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Jan 26, 2015

Beauty Business Tips: Getting To The Next Level

It's the Monday after Leadership 2015. This is a very important day. There is so much to think about and plan and do, it's enough to make your head spin. Getting to the next level of success is never without its chaotic moments.

That's why the Unitwise Heroes are always by your side to offer a helping hand. Now although we all were not able to join you in Nashville this year, all your amazing pictures made it like we were there. Ladies, you all rocked the most gorgeous shoes the entire conference, can I just say - Fierce! You were so beautiful.

Ok now let's get on to some ways to keep that Leadership momentum going...

1. Plan Out The Next 2 Months
Ladies and gentlemen, the next 2 months (February, March) are big months for your business. You have Valentine's Day, and then everything changes towards spring. If you have everything planned out, like your promotions, gift sets, gift certificates, and emails, then you won't be rushing at the last minute. Giving yourself time to really put that special touch on thank you cards, presentation of gift sets and promotions will really make you stand out and show your clients you really care.

UnitWise is perfect for organizing your gift sets, certificates, and special promotions. The products can be grouped together in your inventory so it shows up properly on your financial statements. Your inventory will automatically update as you create gift sets.

2. Set Goals To Achieve By The End Of Spring
By setting smaller goals to have achieved by the end of spring, those yearly goals will be easier to reach. To help you stay motivated, an achievement wall is great to have in your office to give you a visual of what you have accomplished. If you are not sure what goals you could make by the end of spring, ask your Director or fellow Consultants.

3. Save Money on UnitWise
Every cent matters when you are head of your own business. You have worked so hard through the Holiday Season and to go to Leadership; UnitWise wanted to do something special for you.

UnitWise Promo
For each person that you refer, and signs up for UnitWise with your referral code, receive 10% off your monthly subscription. If you get ten of your fellow Directors & Consultants to sign up, you will get an entire month of UnitWise for free. It gets even better! If you have more than 10 people to share the gift of UnitWise with, say 15, then you will receive one free month + 50% off the next month's subscription. Get your referrals in soon, this promotion ends February 15, 2015. Call the Heroes for more details at 704-234-6006 or email:

Getting to the next level of success will take determination, organization, and a lot of positivity & support from your UnitWise Heroes. Plan ahead, set smaller goals to achieve every few months, and save on your UnitWise subscription. You got this!

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Jan 19, 2015

Tips & Tricks: Nashville Glam for Leadership 2015

2015 Leadership Conference is finally here! Are you excited? I know I am. The UnitWise Heroes asked me to do a special Nashville inspired makeup look. I was born and raised in Tennessee, and Nashville holds a special place in my heart. So I put on my cowboy boots and turned up the country to get in the Nashville state of mind and I put together a beautiful golden brown smokey eye paired with coral cheeks and a nude lip.

I still haven't been able to let go of the nude lip look, but give me time, I will change and expand my color choices in the very near future ;)

Creating a smokey eye is really easy, but it is also really easy to turn it into a big mess. A few makeup tips and tricks is all you need to be a smokey eye pro. Grab your brushes and I will show you how in this week's Tips & Tricks: Nashville Glam

To prep my skin for makeup, I applied my ClearProof moisturizer ( this line saves my skin when it is acting up) and a firming eye cream. To even out my skin tone before foundation, I applied my CC Cream in Very Light ( this is one of my favorite products from MK, I use it every day). Last step in my prep routine is Satin Lips Lip Balm, then it is on to foundation.

I like to have a nice base and even skin tone before I start on my eyes. After I applied the foundation, I did use a little setting spray for some extra lasting power before I dust on any powder. It's just something I like to do, and it helps my makeup stay longer.

Once the foundation is well blended, I go in with concealer. I always apply in a triangle patter under my eyes to really brighten them up. Then I just covered up any spots.

A brown smokey eye just screams Nashville to me. A smokey eye is really easy to create if you know the tricks.
  • Trick 1 - Big Fluffy Brush
          You want a big fluffy eye brush for blending. This will be a brush that you won't use to pick up             shadow, you will just it for blending after you apply the shadow.
  • Trick 2 - The Transition Color
          The first thing you want to apply is a transition color in your crease to make blending easier                and it  gives a softer finish. Ideally you want your transition color to be close to your skin                  tone, or really  any nude matte shade.
  • Trick 3 - Layer & Blend
        When it comes to actually creating the "smokey effect", you will layer and blend, followed by              more layering and blending. The more colors you use, the more dimension you will create. I                always start with a color slightly darker then my transition color. Then when I want to create              more depth, I use a darker shade and blend it out until I get the look I want. Always use just a              little bit of product each time you layer and blend so you don't go super dark too quickly.                    Slowly build the color.

