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Jan 29, 2013

Can You Feel The Power?

The Heroes will be traveling to Florida this week to join the Feel The Power Retreat in Sandestin, Florida on Feb 1st & 2nd.

Glenn got Elena & Amber some Valentine's donuts
today in appreciation of their excellent work.

We are truly honored to be taking part in this major Mary Kay event with so many NSDs, Directors, and Consultants from all over the country.  This Event will be hosted by Angie "O" and will feature some major NSDs including: Gloria Mayfield Banks, Pam Shaw, Gillian Ortega, Joanne Barnes, Auri Hatheway, Kate DeBlander, and More!  This event will also feature Mary Kay Vice President of Sales Force Motivation: Sean Key.  

The UnitWise Heroes will be presenting on Friday Afternoon & Saturday Morning!  By popular demand, we will be bringing a team of Heroes to present.  During the Leadership Conference in LA, we received many compliments on some of our female support staff, so for this event we will be bringing Heroes: Amber & Elena for their first big UnitWise Event.   We are all thrilled to be attending this exciting retreat, and we can't wait to see everyone!

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Jan 24, 2013

ONE WEEK ONLY SALE - Custom Banners

To help you get the New Year started right, we are offering a custom website banner (not website) for only $49.99. That’s a $100 Value! 

This special offer is only valid until Monday, January 28th at midnight. Your order must be received by this time. NO EXCEPTIONS. Few Quantities Available.

Send Us Your Banner Request Now!
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Jan 23, 2013

Vote for your Favorite UnitWise Feature!

We’ve heard a lot of compliments at Leadership for many of our features, & we would like to find out what you enjoy the most about UnitWise. We are looking for the Top 5 features within UnitWise. This Short Survey will only take a few seconds to complete!

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Jan 22, 2013

Promoting Your Website

There is no limit to what content can be placed on your UnitWise site, but we wanted to provide a few simple tips to help and encourage visitor interaction.

Web Forms - these are typically used to collect information from your visitors, you can use them for vouchers, prizes, or even just for contact information. For example, you could create a form for a "lucky prize winner" - let your visitors know that the person who fills out the 20th form wins a special prize! For information about creating those forms, Click Here

Blog - All UnitWise websites come with a default blog page and it's a great way to let your visitors know what's going on from time to time. Encourage them to leave comments by asking open ended questions concerning your topic.

Social Media - Facebook is used for personal and business reasons. To help keep your visitors coming back, try embedding your Facebook page into your website - or even add a "Like" button. This will not only help keep your site interactive, but it will also keep your Facebook likes and comments up. To find out more about embedding and adding buttons from Facebook, Click Here 

You can embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo, make slideshows from Animoto, add a free music player, create your own polls, and much more! There are lots of websites & tools that can be integrated, and most of them are free. The possibilities are endless and using these things in combination, or even a few at a time will make your visitors want to come back for more!

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Jan 17, 2013

Linking to Another Website Through UnitWise

You can add as many pages as you like to your UnitWise website. We are sure that you have many pages to share with your team. One of the ways to share a page is to create a "Link to Page" web page. Here is how it works: let's say you would like to share your Twitter page with your Unit. First, open your Twitter page in a separate tab and copy the URL of that page.

Then log on to your UnitWise account and go to Social Media >> My Website >> Add Page.

-Enter the page name, for example "My Twitter page",

-Be sure to select "Link to page" template in the drop down menu.

-Paste the URL of your Twitter page in the URL box

-It is best to select "New window" in the drop-down menu to prevent your site visitors from leaving your website

-Click "Create page" and remember to Publish it.

You can create a Link To Page for any website, the possibilities are endless: your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Mary Kay Website (Your "Shop with Me" page is probably already set up as a link to page), your Director's Website, etc.

