible and so easy to do!

And remember, we are here anytime you need help. Give us a call at 704.234.6006, chat with us online, or send us an email at The Heroes will always come to your rescue!

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Oct 9, 2015

UW Tips & Tricks|Raising Awareness for Domestic Violence

On average, 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men will experience abuse in their lifetime. These heartbreaking statistic should never exist; nor should anyone suffer at the hand of someone they love.

This month, let us stand together to remember the people who have lost their lives, those who have survived, and those who are still suffering from domestic violence. It's time we not only raise awareness, but educate ourselves on the issue. Together, with Mary Kay’s “Don’t Look Away” campaign, we can shed light on a problem that plagues our population. Together, we can help all those who still suffer. Together, we can put an end to domestic violence.

As an Independent Consultant for Mary Kay, you partner with a company dedicated to ending domestic violence—and the UnitWise Heroes couldn’t be more supportive of the cause. As we strive to stop the abuse, one of the hardest parts is knowing what we can do to help. At the Heroes’ headquarters, we’ve been thinking of several different ways to raise awareness and educate others on the heartache that is domestic violence. Between our campaigns and our efforts on social media, we have some ideas on how you can raise awareness on domestic violence, and how your UnitWise account can help.

Host an Awareness Party

Hosting a party is one of the surest ways you can raise awareness, funds, and inform others on the seriousness of domestic violence.

One of the most important points to remember, however, is to keep anonymity. For the wellbeing of victims, it is important to keep their identity and individual situations anonymous. Handing out flyers with important contact information and facts may seem helpful, but could put the victim at a greater risk if it is discovered by their abuser. We suggest either making a PowerPoint or holding a general conversation during your party.
Make your guests aware of the hotlines and support groups available to help them. Here’s a link for useful resources, and ways you can help save others.

Special Products

Dedicate a product or create a gift basket in support of ending domestic violence. You can donate a small portion or all of the profits to Mary Kay’s “Don’t Look Away” campaign. Use the UnitWise Inventory feature to keep track of how many items you sell and the amount you’ll be able to donate.


You have the opportunity to make a difference, whether it’s sending an email to your government representative, volunteering at a shelter, donating food and funds, or speaking out; your voice matters, and your actions are appreciated. Gather your Unit together, and go out in your community to help make a difference. The UnitWise email marketing feature is a great way to send call-to-action messages to your Unit. And make use of the Network for Good; this site provides a variety of ways you can get involved in the movement to stop domestic violence.

It’s time to raise awareness and educate ourselves so we can provide the help that victims of domestic violence need. It’s time for the ratios of 1 in 4 and 1 in 7 to disappear. It’s time to end domestic violence. It’s time to act!
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Oct 5, 2015

UW Spotlight|Manage Your Inventory with UnitWise

Have you started your preparations yet for Black Friday and Pink Monday? Well, the season is quickly approaching—better ready your supplies now! Preparing your inventory and ensuring you have enough of everything is quite a monumental task. And after speaking with many of our loyal users, we knew there had to be an easier way. Some of our UnitWise users wanted a way to know which products to stock up on; others wanted to update their inventory list after their wholesale orders, as well as know the value of their inventory at tax time. So we put those ideas together and created the UnitWise Inventory Management feature!

The Inventory Management feature is a hassle-free way to stay organized and ready for the busy season. From importing your most recent wholesale orders directly from InTouch to labeling certain products as a “Hot Seller,” UnitWise was created just for your Mary Kay business.

The Inventory Management Feature

To use all the helpful functions of the inventory management feature, click on the “Inventory” tab located on the menu bar at the top of the screen in your UnitWise dashboard. From product orders, to issuing exchanges and replacements, the inventory feature can make preparing for the busy season a little easier.  

(For information on how to add products to your inventory, check out our previous spotlight blog about product collections.)

Order from MK

This function allows you to create, confirm, and receive products from Mary Kay—straight from your UnitWise account. To create a new order, click on the “Create Purchase Order” located at the top, right-hand corner of your screen.

You can also view a snapshot of your inventory history to help you keep track of what products you’ve ordered in past months.

Loan and Borrow

Do you ever have a customer that really wants a product, but you don’t have it in your inventory? We know that you depend on each other to be successful in MK, which is why we created a section in our inventory feature that lets you keep up with products that are on loan or borrowed. But it doesn’t stop there—you can even exchange your loaned/borrowed items or create an invoice for them.


Did you purchase a product that isn’t a hot seller with your customers, and you want to exchange it? No worries—you can keep up with all of your product exchanges from your UnitWise account. Start the exchange process by clicking on the “Create Exchange” tab, located at the top, right-hand corner of your screen.


Sometimes you just can’t do an even exchange—we get that! That’s why we created the product replacement tool to help make returning items and purchasing replacement products an easier process. This tool also helps you keep track of which replacement transactions have been fulfilled and which ones are still pending. And to make things go a little quicker, when you create a invoice or sale receipt for a returned product, it will automatically generate in your product replacement folder. You ensure a 100% customer guarantee, and so do we!

Back Orders

Here’s a short scenario: you have a customer that really wants the Mineral Cheek Color in Shy Blush. You order it for them, but it’s placed on backorder. Now with that, plus your other orders, you are scrambling to keep up with everything. What do you do?

Luckily, UnitWise provides you with a tool to help you keep up with backorders and the corresponding client. You can see when the order was created, the product that was backordered, and quantity the customer wishes to purchase. The backorder function can always be enabled or disabled by going to your Sales/Order” settings. It’s just another time-saving add-on to help you with your Mary Kay business. 

UnitWise is excited and ready to help you conquer the busy season! Be sure to check out the dates for live training sessions with our Heroes. The next free webinar is happening this Wednesday, October 7th at 1 p.m. EST. Be sure to register and claim your virtual front-row seat—and remember it’s always free to attend!  
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