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Nov 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

From all the UnitWise Heroes, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.
We hope that you will enjoy spending time with your family and friends.

Our Phone, email & Live Chat Support Hours this Thanksgiving holiday are:

Wednesday: Nov 27th 9am-3pm, 24h email
Thanksgiving: Nov 28th Closed
Friday: Nov 29th 9am-6pm, 24h email
Weekend:  24h email support.

Happy Thanksgiving from UnitWise!
UnitWise Heroes
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Nov 26, 2013

Give a gift of UnitWise

   Image courtesy Droid Gingerbread

Recipe for the perfect gift:
4 cups of thoughtfulness
2 tablespoons of joy
A dash of good cheer;
Wrap with ribbon and share
                                               to show your Consultants how much you care

Spread the holiday cheer, recognize your top performers and give them a UnitWise subscription as a gift this year. It will be the gift that will keep on giving, plus you can save yourself some money.
Here is how you can take advantage of this amazing savings opportunity:
Prepay for a year of UnitWise and receive 15% off your UnitWise yearly subscription, on top of that you will receive 3 Consultant accounts free for 90 days to give as gifts.
Please Follow these steps to give the perfect gift:
  • Log on to your UnitWise account: Go to Settings>My Account>Payment plan & choose 12 months plan
  • E-mail the UnitWise Heroes with a list of 3 consultants you wish to gift a 90 day subscription (include their email address), and we’ll handle the rest
  • The promotion is valid from November 26th, 2013 to December 19th, 2013
  • The 90 days promotion is for New users only and can not be used by existing subscribers.This offer can not be combined with any other offer. This offer has no monetary value.
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Nov 25, 2013

Take Control of your Mary Kay Inventory

Photo Courtesy of Google

Having the right amount of Products on your shelf is key to growing your business, you just don’t want to be overwhelmed with overflowing cabinets, baskets, and drawers. We have found some great tips to keep your customers shopping bags full without letting your inventory take over your house or pocket book.

1. Choose your storage location carefully. Is your MK inventory space in a secure, child-proof, temperature-controlled location? It’s best to put your products in a low-traffic area, this way there is less chance that anyone except for you (and maybe your assistant) will move or rearrange your products. Also keep your MK related essentials relatively close together. You do not want to store your products in several different places around your house because they can easily be misplaced.

2. Have a system & categorize your products: Try keeping your inventory organized by best sellers or in alphabetical order, what ever suits you best, as longs as you can quickly access the products when you need them. This will help you notice when products are growing scarce, making it easy to know when you need to reorder.

3. Label, Label, Label. If you are going to store your inventory in opaque containers make sure to label them, this  way you won’t be going through multiple boxes every time you need to fill a customer’s order.

5. File away your samples. If you place your samples in an accordion file by category or by alphabetical order, you will have quick & easy access to your sample packages. You can also bundle them in a separate box for quick access before you head out the door.

6. Do away with spreadsheets.  Instead of creating a new spreadsheet when your Mary Kay inventory shipment arrives, use UnitWise to update your inventory. To make it even easier, you can import it directly from Intouch. When you record a transaction using a sales receipt or Invoice your inventory will adjust itself.

7. Periodically review your inventory. Look at your Mary Kay inventory and see what products haven’t been touched in months and what products you constantly re-stock. By reviewing what products are top sellers you will be able to better understand your customers. Snapshot of Quantity on Hand report in UnitWise will help you to get a list of your entire inventory in a snap.

Also don’t be concerned if you are a new consultant and you are just beginning to build your inventory. Developing good habits now for keeping track of your inventory will better prepare you for the future.


UnitWise is not affiliated with Mary Kay, any suggestions given above are for educational purpose only. Please consult with your Sales Director or Senior Sales Director before adopting a new business strategy.

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Nov 22, 2013

Stress-free holiday’s how.

