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Apr 25, 2014

How To: Getting Her to LOOK at your Look Book

When you are out running around town and looking ever so fabulous, do you keep a few latest issues of TheLook catalog with you to hand out?
Well hopefully you do, how else are you supposed to impress potential customers? The only problem with carrying around catalogs is they can get a little wrinkled in your bag; you don’t want to give a potential customer a less-than-perfect catalog. Here are some great tips to add glam and class to your presentation:

Pristine & Clean
A wonderful trick to keeping your book pristine is putting it in a self-sealing cellophane bag. You can find them in an array of cute designs at (I went ahead and linked to the size you need for your book,which is 7x11. did not ask me to write about their product, I just thought they had the best design selection and price options.) They come in packs of 10 or 100 and keep your Look Book protected. And when you pull it out of your bag to present to a potential customer, you look professional and polished.

Something Unique
Along with your catalog, it’s a great idea to add one of your MK AtPlay flyers - whomever you meet might have a daughter or know someone that would love the AtPlay line. Don’t forget to include your business card, as well as stamping the book (easy to use Stamps can be purchased on MK connections).
To really go the extra mile and make ladies feel special, you could add a coupon or some samples - something to make them remember you and become your favorite customer. Some Consultants will include a hand written quote with their card and a coupon. It’s just sweet and further highlights how much you want them to feel special.

Protecting your MK catalog insures that when your potential customer takes it and throws it in her bag, you know it will stay nice and neat with all your contact information. If you have any great tips on presenting your Look Book when you’re out on the town, please comment below.

Oh before I forget, have you downloaded your free UnitWise App yet? The UW app keeps you connected to your UnitWise account wherever you are, don’t wait any longer to have your MK information at your fingertips - download it for your Android tablet or iPad today!
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Apr 18, 2014

Why Should You Invest In A Business Management Program Like UnitWise?

Ah, what an interesting question. With so many different ways to manage a business, why choose UnitWise? You could use multiple spreadsheets that don't automatically calculate inventory, expenses, sales, commissions, product purchases, and what ever else you can image. Or use multiple programs to track everything, and handle your marketing, but honestly you can easily get lost in all of it. Bouncing from program to spreadsheet, to website...just thinking about it makes me exhausted and overwhelmed.

Wouldn't you just want one program to handle all your business management and marketing. In this blog series, we are going to go over every feature and tool available in UnitWise. Before you invest in anything, don't you want to know everything about it and how it will benefit you and your business? Why don't we sit back and chit chat about exactly what UnitWise is and how it works.

What exactly is UnitWise?
So here's the dish on UnitWise - it is a comprehensive we-based program designed to help you succeed in your business. It provides custom features and tools to manage your customers, inventory, accounting, social media, and a custom website. These features were specifically designed for MK Directors & Consultants, and those aren't even all of them, you can even market your business through the email marketing feature, conference calling, and text blasts. And just to save you from trips to the post office you can even print postage with the Endicia postage feature. We will go more in depth on how to use the features for you business a bit later on. I can only scratch the surface here, there are so many features and tools, it would take a while to list them all in here, but you get the gist.

So how does UnitWise work?
Well it's web-based, so it works similar to your online banking account or your InTouch* site. Your information, like contacts, customers, inventory, training material, blog, etc, is stored safely on our servers, ready to be accessed at any time, on any computer. And because UnitWise is based in the Cloud, there is nothing to download. As long as your computer can connect to the internet, with a browser like IE, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari (on a Mac or PC) then it can run UnitWise. All updates to the program or to the product line will be done automatically by us. All you have to do is log on, seriously that is all you have to do.

Well most of my work is done outside of an office setting, how would UnitWise help me then?
Wouldn't you know it, UnitWise has a mobile app. Oh yes, UnitWise is completely mobile and is the best travel buddy. Consultants really do love this feature, because they can be out at a party or meeting up with a customer and have all their order details and information at their fingertips.

What about safety, will my information be safe on UnitWise?
We take every precaution to make sure our member's information is as safe and secure as possible. We have an encrypted network, virus protections, firewalls, and a moat of alligators in it. We wanted make sure safety would never be an issue. So when you link your ProPay account and take credit card information, rest assured it is safe and secure.

If there is ever an issue with my account, is their support available?
You bet your MK-limited-edition-lip-gloss there is! Only the most heroic kind of support could be good enough for you. We've got help text and videos to guide you through the program, chat applications that allow you to chat with a Hero at any time, 24/7 email support, Live US based phone support and we conduct weekly training webinars. If you ever have a problem or question, we're ready to help you find answers.

Are the Heroes at UnitWise really Heroes?
We think so. We're saving people from tedious, outdated, hard-to-use and unsecured programs on a daily basis. We're making business more convenient, and freeing up your valuable time for more important things. We want you to succeed and soar to the top, you deserve nothing but the best.

What you do is important, and we want you to have nothing but the best to manage and market your business. There is no mountain you can't climb with the support of UnitWise and the Heroes. Stay tuned for our upcoming blogs, where we explore all the features and tools of UnitWise. If you can't wait to learn more, contact the Heroes via phone: 704.2346006 or email:

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Apr 15, 2014

Deadline To File Your Tax Return

The deadline to file your tax return is Today (by midnight according to your timezone).

