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Feb 28, 2013

Eliminate Duplicates From Your UnitWise Account

If you have duplicates in your UnitWise account, you can easily merge them in a few simple steps.  

The process of merging duplicates simply combines the information of the duplicate accounts into One master account.  This way, you do not have to actually delete anyone's important information.  All of their info, sales history, etc will be merged into one account so that you can access all of their data from one account.

1. From Customer Center, go to Duplicates, which is located on the left
2. Here you will see a list of duplicated contacts and customers. 

3. You will need to save or print this list by using the gray buttons on the top right.  
4. Click Find & Merge Duplicates
5. This will take you to the Find & Merge Contact screen. You can choose to merge any or all of the options listed. Once you have selected which options to merge, click Search
6. Your search results will appear for the options you selected, check the boxes on the left for the contacts you wish to merge and click Next.
7. You can then select which record will be set as the Master Record. By default, the first record will be set as the Master Record and all non-empty values from other records are merged with the Master Record. All related records including Invoices, Customer Payments, Sales Receipts, Loan, Borrow, Exchange, Credit/Refunds and Activities will be associated with the newly merged record
8. Click Merge
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Feb 25, 2013

New UnitWise Webinars

The UnitWise Heroes have recently scheduled several training webinars over the next few weeks.  These Live presentations will show how you can organize your business & Save Time with our state-of-the-art features.

On our Webinars Page you can view all of our upcoming webinars & register for them online.  Sign Up Now before these special events are full.  

You may notice that there are 2 different names for the webinars listed.  Here is a summary of what will be covered in each webinar:

UnitWise Walk Through: Settings, Customers, Sales, Inventory, Accounts
- Edit your Account Settings & Preferences
- Add Customers & manage their information
- Create Sales Receipts, Invoices, & Receive Payments
- Manage Inventory & Import Orders from InTouch
- Track Income & Expense Accounts

UnitWise Walk Through: Marketing, Social Media, Website, Resource Library
- Create Email Templates & Send Email Marketing Campaigns
- Update your Facebook & Twitter accounts from UnitWise
- Manage your Website & edit your information
- Store documents, images, & videos within the Resource Library & add them to your Training Center 
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Feb 19, 2013

Print Postage from Home with UnitWise

Thanks to our collaboration with DYMO Endicia, you can print postage from home through UnitWise. There is no special printer or expensive paper required!  You can even print directly on your envelopes!  One of the best things about this great feature is that there is no additional monthly fee to use this!  

To Get Started, you can follow these steps:
- Select Customers >> Postage

- Agree to Terms of Use
- The "Buy Postage" Screen allows you to purchase postage in any amount and charged to the credit card on file.

- The "Print Postage" Page is where you can enter your recipient details and select the package weight.  The recipient must be listed in your UnitWise address book.

- From "Postage Service Options" you can select how the package is being mailed. (First Class, Priority, Express, etc)
- You will then be brought to a "Summary" Page in which you can make any final changes or confirm that the info is correct.
- The final screen you will see is the "Manage Labels" page.  From here you can select "Print" and it will open a pdf.

Note:  Postage can be printed as many times as you want (in case you have problems with your printer)  but it can only be mailed once.

Here Is a Video To Learn More!
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Feb 13, 2013

Record Your Trip Logs with UnitWise

With UnitWise, you can easily track all your income & expenses so that getting ready for tax season is a breeze.  This includes recording certain tax write offs like your mileage expenses.  As an independent beauty consultant, you can write off any miles that were driven for your business activities.  This includes events like product deliveries, meetings, and conferences. 

In UnitWise, you can go to Accounts >> Trip Logs to create a record of each trip you make.  These trips can be recorded by the number of miles driven, or you can enter the odometer readings of each trip. 

You can even record your trip logs on the go with on your Smartphone.  This way, you can record your miles as they happen.  Just don't try to use it while you are actually driving! 

All of these miles are recorded, and you can view reports for any time period (yearly, monthly, quarterly). 

To write off these expenses for 2012, the standard mileage rate is 55.5 cents per mile.

