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Aug 18, 2014

MotivationMonday: Using Trends To Your Advantage

Because you are an expert planner, you probably already started planning for Fall. But are you anticipating the fall trends? Whether you follow trends or not, you don't have to be an expert to incorporate and target specific products to achieve simple on-trend looks for your clients. You can easily create an entire party theme based on one or many trends (it's always good to have options). Let's take a look a few of the UnitWise Heroes favorite fall trends and discuss how you can utilize the color schemes...

Earthy Glow 
This trend is super versatile and can appeal to a wide variety of your clients. When planning a party around this particular trend, start with selecting the products you need to feature; these can be displayed as a centerpiece. The MK website has a fabulous list of products that goes perfectly with this trend.

Suggestions for display:
Having the products in the center of the table already draws the clients eye. The next step is to create some dimension with displaying the products at varying levels. To easily accomplish this, a tiered cake stand works perfectly, or a tiered candle stand. There are hundreds of DIY options if you want to make one completely custom. Another way is to stack products on products. For example, if you are displaying a bronzer, place it on top of a packaged bronzer and twist it slightly so they are not exactly lined up. You can stack more products with a spiral effect for some extra fanciness.

You can also use a clutch or purse that is part of the earthy color trend to either display products, or simply accent them. Honestly, any type of accessory (scarves, sunglasses, shoes, jewelry) is great to accent a table display. It really makes the products pop.

Jeweled And Glamorous
Now you know we had to talk about the jewel tone trend, and the beautiful MK Midnight Jewel Collection. This collection was meant to be the center of attention at any party. You can really go theme crazy when highlighting this trend.

Suggestions for display:
Some great ideas to really make this collection the star at your parties is to display it on a beautifully colored scarf or handbag (using nude toned accessories also works great) . Jewelry is a gorgeous accent for the colors and if you want to add a little something special, display a perfume that you think matches the collection. It is a special touch that not only looks great but engages you clients to test fragrances and potentially increases your parfum sales.

Creating a theme around trends is a great way to expand product appeal. Displaying featured products creates excitement and evokes emotion all while giving the party a special touch. It looks so professional and pretty. What suggestions do you have for featuring coordinating products for popular trends?

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Aug 15, 2014

Tips & Tricks: It's All About The Mascara

When I was doing my makeup this morning, I was lost in thought for today's Tips & Tricks blog. I get a lot of my best thinking done when I'm putting on my face, but today an idea just wan't coming to me. Then as I was applying my mascara in a new way it hit me-A Makeup Blog About Mascara! Genius right? I grab the phone and called up all the UnitWise Heroes to save the day with their best tips and tricks for applying mascara...

Brittany - The Super Sassy Hero
My new favorite mascara trick is using a primer. I use a lot less mascara and my lashes stay perfect a lot longer. I don't have to worry about fall out or smudging.

Elena - The Super Resourceful Hero
For the extra volume-velvet effect: apply the second coat of mascara 5-15 seconds after the first coat (before the first coat is completely dry).

Melody - The Super Wise Hero
I like to layer 2 different mascaras, one for curling and the other for lengthening. The key is to make sure they are both waterproof.

Yasmine - The Super Sweet Hero
There is always way too much product on my mascara wand when I pull it out of the tube. To fix this problem, I wipe off extra mascara on a tissue, or the back of my hand, to get off all that excess product before I apply it. The outcome is beautiful, clump-free lashes.

Ingrid - The Super Glamorous Hero
I hate when mascara gets all over my bottom lid when I'm applying it. It's so frustrating to remove and then go back over and have to redo my gorgeous smoke effect. So I use a plastic spoon and place it under my bottom lashes, with the convex side out. Then apply my mascara. If I do get it anywhere on my eyes, I let the mascara dry then take a q-tip and just flick it off.

Demetri - The Super Classy Hero
To make your eyelashes stand out and look even thicker, you can dive into the wonderful trick of tight-lining. All you do is apply a coat of black eyeliner to the upper waterline of your eyes. If you want to give your tight-line more staying power, dip your eyeliner pencil in black waterproof gel eyeliner and line the waterline. To see the effects, just do one eye and you will be amazed the difference it makes compared to the other.

Misty - The Super Whimsical Hero
I love wearing falsies, but if I wore them everyday it would interfere with my heroic duties. To achieve a false lash look without actually wearing any I coat my lashes first with a brown mascara. Wait a few seconds, then coat my lashes with a black mascara. Right now I'm using the MK Lash Lengthening mascara in brown, then go over it with the MK Ultimate Mascara in black.

Mascara can be applied in so many different ways to accentuate your beautiful lashes. What tips & tricks do you have for mascara application, big volume, curling, or any other little tidbit?

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Aug 11, 2014

3 Easy Ways To Makeover Your Social Media

Don't makeovers just give you a feeling of control in a world of chaos? (Can you guess what movie that line was paraphrased?) As an Independent Sales Director or Consultant, you are a Makeover Master and your clients aren't the only outlet for your skills. Your social media platforms deserve some extra tender loving care and a little makeover magic every month (or so). Here are some great tips for you to freshen your profile pages and update your business info online...