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Jan 16, 2013

Create a Slideshow with Animoto

We hope that you had a great time at the Mary Kay Leadership Conference in Los Angeles. You most likely have tons of pictures from the conference that you cannot wait to share with the world! This quick tutorial will show you how to create amazing slideshows via Animoto (UnitWise is not affiliated with Animoto, the instructions below are for education purposes of our users only. Basic Animoto services are free, but for more features you could upgrade to paid packages)

- Go to >> Click "Create Video" in the upper right >> Select Skin >> create account >> choose "Make 30 second video free" (unless you like to make it longer and willing to pay, starting at $30 per year) >> follow the steps to add music, actual pictures and text.

- Click on "Preview" video, if satisfied, click "Skip & Produce" >> click on "More" on the right 

- Click on Embedded video >> Copy the code to your Clipboard.

- Log on to your UnitWise account >> Social Media >> My Website >> click on the page where you would like to display your slideshow 

-Click on the "Embed Media" icon >> paste the HTML code from Animoto >> Click OK >> Update Content.

You can add as many slideshows like that you your pages as you like. Spread the joy, have fun!
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Jan 15, 2013

One Step CDS - How it Works

UnitWise is happy to say we have simplified the CDS Order process! We have added the ability to keep track of the invoice and expense all in one transaction. 

 Here's how it works: 
Step 1 - Create the invoice or receipt as you normally would, but make sure to check the "Use Customer Delivery Service" box located under the customers information. 
Step 2 - Calculate shipping and enter it here into the shipping field, if passed shipping onto your customer then leave this field at $0 and charge shipping on the customers portion. 
Step 3 - The Cost of Goods field will be wholesale product price + shipping (if shipping was passed to customer then amount is 0) + the full retail tax amount. 
Step 4 - The Pay From Account is going to record the expense into your Chart of Accounts, simply choose which account to charge and enter the total cost of goods again (this will be the same amount located in the COG field).

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Jan 14, 2013

Year-End Tax Reports for Your Business

Everything you do in UnitWise is tracked and accounted for. Every Sales Receipt, Invoice, Purchase Order, Loan/Borrow, Exchange, Expense, etc is stored on our secure servers. That's A Lot of information & our program has taken all that info & conveniently organized it all into a series of reports.

You can access all this information from Home -- Reports. You will notice in the left column that we have reports for each section of UnitWise including Customers, Accounts, Products, etc.

There is even a section of Reports entitled "Year End - Tax." This section includes reports that will be of particular interest around tax time including Profit & Loss, Non-Recovered Sales Tax, and many more.

Running the reports is a simple process: just enter the time period, any search criteria, and run the report. Each report can be saved as a pdf or excel file so you can save them or send them to your accountant.

If you have any questions regarding running your reports, just give us a call or send us an email. We aren't Tax Advisors, but we would love to help you find a report or show you how each one works.

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Jan 11, 2013

Adding Music with SoundCloud

To add a playlist to your UnitWise website, you can embed a music player or playlist from another source.  A good example of this is using SoundCloud.  This music streaming service is free to use and an account can be created in minutes!

After signing-in, you can explore their music options, and also search for a song or artist.  

When you find a song that you like, you can click "Add to Set" to add it to a playlist hosted through SoundCloud.

After a playlist (or "set") has been created, you can click the "Share" button to generate an html code to add to your site.

A default code for this playlist widget will be created for you, but if you would like to customize it, you can click the "edit" button.  This will allow you to change the color & select it to play automatically.  

When you are satisfied with the appearance of your playlist, you can right click on the "Widget Code" and click "Copy."

Back in your UnitWise account, you can go to Social Media >> My Website>> Select a page.   When you have found a space on the page to add the playlist, you can click the "Embed Media" button (this looks like a film strip).  This will open a pop-up window; here you can right click & click "Paste" to Paste the Widget code from SoundCloud.  To save your changes, you can click Update Content to update your live site.

Watch this Video Guide to See How Easy it is to Add Music to Your UnitWise Website
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Jan 10, 2013

Los Angeles Travel Tips for Directors Attending the 2013 Leadership Conference

Many members of the UnitWise family, including a few of the Heroes, will be travelling to Los Angeles, CA for the Mary Kay Leadership Conference 2013.   Navigating a new city can be difficult, so we have put together a list of some Travel Tips to help you get around LA !