You can quickly run Year-End/Tax Reports in UnitWise. Every sales receipt, invoice, purchase order, loan/borrow, exchange, expense, etc is recorded in your account. If you need more time to file, you can extend your tax deadline, for 6 months by e-filing a personal tax extension, Form 4868, with our sister product

More About Form 4868:
Form 4868 - "Application for Automatic Extension of Time To File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return," is used to apply for an additional 6 months to file Form 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ, 1040NR, 1040NR-EZ, 1040-PR or 1040-SS. There is no explanation needed to file a personal tax extension, and the entire e-filing process only takes a few minutes.

Please note: Although you do not need to explain why you are filing a Personal Tax Extension, you are required to properly estimate your 2013 tax liability when you e-file a tax extension by the April 15th deadline. Filing Form 4868 does not extend the time for payment of taxes (only if you owe tax), it's only an extension to file your return.

Advantages of e-filing:
E-filing with is the quickest way to e-file your tax extension. The e-filing process is super simple and IRS confirmation is received immediately. If for some chance (which is slim) your return is rejected you can correct the errors & resubmit until it has been accepted at no additional cost. You can even e-file on the go using the ExpressExtension mobile site: Here is a video for more information on e-filing a personal tax extension with ExpressExtension:

Who can e-file a tax extension?
Anyone can e-file a tax extension with the IRS, and you do not need to explain why. If you have any questions about e-filing a tax extension, all you have to do is call. Our US-based support team, located in Rock Hill, SC would be more than happy to assist, you can contact them via phone: 803.541.5155 or email:

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Apr 14, 2014

How To: Sending UnitWise Referrals

If you enjoy using something, you should share it with everyone. Do you know when you share UnitWise with your fellow Directors & Consultants, you can earn a free month subscription? It's true, here is how it works...

To start making referrals and earning a free month of UnitWise, you can send referral emails through UnitWise. For each of your referrals that signs up for at least 1 paid month of UnitWise, you will receive 1 referral credit. When you receive 4 referral credits, you get 1 month of UnitWise Free! 

To send these referral emails, just select the Referrals button within your UnitWise account.

This will bring you to the Referrals Tab, then you will select "Click here to send referral emails to your MK friends". Fill in your fellow Directors & Consultants on all the great features and tools UnitWise has to offer. A great feature to highlight is that the program is completely mobile and they can access all their business info no matter where they are.

Let every potential referral know they will need to enter your username as their "Referral Code" when signing up. If someone forgets to enter your user name as their referral code, they can always enter it from the Referrals page within their account.

For more information, watch our Sending UnitWise Referrals video:

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Apr 11, 2014

How To: Protecting Skin From The Sun's Ultraviolet Rays

The previous blog on Spring and Summer skin care tips provided some great insight on how to protect you skin from the Sun's rays, but how much do you know about the ultraviolet rays that reach our skin? As an MK Director or Consultant, knowledge is your best asset for selling products and providing your customers with information. Today's blog will provide you with some excellent information on the Sun's Rays, giving you great selling points for product with sun protection, so let's get started.

First thing to know, there are three main rays that penetrate the Earth's Ozone layer.

The sunlight that reaches us is made up of two types of harmful rays: long wave ultraviolet A (UVA) and short wave ultraviolet B (UVB). Overexposure to either can damage the skin. There's also a third type of ray, UVC - these are the shortest and strongest, but thankfully they're absorbed by the ozone layer and don't typically reach the Earth.

UVA - These ultraviolet rays penetrate deep into the dermis, the skin's thickest layer. Unprotected exposure can lead to premature skin aging and suppression of the immune system.

UVB - These rays will usually burn the superficial layers of your skin. The intensity of UVB rays vary by season, location and time of day, with 10am - 4pm being the peak hours. Sunburned skin doesn't just feel awful, it can cause permanent damage over time.

So what type and level of SPF is best to use?
SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. Sunscreens are classified by an SPF number which refers to their ability to deflect UVB rays.

SPF rating is calculated by comparing the amount of time needed to burn sunscreen-protected skin vs. unprotected skin. So if a person who might typically burn after 10 min in the sun puts on SPF 2, they have double that time before a sunburn, so 20 min. Skin protected with SPF 15 would take 15 times longer, or 150 minutes for a sunburn to occur.

With this insight into how the sun's rays reach the skin, you can provide your customers knowledge of exactly how a broad spectrum sunscreen (like MK's new sun care line) can protect them in the summer sun.
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Apr 10, 2014

Announcing UnitWise Francais

You have come to the UW Blog at a monumental moment in UnitWise History.
UnitWise Is Now International and the UW Heroes proudly introduce to you…….       
Let all your MK friends know UnitWise Francais provides all the benefits of Unitwise in French. Build up your referrals and refer your Canadian sisters to UnitWise Francais, or UnitWise Canada, for a complimentary 30-day free trial with promo code: CANADA

More about UnitWise:
UnitWise helps you quickly organize your customers, inventory, accounting, social media, and create a custom website to keep Directors & Consultants up-to-date on everything going on in your unit. UnitWise provides you with a unique email marketing feature to help your business grow and succeed. It’s a convenient, safe and secure way of doing business, on any computer, any time.