Freshen up your pages with new cover photos
Updating your cover photo instantly breathes new life into your social media page. Your options are endless when it comes to cover photos, but this shouldn't keep you from changing them up. UnitWise has created heaps and heaps of cover photos for you to choose from or to give you inspiration.  Check them out on our UnitWise Pinterest Page.
  • If you need some inspiration to advertise your favorite products or perfect eye shadow combinations, we have images for that too! All listed on our Pinterest page, just click the link above. 
Remember Sharing Is Caring
This is one of my favorite sayings, I'm a sucker for a good rhyme scheme. To help grow your social media presence you want to share a lot of the same content across all your social networks. When you make a post on Facebook or video on YouTube, be sure to share a link across all your social media pages. If a particular piece of content doesn't seem to fit a particular social media platform, try and repurpose the content to fit the other platforms. At first this may seem like a daunting task, but I assure you it is way more simpler than you think. Most social media platforms have integrated sharing features to easily post across multiple networks, or you can use a social media management program like 
It's A #Hashtag, #Hashtag World
If you want to increase engagement across your social media networks, the easiest thing to do is jump into the wonderful world of hashtags. A few daily hashtags that are perfectly tailored for Independent Sales Directors & Consultants are: #MotivationMonday , #MakeoverMonday , #TransformationTuesday , #TipTuesday ,  #WednesdayWisdom , #ThrowbackThursday , #FridayFunday. 
  • What exactly is a hashtag? The official definition is; A hashtag is a word or an unspaced phrase prefixed with the number sign (#). Hashtags make it possible to group such messages, since one can search for the hashtag and get the set of messages that contain it. A hashtag is only connected to a specific medium and can therefore not be linked and connected to pictures or messages from different platforms. 
Now that you have an idea of how to makeover your social media platforms, log in and let your creativity run wild. Then you can post about your social media makeover using #MakeoverMonday and #MotivationMonday. Oh, if you were stumped to what movie the first line of this blog was paraphrased from, it was Clueless, you know when Cher and Di were convincing Tai to let them change her entire look. 

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Aug 8, 2014

Tips & Tricks: The Perfect Pop of Color

The Perfect Pop of ColorIt's finally Friday (insert dance break)! Today's blog is all about creating that perfect pop of color. Are you ready to learn the latest Tips & Tricks from our wonderful UnitWise Heroes? I'm too excited for a lengthy introduction (might be the all the coffee), so we're going to jump right in and get to the beauty fun.

3 Perfect Color Pops For The Eyes

When it comes to adding a pop of color to the eyes, your possibilities are endless. The Heroes recommend 3 ways to apply your statement color to the eyes and to always start with a good primer to keep that color bright and vibrant all day long.

1. Upper lid liner - There is actually 2 ways to do this particular trend; it just depends on your preference - subtle or bold. You want to start with a neutral base for this look to really make the color stand out.

For a subtle pop, apply black eyeliner to the top of the lid and slightly wing it out. Then take your statement color in a liquid eye liner and apply a thin line right on the top of the black liner.

You can also apply a bold eye-shadow color as a liner, following with a thin line of black eyeliner right along the lash line. This application creates more of a smokey eye effect and the black eyeliner will make the color stand out more.

2. Bottom lash line - The Heroes really enjoy this trend. They recommend using natural shades on your top lid with a bold winged out liner in black or brown. Then line your bottom lash line with an eye crayon in your favorite statement color, or a shadow; liquid liners would be a little too harsh for the bottom lash line. Then slightly smudge the liner to soften it. If you have a mascara to match your statement color, you can coat your bottom lashes for that Little Something Extra. 

  • The MK At Play eye crayon in Purple Smoke is my go-to for this look. It really makes my green eyes light up and steal the show.
3. Accent The Tip of Your Winged Out Eye Liner - This application is super easy and is not too bold. Sticking with natural shadows on your eyes, apply a black winged out liner on the top lid. You can take a liquid liner (the MK At Play Bold Fluid Liner in The Real Teal is perfect for this) and apply it right above the tip on the outer edge. Very subtle but it is just the perfect pop of color.

 If you want something a little more edgy, then use an eye shadow and apply right above/below the winged out tip of your black liner. Using a shadow will soften the look so it's not a harsh line.
Adding just a little pop of color to the eyes is a fun way to play with shadows, liners, and eye crayons without being too extreme. It's really fun to match your statement color to jewelry, or to just accent you eyes. What are you're favorite colors to use for that perfect pop of amazingness to your eyes?

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Aug 4, 2014

UnitWise Features Made To Motivate

First off, the UnitWise Heroes would like to congratulate everyone who received honors at Seminar 2014.
Everyone looked so amazing in all the pictures shared online! Now that you are super motivated and ready to take your business to the next level, UnitWise is right there to support you with everything you need.  To keep you powered up throughout the week, let's go over some of our custom features that are designed to motivate...