For this look, I started with a light brown shade in the crease, similar to the MK eye color Hazelnut. Then I built up the depth with a slightly darker brown. For the eye lid color, I used a vanilla shade like Sweet Cream. I blended in a few shades of darker browns in the crease and in the outer V to really create some drama.

For the lower lash line, I used the same transition color. Then I applied a darker brown shade on the end and blended it halfway towards the inner corner. To create a nice smokey effect, I used a dark plum shade, like Sweet Plum, to line the bottom lash line and blended it out. I used the same plum shade on the upper lash line and winged it out slightly.

I went over the plum shade with a clean blending brush until it there were no harsh lines. Applying the color takes no time at all, it is the blending that takes forever when doing a smokey eye.

Mascara - The Minking Trick
For the mascara, I did something called Minking, to create big voluminous lashes. You will start with a coat of brown mascara - I always use my Lash Love Lengthening Mascara in brown for this. Once the brown coat of mascara is on, go over with a few coats of black mascara. I used the MK Ultimate Mascara - it is one of my all time favs. Then take a moment to appreciate your beautiful lashes. So pretty.

I do just a bit of contouring to warm up the face and make not look so one dimensional. I apply a bit of contour powder in the hollows of my cheeks, the temples, sides of the nose, jawline, and little under my lower lip for a fuller look. You always want to blend your contour out so it looks as natural as possible.

After the contour powder, I went in with a coral color almost identical to the mineral cheek color in Shy Blush.

I kept the lips really simple for this look. I cancelled out my natural lip color with a little concealer. Then I lined my lips with a nude pencil. For the main lip color, I used a pinky-nude. Nothing to fancy, but it complimented the eye color very well.

- I used the MK Lip Liner in Spiced Tea to fill in the corner of my lips to make them look fuller.

Creating this Nashville inspired makeup look was so much fun. When you want to create a smokey eye, remember these three main tips: have a big fluffy eye brush for blending, always use a transition color, and slowly layer and blend shadows for dimension. What are your tips and tricks for creating a smokey eye?

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Jan 12, 2015

Beauty Business Tips: How To Make The Perfect Birthday Call

Birthday CallsWho doesn't adore a Happy Birthday wish on the day that marks their arrival in this beautiful world? Birthdays are special and a great opportunity to show your clients how much you care. When you make a birthday call there are a few extra steps you can take to make it the perfect birthday call. It's almost an art if you think about it; you do something so simple - call a client on their birthday - but it just makes someone's day when they know you care enough to call.

The Art of Making the Perfect Birthday Call

Look up your clients order history in UnitWise, or on the UW App - available for Apple & Android. You can put together special birthday gift certificates for your client based on some of her favorite products and email them to her. Birthday gift certificates are awesome, always. Check out this video on - How to create gift certificates in UnitWise

Make a post on social media wishing your client Happy Birthday. If you have a bit of flare for making fun images, you can create a special birthday image and post it on their Facebook wall.

The Call
Turn up the excitement, you're not just making any call, you're making a birthday call. There are three main things you need to include in your birthday call:
 1. Wish them a happy birthday
 2. Ask if they have anything special planned - this can go 1 of 2 ways
                - 1. They say nothing special. You reply with: You should always do something special for your birthday. You should have a Birthday Pamper Night, and I just emailed you the perfect gift to make that happen (birthday gift certificates).
                - 2. They have something really fun planned and it opens up a little chit chat.
 3. An unforgettable closing.
    When closing your birthday call, wish your client happy birthday again and let them know you were thinking about them on their special day. You can even leave it a bit open ended by adding a - We should get together soon! 

Birthday calls really show your clients how much you care and appreciate them. You can always take that extra step and create a birthday card or gift certificates. When making your birthday calls remember: to wish your client a happy birthday at the beginning and at the end, ask a question to create a little chit chat, and before the call ends, let your client know you want to see them soon. Your clients will feel extra special on their birthday because you took the time to personally give them a call instead of just send an email.

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Jan 9, 2015

Tips & Tricks: Cinderella Inspired Makeup Look

Have you been swept away by the fairytale magic in the air? The Heroes of UnitWise have and they asked me to create a beautiful Cinderella makeup look in honor of the new movie coming out soon. Cinderella is a favorite fairy tale among the Heroes and I was super excited to interpret their love of the beloved tale into a gorgeous makeup look that anyone can create. So grab your makeup brushes and join me for this week's Tips & Tricks: Cinderella Inspired Makeup Look.

Hero Brittany was very excited to be the model for this look. I wanted to keep it wearable, but also include sparkle. All in all, this look was super easy to create and it just came out beautifully. Let's get started, and I will show you how...

