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Aug 31, 2015

UnitWise Spotlight| Managing Your Unit With UnitWise

Coxswain: the steersman of a competitive rowboat, in charge of keeping the team on course and in perfect synchronization.

In your Unit, the coxswain is you. Although you aren’t rowing a boat in competition, your Unit still looks to you for advice and guidance to help them keep on course. You have a tough job and a lot to handle, so let the Heroes at UnitWise take away some of the stress. Here are some tips to help you manage your Unit with UnitWise and build a stronger team.

Core Idea

Every business starts with a mission and a primary objective. Does yours have one? If it does, why not openly communicate and explain it to your Unit? It can help your employees solve problems quicker and unite your team to work towards an overarching goal.

Create an About Us page on your UnitWise website, and use the space to explain the fundamentals and mission for your Unit. It's that easy with UnitWise.

Continuous Improvement Training

People equate training to a novice: one that needs extra guidance and support. But, that’s not always the case, and definitely not in the business world. There are new techniques to learn that can help improve sales and customer service, so why not offer training for your Unit? From veterans to new recruits, continuous improvement training makes your team stronger. With the consultant management feature on UnitWise, contacting your Unit members with training information is easy. On your UnitWise dashboard, you’ll have access to the list of Unit members, as well as the ability to schedule appointments with them on your calendar. Try this feature and reach out to each member with ease, today.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Here at UnitWise, we depend on each other to find solutions so that we can get back to helping you faster. The people of your Unit are here to help you do the same. They partnered with you to sell products, to meet a goal, and to offer great customer service. So, why not let them help you solve problems too? Connect with your Unit and empower them to help you solve problems.

Empower and Encourage

Encouraging and making your employees feel like an integral part of the Unit can improve their loyalty. The UnitWise Heroes understand that empowerment is the best recipe for success. That’s why we created a unique WAS sync feature. This feature lets you update and broadcast your member’s accomplishments to your UnitWise website. With the WAS feature you can set weekly, monthly and annual goals for your Unit, motivating and coaching them to continue doing an excellent job.

You know how to run your business and manage your Unit, but UnitWise can help you do so a little easier. If you need any help with your UnitWise account or want a UnitWise Hero to guide you along the way, you can call, email or live chat us 24/7. The phone number is 704.234.6006 and the email is

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Aug 27, 2015

UnitWise Spotlight|Accept Credit Card Payments with ProPay

It happened overnight. People stopped carrying cash and started depending on a plastic card to make purchases. Credit, debit, and MasterCard are the new forms of currency, so what’s your business doing to facilitate it? When you provide your customers with a multitude of payment options it can mean the difference between making a sale and losing one.

Don't have a credit card processing service for your business, yet? No need to fear! The UnitWise Heroes are here with ProPay to help you rescue and secure the sale every time. So let’s make it happen!

History of the ProPay and UnitWise Partnership

But, wait, what is ProPay? Only the most useful credit card processing service to hit the small-business market.

UnitWise partnered with ProPay in 2010 to offer a convenient and secure way for users of UnitWise to increase their sales by accepting their customer’s credit cards. We work closely with ProPay to perfect the credit card processing service. Our teamwork helped develop ProtectPay® technology that allows for cardholder’s data to be invisible. Going a step further, we added a mobile version of ProtectPay® to UnitWise, making it easier for Mary Kay consultants to make a sale anywhere they travel.

What this means for you? You can offer your customers the best service by accepting a variety of payment options. How great is that?

How It All Works

UnitWise works closely with ProPay. When you enroll with ProPay, you can link your account to your UnitWise account. This will allow you to enter and process your customer’s credit card information with confidence, as well as record the sale for your records.

UnitWise also allows you to create invoices and sale receipts, and apply discounts and special promotions deals just for your customers. And for whatever reason, if you need to issue your customer a refund back onto their card, you can log into your ProPay account to do so. It’s that easy!

Ready to Give It Try?

You have nothing to fear when you are partnered with UnitWise. Make your life easier and secure that sale when you use the ProPay feature offered by UnitWise. If you need any help with your UnitWise account or want a UnitWise Hero to guide you along the way, you can call, email or live chat us 24/7. The phone number is 704.234.6006 and the email is
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Aug 19, 2015

UnitWise Spotlight| Adding Docs & Newsletters

Adding visual elements and additional documents to a webpage can really make the difference between being passed over as a consultant or getting a good lead toward a potential customer. Since adding documents and newsletters to your website can be a little confusing, the UnitWise Heroes put together a little explanation for your benefit.