Custom Unit Website 
You probably have a website for your actual business, but you can also have a custom website for your team. Think of it like your virtual training camp that displays inspirational messages, How To videos, training videos, team member recognition, and anything your heart desires. There is no limit to what you can have on your website, or how many pages you want your website to have. UnitWise technology allows you to use our 59 pre-made templates (we're all about options) or a blank template that can be completely customized from top to bottom (this is the template where dreams come true).

Now when I say custom, I really mean custom. You can have every aspect of your site customized to your preferences and represent your current theme. We do provide a few customizing services that include banners and backgrounds and for more information, be sure to contact your UnitWise Hero.

Importing Accomplishments
This is a brand new feature to UnitWise and it is made for motivation. If you have all your weekly accomplishments in InTouch, you can have them all synced to your UnitWise account so everything is in one place. Because this feature is so new and exciting, call your friendly neighborhood UnitWise Hero for all the details. I will have all the Hero contact information below.

Free Conference Calling
Keeping track of your goals is the only way to achieve them. It is even more important for your Team Members to stay on top of their goals to achieve success together. Our Free Conference Calling feature allows everyone member of your team to come together and share updates, inspiration, and tips for business motivation. Each UnitWise account has a designated conference call number with an access code that stays the same so you can share it on flyers and email signatures. My favorite highlight of this feature is that if anyone misses the call they can dial into a recording and catch up on everything. AND (this part needed to be emphasized) if you record a call saying something inspirational, you can have your own Inspiration Hotline just by publishing the recorded call and letting everyone know about it. Daily inspirational messages, yes please!

These are just a few of the amazing features UnitWise has to offer. We also provide packages for every budget. Be sure to contact a Hero today for more information via phone: 704.234.6006 or 24/7 email:

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Aug 1, 2014

Tips & Tricks: Going From Day to Night

The UnitWise Heroes have been hard at work during the day and out enjoying the summer evenings. They were discussing how they turn their office makeup into a chic night look quick, fast, and in a hurry. Now I know it's rude to eavesdrop, but they had some amazing tips I couldn't resist hearing about so I could pass them on to you.

The classic MK face for day can be easy transformed into a glamorous night time look. The trick of going from day to night is all about the planning. So let's dive right into the wonderful world of makeup and explore the best tips & tricks the UnitWise Heroes have to offer to create your perfect day to night looks...

The Prep
This part is crucial to seamlessly transform your look from office to party. Of course, always start out with a clean face that has been moisturized: this keeps your skin from drying out under your make-up. To enhance your foundation's lasting power, be sure to use a primer. This ensures your foundation to last all day and into the night with little to no touch ups in between. As a bonus, you free up some space in your makeup bag for extra lipstick (you never can decide on just one) because you are not having to pack any foundation for reapplication.

Planning for Perfection
The look you are wanting to create for evening will determine what you need to pack in your makeup bag. If you want to keep the focus on your eyes, then plan a smokey eye look, or a bold cat-eye liner with a nude lipstick. If your lips are going to be your stand-out feature for the evening then pack your favorite show stopping lipstick (reds, plums, berries, etc) and plan to keep your eye look simple with a nice winged out liner.

The Day Look That Easily Transforms Into Night Magic
Your everyday makeup can be slightly enhanced to take you into a night look where all you will need to do is add an extra shadow or just change your lipstick color. My favorite way to transform a day look into night is to simply thicken the winged liner on my upper lid and apply a red lipstick (I'm loving Firecracker from the new True Dimensions line). This look is super simple and takes less than five minutes.

Pinned by Marisha Guy

If you don't opt for the winged out liner look everyday like I do, then you can easily do a smokey eye. The trick to a smokey eye is all about blending. For day, just do your normal makeup look then add coordinating shades to add dimension. You will want to use a darker color in your crease and really blow it out on your lid to create that sultry-eye look. Make sure to add a nice highlighter shade on the inner corner of the eye and under the brow bone for that extra shimmer. This image pinned by Marisha Guy is a great example of how layer shadows for a night look (false lashes are optional, but aren't they fabulous?).

Now that we covered the eyes and lips, let's talk contouring....
Contouring for your night look will really make a difference. Contouring is easy, and with MK bronzer it is super simple. You want to apply your bronzer right above the temples, hollows of cheek, under the jawline, and the sides of your nose. The easiest technique is called "The 3" because you basically draw a three on your face starting right above your temple then hitting the hollows of your cheeks, and finishing with jawline. After you contoured your face, add a highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones and down the high points in the center of your face: bridge of the nose, cupids bow, and chin. Read more about contouring on our Tips & Tricks: Foundations, Concealer, Contouring blog.

There are so many ways to transform your look from day to night. Just remember to use a primer so you aren't having to reapply your foundation, and if you want to keep it simple - changing your lipstick is the easiest way to transform your look. What tips and tricks would you share to create a simple day look that can be transformed into a glamorous night look?

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