Call the support Heroes for more information at 704.666.2467 or Email us at  

Like us on Facebook: UnitWise Francais and Follow us on twitter: @UWFrancais.

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Apr 4, 2014

Summer Skin Care Tips

Spring is in full bloom and the temperature is finally starting to warm up. While we are in this transition phase between Winter and Spring, you should start preparing your skin for the warmer temperature and more sun exposure. While those sunny rays may feel sensational, the effects of the sun may not be as agreeable over time. Here are some great tips for your Spring and Summer skin care:

Let’s talk Sunscreen
Sunscreen is a highly recommended defense against sunburn and skin cancer. It is now available in lotions, creams, ointments, gels, wax sticks, and spray. Some even have glitter...sparkle like the star you are all summer long. The type of sunscreen to use depends on your preference, MK provides a great sun care line for lips, face, and all over.

Look for sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher. According to The American Academy of Dermatology, sunscreen SPF rating is calculated by comparing the amount of time needed to produce a sunburn on sunscreen-protected skin to the amount of time needed to cause a sunburn on unprotected skin.

Check the label to make sure it provides broad-spectrum protection. If it does not have broad-spectrum protection, the sunscreen may filter only UVB light, the major culprit for sunburn and skin cancer. You want protection from UVB and UVA rays. UVA rays are responsible for premature aging of the skin.

Remember: skin damage can happen even without a burn.

Lip Protection 101
To keep your lips healthy and ultra smooth look for lip-specific products that have SPF 15 or higher. You want to apply lip product every two hours or so, based on the amount of contact with the UV rays. This next tidbit cannot be stressed enough: while in the sun, stay away from baby oil, petroleum jelly, or high-shine lip gloss. They can cause your lips to burn very quickly in the hot sun.

Don’t forget your sunglasses
Prolonged UV exposure can redden the whites of eyes, just as the sun can burn skin. Over time this can lead to serious eye problems. To prevent eye damage, choose sunglasses with the following qualities:
  • UV 400 protection. It blocks up to 400 nano-meters of UV light.
  • Impact resistant. You want shades that can possibly withstand your active lifestyle.
  • The right color lenses. Black, Brown, and Gray shades protect best.
Good Ol’ H2O
Higher temperatures and more time outdoors lead to internal dehydration, which will reflect in your skin’s complexion. Eight 8-ounce glasses of plain, filtered water every day help maintain critical moisture balance of the body and skin, and assist in detoxification. If you drink caffeinated beverages, you should triple the amount of water you drink.

When you are out and about enjoying the warm weather just remember to drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen. To prepare for those days when you will be out in the sun a lot, keep a travel size sunscreen in your bag as well as extra lip balm. So you are never without a pair of sunglasses, stash a pair in your car or in your work bag. Have fun in the sun and with these tips you can avoid the burn. If you have any great summer skin care tips, comment below.
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Career Conference: Time To Delegate

With Career Conferences in full swing and the Spring Cleaning movement well on it's way, don't you think it is prime time to look at what tasks you can delegate in your life. Let's take a moment and dive in the UnitWise Archives to bring back an insightful blog by Julie Potts - Independent Senior Sales Director from Ft. Myers, FL.

Here is Julie's story about her very first Career conference with Mary Kay.

Julie's Picture from 2011
"My very first career conference 21 years ago had Mary Kay Ash as the prized-speaker. In one of her speeches she talked about delegating tasks that don't help you reach your goal or are not in alignment with your family's goals, like cleaning house. So I came home and even though I wasn't making much MK money and CJ was earning poverty pay...I decided that our 1000 sq ft home needed someone else to clean so I could focus on family and MK. I had a makeover that week with a woman wanting MK but couldn't afford it. So for $5 an hour she cleaned my house. $10 later my house was clean and we traded product for cleaning. I have had a cleaning lady ever since...21 years. My husband thought I was crazy. We didn't have the money and we didn't have a house big enough. But I understood that sometimes you need to make a short term sacrifice to get where you WANT to be, not where you ARE right now.

Julie provides great advice that is never outdated:

"Take a look at your days and what is eating up your time? Could you find some things to delegate to others so that you can do what will help you achieve your dreams. You see, cleaning the house wasn't going to get me the Mary Kay car...that I did earn 9 months later. But having a clean house was very important. Being the one to clean it, didn't make me a better mom...having the time to spend with my children was important. Having a safe car to drive was important. Was it worth the short-term bet!"

Her story and advice is a great starting point to help you see what tasks you could delegate. If you are a member of the 5 o'clock Club, then you are already off to a great start. Remember all it takes to achieve your dreams is wanting it bad enough. Have fun at your upcoming Career Conferences and enjoy the weekend.
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*UnitWise is not affiliated with Mary Kay

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