Add Images to Your Resource Library

Adding images to your Resource Library is as easy as selecting the Resource Library tab from your Dashboard. Select the Upload Image tab and a pop-up window will give you the ability to select a image from your file. Remember, this file must be a PNG or JPEG file.

Add Documents to Your Resource Library

All other files such as PDF, Excel Workbooks, and Documents must be linked and opened separately. Once again, select your Resource Library at the top of your page. Then, select the Upload Document tab from the choices given. A pop-up window will appear and you may upload your file from your computer from there.

Adding the Picture to your website

Bring up your website editing page. Select the add image icon from your website editor toolbar. A popup will appear that allows you to select the image from your resource file by selecting “Browse Server” from the choices given. Remember, 500 is the ideal width for an image on your site. From there you can edit the image how you’d like it, including adding a caption in the size & font you’d like, adding a border, or adjusting the position of the image on the page. You have to love techno-magic!

Select the Add Link to the Website Editor Toolbar

Now for the real fun to begin! Once you select the “add link” button, a pop-up window will appear enabling you to make your picture a link to your document. Once again, click “Browse Server” and select the document you want to connect to the picture you’ve uploaded. Once that is complete, hit apply to save your work. It’s just that simple.

Now you have a great, professional-looking images for your site with embedded links to make an interactive experience for your guests. If you need any help with your images or you just want a UnitWise Hero to guide you along the way, don’t forget you’re available by call, email, or live chat 24/7. The phone number is 704.234.6006 and their email is

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Aug 12, 2015

It's Time to Celebrate!

UnitWise is happy to announce our parent company, SPAN Enterprises, has made it into the Inc. 5000’s list of Fastest-Growing Privately-Held Companies of 2015! SPAN has ranked number 1150, out of this year’s selected companies, #11 in the Charlotte Metro Area, and #1 in South Carolina for Software in its home state of South Carolina. We would like to congratulate our founders and our fellow coworkers for making this a reality.

It’s hard to imagine that SPAN has grown from 6 employees on Main Street to a 30 person team at our downtown location, with another 200 people worldwide. From their Rock Hill headquarters, SPAN has launched over 14 cloud-based applications for international use, including UnitWise.  

Of course the story of UnitWise’s founding is particularly near and dear to our hearts. There have been many things done for the love of a woman, but we have to say that building an entire business around one has to be the best! Our parent company’s cofounder, Agie Sundaram, was inspired to begin UnitWise thanks to his wife, Carrie, a Mary Kay sales professional herself. He wanted to make sure that every MK pro had a good tool to be able to handle everything life has to throw at them, and he succeeded with the UnitWise product.

UnitWise is one of the longest-running products of the SPAN Enterprises family and is also one of the most successful. We can thank wonderful customers like you, as well as our stellar US-based customer support team, for making this possible. We are lucky to be surrounded by innovative, passionate people who always strive to make things better, both in the product and around the world.

Going forward, we will continue to give 100% to the UnitWise community. From solving problems that arise, to adding features to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of Mary Kay products, we will deal with those issues with the same dedication that we have since the start. Forgetting our roots isn’t an option because we’re still where we started to grow, creating a thriving technology hub, right here in small-town USA.

What really sets SPAN apart from the rest of the businesses in the country is the same thing that separates UnitWise: our foundation is rock solid thanks to the passion and commitment of our co-founders. Our success has always been measured by the impact it has on the lives of those who use our products, an idea instilled in all of us by our co-founders Agie & Naga, and we are lucky enough to serve a wonderful community of professionals.

We’ve proven to the larger business community that a small-town startup doesn’t need to move to a big city to be successful. With our inclusion in the Inc. 5000, we have validated that idea. So once again, thank you to all the wonderful customers, employees, and dreamers who made this a reality for our parent company and for all of us here at UnitWise.   

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Aug 7, 2015

Tips & Tricks| Good Foods For Your Skin

Your skin is a canvas for your makeup, but taking care of it can sometimes be more complex than just using your favorite skin-care regimen. The UnitWise Heroes have consulted with skincare experts to find out which foods you can add to your diet to keep your skin glowing and healthy. Adding just a few simple foods to your Mary Kay skin cleanser and moisturizer can really help improve your skin’s condition, so your Heroes have put together a list of foods to pick up on your next shopping trip.


Do you dream of strawberries & champagne? Well, luckily, you now have another excuse to indulge in your strawberry habit! Strawberries are chock full of Vitamin C, an age-fighting, PH balancing vitamin. Most people mistakenly believe that oranges have higher levels of Vitamin C, but strawberries have almost twice the amount. So, feel free to grab a carton the next time you’re at the grocery store.