Getting Around
If you didn't bring your Pink Cadillac to Los Angeles, or would like to avoid LA's infamous Rush Hour traffic, you can use their Metro Subway System.  This is the most efficient & cost effective way to travel in such a big city, and most lines are open until the late hours of the night.  Since the LA Convention Center is a central location in downtown LA, you will be able to catch a train to nearly any area of the city from one of the many Metro Stations nearby.  
Click Here to view Maps & Timetables for the LA Metro.

Where Am I?
Since most of your time will be spent at the Los Angeles Convention Center, you should know what's nearby.  The Convention Center is positioned among some of the city's top attractions.  The Staples Center is less than a stones throw away, as is the Nokia Theatre & L.A. Live.  With these enormous venues so close together, there is always something going on.  In fact, The People's Choice Awards was held during the first day of Leadership this year & several Mary Kay Directors have spotted various stars on their way to the red carpet.  
Click Here for a detailed map of the Area

What to Eat?
There nearly no limit on the number of food varieties that you can find in LA.  Whether you would like to visit the historic LA cafe: Philippe or even an exotic European Grill like Wurstk├╝che, Los Angeles has something to suit your appetite.  You can even look as close as L.A. Live, which is home to more than 20 restaurants.  
Click Here for a list of affordable restaurants in Downtown LA

Of course, one of the most important things to do while you are in Los Angeles is to visit the UnitWise Heroes in booth 153 of the Event Deck Tent at L.A. Live.  After you come visit our booth, tell us about it on Facebook or Twitter!  Don't forget to Take a picture with the Heroes and Tag "UnitWise" on Facebook!

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Jan 9, 2013

End of Year Inventory

Lately, our UnitWise Heroes have been getting a lot of questions about Year End inventory Audits. These helpful tips will help you get your Year End Audit done in no time!

-   Print the report to go by: Home >> Reports>>Year End Tax>>Inventory by Category.
-   Count your products, taking note of any discprepancies between the report and your actual inventory
-   Go to Inventory>>Products>Bulk Edit>double click on quantity number to change it
-   If you cannot seem to find the product in the category list, change the Bulk Edit category drop down to "Select Category" and simply type the product name in the Search box on the right.

The video below will remind you how to handle inventory in UnitWise:

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Jan 7, 2013

The Heroes are Going to LA

California, Here We Come!  The Heroes at UnitWise are packing our bags in preparation for the upcoming Mary Kay Leadership Conference in Los Angeles, CA.  This will be our 3rd Leadership conference & we are thrilled to meet our current UnitWise Family members from across the country! 

Come Visit our Booth!  We will be in Booth 153 on the 2nd floor of the LA Live Event Deck Tent - 1005 West Chick Hern Court. 

Get Social!   After you come visit our booth, tell us about it on Facebook or Twitter!  Don't forget to Take a picture with the Heroes and Tag "UnitWise" on Facebook!

Again, we look forward to seeing all of you in Los Angeles & we would also like to wish everyone Safe Travels on your way to and from LA. 
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Jan 3, 2013

Save 15% on UnitWise

We take great pride in providing an incredibly valuable product for Mary Kay consultants, directors, and NSDs across the country.  Our Team is always hard at work with new features and using new technologies to ensure that UnitWise is the most advanced program of its kind.  

We are also passionate about providing this great product at an affordable price.  No matter if you are just getting started as a consultant or if you are a Senior Sales Director or NSD - We have a package that is right for you!  

Thanks to our different payment plans, you can save even more!  By default, we offer a monthly plan with no contracts, no obligation, & no hidden fees.  To save some money on your UnitWise subscription, you can upgrade to our 6 Month Plan to save 5% or our One Year Deal to save 15%.  Our most popular plan is the One Year Deal which provides a savings of up to $53 depending on the package.

To upgrade to another Payment Plan, you can go to 
Settings >> My Account >> Payment Plan
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*UnitWise is not affiliated with Mary Kay

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