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Feb 27, 2015

Tips & Tricks: Recreating Celebrity Makeup Looks

Have you ever tried to recreate your favorite celebrity looks from red carpets and movies and it just not turn our right? It's one of those things where you can't exactly tell where you went wrong, but you know something didn't go as planned. This past week the UnitWise Heroes have been inspired by celebrity looks from the red carpet and have some great tips to share with you on how to get it perfect every time. Grab your brushes, it's time to play!

Step 1. Finding The Right Photo
When recreating a look, it is always best to have a reference photo. Now finding the perfect reference photo is where it can get a little challenging. Look for a photo where the face is well lit so you can see eye shadow color, highlights, contouring, and lipstick color clearly. Once you find the right photo then head on down to Step 2.

Step 2. Creating Your Makeup Guide
When you have found the perfect reference photo it's time to create your makeup guide. This where you will decide what makeup to use and in what color. A super easy way to do this is to actually draw a blank face on some paper. A simple oval will do nicely. Start by looking at your photo starting with the eyes only. Choose eye shadow colors that are similar and decide liner styles; map them on your guide. Then look at the lashes and choose a mascara.

Next, look at the face. See if there is any contouring, or just some blush, or maybe just a smidgen of bronzer with a heavy highlight. Then map that on your guide. Last will be the lips and that is usually the easiest part. You will just choose a color that you think will complement the look well.

Step 3. Recreating The Look
Now that you know the colors and products you will use, it's time to recreate the look. I would recommend doing your foundation after you do your eyes, excluding the bottom lash line. This way if you mess up you can easily fix it and you won't mess up your foundation. Once you have the majority of your eye makeup done (everything but your bottom lash line) apply your foundation and remaining face products. Always start with a light application and gradually build up to your desired look. And remember to keep looking at your reference photo and don't go really fast with the application. When you speed through things, mistakes tend to happen (especially doing smokey eyes, no one wants to look like they were punched in the face).

Step 4. Admire Your Work
Honey, you worked hard to recreate your favorite celebrity's makeup look. Grab that camera and take a few selfies to share with your friends and see what celebrity makeup looks they can recreate.

Celebrities have been killing it on red carpets this season with their makeup game. Recreating looks is just fun and gives you the perfect excuse to play with your makeup and show off your skills. Be sure to share your celebrity makeup looks on our UnitWise Facebook and Instagram pages. We love to see your amazing creativity!

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Feb 20, 2015

Tips & Tricks: All About Brows

Beauty face makeup sculpted eyebrows

Do you keep your brow game strong? Those two rows of delicate hair that block sweat, water, and other stuff from dripping into our eyeballs have been getting a lot of attention in the past few years in the beauty world. I love this addition about brows found on Wikipedia, "It is not uncommon for people to modify their eyebrows by means of hair addition, removal, makeup, tattoo, or piercings." That last bit made me giggle.

For this week's UnitWise Tips & Tricks blog I want to go over three main brow topics: maintenance, products, and purpose. So let's get started...

You can easily maintain your own brows if you're not into all that waxing, or threading. You simply remove the hair that is not in your natural brow shape. If you're not sure of your natural brow shape, take a spoolie brush and comb your eyebrows up revealing the bottom of your brow. You will be able to see your natural bottom brow line and can clean up any hairs that are outside of it. Then comb your brow hair down to see the top arch clearly. You will do the same thing and clean up any hairs outside of your natural brow arch. Remove any hair in between your eyebrows; no unibrows please. When cleaning up the front of your brow, be sure to not go past the inner corners of your eyes.

I have naturally long eyebrow hairs, so if you are like me, you may need to trim them. I simply comb them up and trim the hair that is super long. You never want to trim lower than you top brow line when the hair is combed up.

If you have thinner brows and want to make them thicker, or fill in spaces, the MK Lash & Brow Building Serum would be perfect for you.

This is where it can get over whelming. I know I was overwhelmed until I found exactly what worked for me. There are a lot of different brow products on the market now. You have brow pens, pencils, volumizing gels, pomades, powders, serums, waxes, highlighters, tints, shapers, and more. It's a lot. My best advice is to start with the oldies-but-goodies. Keep it simple with a brow pencil. Brow pencils are easy to use, travel well, create a natural look, and are the best "starter brow product". When choosing the right shade, always think lighter rather than darker. You don't want sharpie brows.

When using a brow pencil, you want to lightly flick the pencil in the same direction as the hair grows and create tiny little lines. Then brush through your brows with a spoolie brush to blend everything, and you will have a natural looking full brow. If you have brows that don't like to stay perfectly brushed down, then you can set them with a wax or gel. I'm a big fan of brow gels. They are super easy to use and keep my brows from going all wild n' crazy.

If you don't feel like you need to fill in your brows, then a simple comb through with some clear brow gel will give you a perfect brow in one easy step.

Brow pomades and powders will give you a lot of volume and/or can densely fill in your brows if you don't have a lot of hair to work with. These are great to give you a natural looking brow when your brow hair is really light or sparse. They can be a little tricky to work with at first, there is a learning curve with these products, but once you master the technique applying these types of products is super quick.