Olive Oil

Puffy eyes can be a thing of the past if you start cooking with olive oil. A standard in most Mediterranean cuisine, this great addition to the shopping list can help reduce inflammation and acne breakouts. Drizzle some extra virgin olive oil over some whole grain bread for a great pre-dinner snack.

Green Tea

With great antioxidant properties, green tea not only boosts your energy but is fantastic for your skin because of its antioxidants. According to Purdue University, drinking one cup of green tea a day can give you healthier skin and repair minimal sun damage if consumed over a year-long time period. Try a cup of green tea in place of your morning cup of coffee and, for added benefit, try adding a splash of citrus for extra boost.


Want to improve your skin’s natural SPF? Start eating tomatoes! According to several studies conducted in the UK, one of the greatest benefits of tomatoes is that they naturally embolden your skin with sun-resisting properties. This great fruit also has a pretty high number of antioxidants, so all the benefits are present in this also.

Dark Chocolate

Doctors have now given you permission to indulge in your chocolate habit. Cocoa flavanols, found in dark chocolate, help hydrate skin and increase circulation. What’s that mean? If you eat dark chocolate, you will have fuller, younger-looking skin. The next time you think about skipping the chocolate, re-think it and indulge yourself!

Try out our list and see if you have any skin improvements. A smoother Mary Kay makeup application experience is just a few meals away. Do you have any additional foods you’d like to see added to our list? Share on our Twitter & Facebook!

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Aug 4, 2015

UnitWise Spotlight| Importing Product Orders

Keeping track of all the products you order and the ones you sell can be a pain if you have to copy and paste them into a spreadsheet. With UnitWise, you don’t have to worry about going through extra steps to keep your records up-to-date. With a few clicks, everything you need will be imported and ready for you to modify in your UnitWise account. So why not bring a little order into your life by importing your product orders into your UnitWise account through InTouch!

Login to your UnitWise Account

This might seem like an obvious step but it’s the important one. Go ahead and click the “inventory” tab, so you can start in the correct place. You’ll see several options on this page but the one you’ll need to select is “Order from MK”.

Click on “Create a Purchase Order”

Once you’ve clicked on this, the navigation will take you to a separate page to fill out. Just update the order date and subject for this purchase order. No need to fill or assign anything else. You’ll be able to import the orders directly from your Mary Kay account.

Click on “Import from InTouch”

Once you click on the button, a new window will open and display instructions with an “Enter URL” field. You won’t enter in any new information in this field for a minute. Instead, open up a new tab in your browser.

Go to your InTouch Account

Once you’ve logged into your account, go to your “Order Status” page and locate the order you want to import. If you can’t locate the order in the “Order Status”, you can go to Business Tools> My Business> My Order History and locate your order from there. There are many ways to retrieve the information, you just have to use the one which you can use easiest.

Click on the “Shipped” Link Next to the Order

Once you’ve hit the link, your order will open in the window. Copy the URL or web Address. I know it might feel like we forgot about your UnitWise account, but no worries, we’re getting back to it! Go back to the opened page in your UnitWise account and then paste the web address into the “Enter URL” box in UnitWise.

Click “Import Products”

After you’ve clicked “import products”, it’s just a matter of waiting a few seconds for your purchase order to autofill into the space designated. Once you have imported the products into the “Purchase Order”, you will need to select an account to Pay From. This will NOT charge you any amount and is only there to ensure that your bank accounts and UnitWise Accounts reflect accuracy. If you don’t remember your payment form or don’t keep your account records in UnitWise, you can select any account and transfer funds at a later date.

Save Your Purchase Order

You’ll need to click the gray box labeled “Click Here” to confirm your order with InTouch. *Note* Before you can add the products to your inventory, you must first receive them. If you haven’t received the products from Mary Kay yet, we suggest you don’t move on to the next steps. Wait until you have the products in-hand to avoid any inventory inaccuracies.

Once you have the products on hand, you can click on Receive Products. This will update your inventory and make sure everything is completely up-to-date.

Sit Back & Enjoy

That’s it! Now you can enjoy your day, knowing that all your inventory and product lists are completely ready to go, whenever you are. If you have any questions or just want to tell us about the product, feel free to let us know on Facebook & Twitter. If you have any questions or hiccups along the way, our Heroes are always available to help you via chat, email, or telephone. The phone number is 704.234.6006 and their email is


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*UnitWise is not affiliated with Mary Kay

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