Prepping your skin is always important. I always start with a moisturizer on the face and lips. Then I added a primer to the lids, so our beautiful work won't just fade away.

To brighten up Brittany's eyes, I used a yellow concealer under her eyes and blended it out well. Then I applied a layer of foundation followed by a light concealor in a triangle form under her eyes. I do contour her face a bit more later on, but I will get to that right after the eyes.


This is the fun part. I was inspired by Cinderella's classic blue ball gown and the wedding gown she wore in the end of the movie. I loved her wedding dress. So I started by creating a cut crease with a semi-matte grey shade. Similar to MK's Stone eye shadow. Then I went in with a dark burgandy color right underneath the cut crease to give it more definition.

For the eye lid, I used a combination of blue tones, starting with a silver and lighter blues and transitioning into darker ones on the outer V. The silver color I used on her inner corner is similar to MK's Sterling eyeshadow. I started layering lighter blue shades in the middle and added darker shades to define the outer V of her eye.

Inbetween each color I was sure to blend out any lines, so everything looks very soft. Now I did use a lot of shimmer shades, but matte shades would work beautifully if shimmer isn't really your forte.

For the lower lash line, I lined them with the same grey shadow I used in her crease. Then I added the darker blue shades on the ends to blend with her lid.

To really make her eyes pop, I used a black shadow and lined her upper lash line, starting in the middle and working outwards. I didn't want to line her entire lash line because I didn't want the eye makeup to look too cartoony. I also added a pop of black shadow on the outer part of the lower lash line. Just a little bit, makes a big difference.

For that extra magical element, I added a beautiful white glitter to the inner corner and fadded it out on her lid. Just lovely. The final touch was a few coats of mascara.

I'm a little obsessed with contouring, so I just had to do it. I popped a bit of bronzer in the hollows of her cheeks, her jawline, and on her temples. Then I used a peachy blush on her cheeks and a touch of highlight on the tops of her cheekbones. Contouring really helps to warm the face and highlight her features.

I kept it simple for the lips. The eye shadow is a bit bright, so I didn't want to go too crazy for lips to avoid that cartoony look. I just applied a light pink lipstick. To create a little more depth and to make her lips not so pink, I added a mauve color on the outer corner of her lips. I know it sounds strange, but it really works.

That was pretty much it. The only area that took extra time was the eyes. I swear blending takes up the most time with any makeup look. I love any excuse to break out some blue eyeshadow and glitter, it doesn't always happen. Brittany looks like a princess in this Cinderella inspired makeup look. What are your favorite Fairy Tale Princesses?

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Jan 5, 2015

Beauty Business Tips: Top 5 Ways To Get Organized

It's a New Year, and to properly celebrate, a good home office organizing party is in order. I know you have been thinking about it...going on Pinterest...Googling new ideas...imaging your home office as your perfect oasis. Well, I have some great tips from the UnitWise Heroes to help you get organized in 2015.

1. Organize your UnitWise Account
Before you start pulling things out and going through it all, get logged into your UnitWise Account. Update any needed information, go through your Email Marketing, run any last minute Tax Reports, and go through your Client List. Check to see if there is any new information you need to add for your unit. Go through and write down any questions you have about updating your information or the program and give the Heroes a call. 

2. Inventory
This will be where you spend a major chunk of your organizing power. Create a designated space for your inventory. You want to carefully go through your inventory and log every item properly. Organize your inventory in a way that will benefit you the most. For example: Categorize sections by Skin Care, Foundations, Eye Shadows, etc.

3. Loose Papers
File away all those loose papers. All your print outs, activity sheets, and every thing else can be organized to give you more space and clarity. A large file folder works great and you can have one designated for clients, one for team members, and one for potential team members.

4. Create Activity Centers
To stay organize, designated activity centers are really the way to go. You want to have a specific place as your Work Station with you your computer, printer, and office products. Then a wrapping center to create all those beautiful gifts and sets. A To-Go Station to have your bag with everything you need for client appointments and potential team member meetings. You just don't want to have your stuff all over the place; making it hard to find things when you need them.

5. Goal Wall
Goals are better achieved if you can visualize your progress. Create a goal board, or wall, with everything you want to accomplish. These goals can be monthly, quarterly, or yearly...however you want. Make it bright, colorful, and positive. Actually seeing what you have accomplished will drive you to do more.

There are a million ways to get organized for 2015 and here soon you will be reorganizing for Spring, but that is a blog for a different day. Just remember, an organized work space is the foundation for creative thinking. When you don't have to worry about where things are, your thinking is more clear, and stress just disappears. And isn't stress free always the way to be. 2015 is going to be a year to remember, and it all starts with an organized work space.

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