Image credit: Premier Packaging

The exciting Holiday Season has finally arrived! For most of us, this means friends, family, & a goal to Shop ‘til you Drop. This year, put an end to the last-minute shopping madness and enjoy a stress-free Holiday Season with these helpful tips:

  • Make a plan. Go through your calendar and make a note of every different social group you come into contact with (church, work, and personal friends) then write down all of their names as well. This way you will avoid the awkward and disheartening feeling of receiving a gift from someone and realizing you forgot to include them in your list!
  • List what gifts you have in mind for each person. Then what most people will do is head to the store, but you can save yourself the leg work by searching online for each gift. Amazon and the Google Shopping tab are great places to get an initial price for your gifts and you can see what store has the best price & selection.
  • Don’t pay the full price! Sign up for your favorite store’s email alerts so you can be the first to know of upcoming sales and exclusive coupons. Also you can avoid paying shipping, or get a discounted price if you go to This site almost always has great coupon codes, but if you go to the physical store you can just ask the sales clerk what coupons or discounts they may have for today. Many companies will also post and tweet out discount codes, so be sure to follow them on your social media pages.
  • Go shopping during the work day. If online shopping isn’t your thing, try shopping on a weekday during business hours. The majority of shoppers choose to browse the aisles after 5pm and on the weekends. To keep your shopping experience stress-free, you want to avoid the crowds so you can comb the racks in peace. You can always call a store to see if they have an item in-stock that you have seen online, and most of the time they will set it aside for you to pick up the same day.
  • Go to the outlets. Outlet malls are usually great discount shopping alternatives to designer stores. However, you may want to take extra care in inspecting the quality of an outlet product. Some merchandise is sold at an outlet due to faulty manufacturing or is made to be sold at a discounted price (will not be as high quality as the non-outlet store merchandise).
  • Embrace the madness. Black Friday (Friday, November 29, 2013) is for serious shoppers who brave enthusiastic crowds for super deals at brick-and-mortar stores. Many big ticket items (electronics, new products, and hot ticket items) are deeply discounted to officially kick off the Holiday shopping season. If you would like to avoid the overzealous gift givers, Cyber Monday (Monday, December 2, 2013) is when you can seize the best deals online from the stress free comfort of your home. Many stores have similar or even better Cyber Monday deals on electronics and large purchases than Black Friday. Small Business Saturday (November 30, 2013) is another shopping day where shoppers support participating small local businesses who offer great deals to compete with retail giants such as Amazon.

We hope our UnitWise Holiday shopping tips were useful, be sure to check back on this blog for UnitWise tips, new updates, and other useful information. Happy Shopping!


UnitWise is not affiliated with Mary Kay, any suggestions given above are for educational purpose only. Please consult with your Sales Director or Senior Sales Director before adopting a new business strategy.

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Nov 15, 2013

Simplify your Holiday Open House Parties!

It is time to start planning your holiday open house party! Let UnitWise help you send postcards with open house invitations & reminders.

If you are not an Address Label Wizard, no need to worry, we have provided 2 methods with easy to follow step-by-step instructions. You can print your address labels using Microsoft Word, or you can print them online at

Method 1 Using Microsoft Word:

Step 1:  First you will need to go to Home then Reports
Step 2:  Select Address Labels
Step 3:  Select the group you want to print
Step 4:  Choose export as excel and save it as (report.xls) on your desktop - and as an excel workbook 97-2003
Step 5:  Go to your desktop and open the (report.xls) file, then save as Mylabel3.xls - also as a excel workbook 97-2003
Step 6:  Open Microsoft Word, then choose mailings
Step 7:  Then click on start mail and labels, then a box will appear with labels listed - make sure 5160 is selected and click OK
Step 8:  Then click on select recipients and choose the second option (use existing list) - then select the Mylabel3 file from your desktop, after you do this there will be a pop up that comes up just click OK
Step 9:  Then click on the address block and click OK
Step 10:  Then click update labels
Step 11:  Select the finish and merge option and select the first option (Edit Individual Documents)
Step 12:  A Merge to New Document Box will appear.  Choose All, then select OK
Step 13:  You can then save it as whatever you wish and print it

OR Method 2 Using

Step 1:  First you will need to go to Home then Reports
Step 2:  Select Address Labels
Step 3:  Select the group you want to print
Step 4:  Choose export as .CSV file and save it on your Desktop
Step 5: Go to and select "Design & Print Online" Then search for the Address Label that you need to print (example: 5160)
Step 6: Choose the design, like the one with the Christmas Tree theme, then click “Select and Customize”
Step 7: On the "Design & Print" Page, you will need to select the text & click "Start Mail Merge." You can then “Browse for File” and upload your excel or csv file & then map the fields correctly for the label
Step 8: Click “Complete Merge”. Once this is complete, you can select "Preview & Print" to view a printable PDF of your labels and print them directly from here

If you have any questions regarding Address Labels, check out our Address Label Video.