The purpose of well-groomed and defined brows is simply aesthetics. It is said they help frame the face. For me, I think brows have the power to bring any makeup look you are going for together. If you want a natural look, then a simple comb through and filling of any sparse areas is all that is needed. It just adds the finishing touch. If you are going full face and total glam, then you might need to a bit of defining of the brows with a little extra filling in to compliment your eye look. You can even test this theory with some selfies; compare your natural no-makeup-makeup look with nothing done to your brows to one with your brows done. You will really be able to see the difference. You can do the same experiment with a full face and really see how much a well-defined brow changes your entire look.

I hope this helped answer some of your brow questions. Share your brow tips in the comments below or on our UnitWise Facebook & Twitter pages.

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Feb 13, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day From The Heroes

Your UnitWise Heroes have done something grand
An introduction drumroll they kindly demand...

The Heroes searched far and wide
For the perfect words to place side by side
LOVE and SWEET are used so much
Oh where can the perfect words be to create a special touch?

Turning feelings into words is no easy task
A break was needed for a relaxing face mask
Then back to work on our epic quest 
Our travels took us North, East, South, & West

Hero Brittany asked, Does what we search even exist?
This building of tension leads to a surprising twist
Through books and papers we searched for hours
For the perfect words with special powers

Then it happened, and finally they appeared 
The Heroes were filled with happiness and cheered
So without further ado
Here is a special UnitWise Valentine, from the Heroes to you...

On this day to honor love
We have taken a journey described by the words above
To write a sonnet, kind of

Your everyday fabulous is something to admire
Every time you speak, your words inspire
With every call, chat, and email
We love helping to answer your questions in great detail

We wish you a very happy Valentine's Day
And know that for everything you thanklessly do
All the UnitWise Heroes truly appreciate you

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Feb 6, 2015

Tips & Tricks: All About Foundations

I thought I would take a break from the usual makeup tutorial and try something different for this week's Tips & Tricks blog. My cousin is a brand new MK consultant and has a good knowledge about makeup in general, but when it comes to foundations and all the stuff that goes with it, she had a few questions. She called me up and started asking all kinds of questions about primers, highlighters, moisturizers, finishes, difference between mineral and liquid foundations, I mean all of it. So it got me thinking that maybe other new consultants have these same kind of questions and a blog would be the perfect way to answer them. Let's start with the basics...

Foundation Finishes: What they mean & who they are for

MK foundations offer 3 types of finishes; luminous, natural, and matte.

A luminous finish foundation creates a dewy glow to the skin. This finish is best for dry skin because these types of foundations are very moisturizing. It might work for dry/combination skin, but you have to be careful because excess oil on the skin mixed with this foundation can make you look more greasy than luminous. This is a great foundation for winter because skin tends to dry out more in the colder months, and it recreates that summer glow for your clients. A client with combination skin could also wear this type of foundation; it just might need a bit more touching up throughout the day.

A natural finish provides that no makeup, makeup look that is always on trend. The MK Medium-Coverage Foundation provides this finish, as well as, the mineral powder foundation, and the MK CC Cream (this is my all time favorite cc cream that I wear alone or under foundation, can't live with out it). What is really interesting about this type of finish is that it is great for most skin types. So if you have a client that is new to foundations and is not sure where to start, this is a perfect option to recommend.

Matte finishes have been all the rage lately because how great they look on HD cameras and the fact they cancel out shine from excess oil. MK offers a few different types of foundation that give this finish; Matte-Wear, and the Creme-to-Powder foundations. I personally have combination skin that is more on the oily side in the summer and on the dry side in the colder months. So a matte foundation works great for me when my skin produces more oil due to the weather, and because matte foundations are long-lasting, I don't have to really do any touch ups throughout the day; only if I want to go for a night out on the town.

Side Note: The mineral powder provides more of a demi-matte finish that creates a more natural look instead of a true matte.

Matte finish foundations can be a bit tricky. Know they work best on combination to oily skin if wanting to be worn all day. If a client with dry skin wants to have a matte finish but not dehydrate their skin more, the mineral powder will be perfect for them. Matte foundations tends to have a drying effect, so what will happen when applied to already dry skin, it will accentuate dry patches and not absorb well. To combat this issue, a primer works great.

Prep Before You Apply Foundation
Before you apply your foundation you want to moisturize first. Wait about 20 seconds, then apply your foundation. This will help create an even finish. If your skin is a bit on the combination/dry side, a primer will keep your foundation from sticking to any dry patches. Primers insure a more smooth application and create a barrier on your skin to keep foundation from settling into pores and fine lines.

Once you know what finish works best for what skin type, you will be able to better recommend the correct foundation for your clients. Skin can change between seasons, so a natural finish foundation is great for all year round if you have a client that is not really sure what skin type they are right now. Also, when helping your client choose the right foundation, be sure to ask them what they are looking to get out of it, like; long wear, do they want a no makeup, makeup look, do they like to look glowy. All of these types of questions will help you determine their perfect finish.

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