You can contact our team of Heroes at 704.234.6006, or send us an email at

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Nov 13, 2013

Is your business protected from the dreaded Computer Crash?

Did you know that 140,000* hard drives crash in the United States weekly? This alarming statistic has triggered many small businesses to switch to saving their files on a cloud or using a web based program (like UnitWise) that allows access to saved data anytime, regardless of the state of your computer. By choosing this proactive option all of your data is safe in a cloud, instead of being attached to a hard drive or software program. Only a small percentage of people update their anti-virus software plus backup files are corrupted from time to the time, leaving you and your sensitive business information vulnerable.

How should you protect all of your customer contact information, inventory records, receipts, and credit memos? By switching to UnitWise you can access all of these files and information from any computer with an internet connection. You data is safe even if your computer is broken, lost or stolen. On top of that UnitWise has a great App for Android Tablets and iPad that allows you to store and manage your business information on the go.

If you are a busy MK Sales director and using the help of an assistant for all your paperwork, just imagine how convenient it would be to allow her to work from the comfort of home or for you to not worry about assigning a different laptop for her. Well, the beauty of UnitWise is that it’s web based, so you and your assistant can work on your business records at the same time if you are logged into multiple devices.

So would you choose the old method of backing up your information on a flash drive and storing it in your desk drawer, or are you the brilliant and resourceful business woman that chooses the cutting edge technology of UnitWise?


UnitWise is not affiliated with Mary Kay, any suggestions given above are for educational purpose only. Please consult with your Sales Director or Senior Sales Director before adopting a new business strategy.

*Information provided is from
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Nov 7, 2013

Manage All Your Holiday Shipping With UnitWise

The Holiday Shopping Season is already here, and with it comes the Shipping Season.  Luckily, all your postage can easily be printed from home with No Additional Monthly Fees or Special Printers with UnitWise!

Unlike most other postage purchasing options, UnitWise does not impose an additional monthly fee to print postage from home.  Thanks to our collaboration with DYMO Endicia, all you need to do is go to Customers >> Postage, Purchase Postage, Select the recipient & package size, then print the postage directly from your computer with no special printer or specific paper to buy.   

To Get Started, you can follow these steps:
- Select Customers >> Postage

- Agree to Terms of Use
- The "Buy Postage" Screen allows you to purchase postage in any amount and charged to the credit card on file.

- The "Print Postage" Page is where you can enter your recipient details and select the package weight.  The recipient must be listed in your UnitWise address book.

- From "Postage Service Options" you can select how the package is being mailed. (First Class, Priority, Express, etc)
- You will then be brought to a "Summary" Page in which you can make any final changes or confirm that the info is correct.
- The final screen you will see is the "Manage Labels" page.  From here you can select "Print" and it will open a pdf.

Note:  Postage can be printed as many times as you want (in case you have problems with your printer)  but it can only be mailed once.

Here Is a Video To Learn More!
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Nov 1, 2013

Sales Director Erika Brunner Earned this Awesome iPad Kit

UnitWise Hero, Elena sending the iPad Kit to Sales Director, Erika Brunner
Congratulations to Sales Director, Erika Brunner of New York for earning this Awesome iPad Kit for her many UnitWise Referrals over the past 3 months!  

Erika is our new Queen of Referrals, but it's not too late for you to earn Referral Credits for sharing UnitWise with your fellow Directors & Consultants!  You can receive one month Free from your UnitWise subscription for every Four new UnitWise users that have paid for at least one month of UnitWise, that’s just another incentive to spread the word and give your friends a Program that will keep on giving.
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*UnitWise is not affiliated with Mary Kay

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