This is just one more way that UnitWise can make your Tax Season less frustrating. 
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Feb 12, 2013

Smart Import for Contacts

With UnitWise, there are several ways to add people into your account. The easiest way to add customers and consultants is to Sync From InTouch. In order to add contacts into your account, you can use our new Smart Import tool.

The Smart Import option allows you to input a large amount of contacts to your UnitWise account at one time from an excel or csv file. This way you can input large lists from a spreadsheet.

To begin the Smart Import, you will need to go to Settings >> Tools within your UnitWise account.  Next, select what file you would like to upload, and select how you would like the information to be merged with your current contacts.  This helps ensure that no duplicates are created.

After selecting a file, you can then map the fields for the document that was uploaded. Here you can select the columns for first name, last name, email address, birthday, and much more.

After mapping these fields, you can officially import this list into your UnitWise account to be viewed in the Customer Center >> Contacts

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Feb 7, 2013

The Many Advantages of Free Conference Calling

You can do lots of things with the Free Conference Calling tool within your UnitWise account. First of all, you can schedule and hold unlimited conference calls with an unlimited number of attendees. You can also share your conference calls in few different ways: Dial-in, Embed to the page, and E-mail links.

In order make a call available to listen over the phone (dial in) you need to publish it.
After you are done recording, go to marketing >> call recordings >> "click here to retrieve recordings" >> publish.
Then you can go to Marketing >> Conference Calling >> Dialin recordings.  There will be a number and a code that your team members & customers can use to call and listen to a recorded call.

You can also embed the call recording onto a hidden web page and then e-mail a link to your unit/customers.
Follow these instructions to learn how:
Go to Social media >> Website >> Add Page >> Name it >> select template "make my own page" >> be sure to check "hide page."
Then follow the steps above to obtain the embed code, go back to the hidden page and click "embed media" >> paste the code >> click "ok"  >> save the page.
Then click on "preview" page to obtain the URL for the link.

To create a link: open a new e-mail template, type text, such as "new call", high light it> click on "links" button>paste the URL>OK.
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Feb 6, 2013

Tax Time

It’s time to start preparing your tax returns for 2012, and UnitWise can help with that. Take a look at the Year-End Tax Reports section to get started.  We have Profit & Loss reports, Inventory Reports for Quantity on Hand, Expense Reports, and much more!
If you have more questions about the various UnitWise Reports, you can always contact the Heroes by phone, chat, or email.
As your tax deadline comes closer, it is vital that your tax return is completed properly.  As an independent consultant, you are eligible for various tax write-offs and deductions that you can claim for your business.  If you are not aware of the deductions that you may be entitled to, you should consult with a tax professional to learn more.  
It is much better to take your time to ensure that your tax return is completed properly, rather than rushing through it just to get it done.  When you rush through a tax return, you run the risk of making mistakes, and you also run the risk of overlooking important deductions and write-offs that could benefit you. 
If you find yourself needing additional time to file your tax return this year, you can get a 6 month extension to file your tax return by E-Filing a Tax Extension through our sister product -

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Feb 5, 2013

February Update

Welcome to the Family
The Heroes at UnitWise are proud to welcome the following NSDs into the UnitWise family:  National Sales Director Cathy Littlejohn, National Sales Director Diana Sumpter, Senior National Sales Director Maggie Nevarez, & National Sales Director Diana Fraustro.
  Click Here to See our Complete List of NSDs

Feel The Power
We just got back from “Feel The Power Retreat” in Florida!  It was an honor to be invited by Angie “O” Onianwa to join NSDs Gloria Mayfield Banks, Pam Shaw, Auri Hatheway, Kate DeBlander, Joanne Barnes, & more.  We had a great opportunity to share all the good things about UnitWise and learn more from the attendees!   
Click here to See Photos from Feel The Power

We’re thrilled to receive so many great compliments about UnitWise and how it has helped our users to manage their MK business more efficiently.  To make UnitWise even more complete, we need your help in determining the best features you like & ones you would like to have.  This Short Questionnaire will only take a few seconds to complete!
Click Here to take the survey

It’s Tax Time
It’s time to start preparing your tax returns for 2012, and UnitWise can help with that. Take a look at the Year-End Tax Reports section to get started.

If you find yourself needing additional time to file your tax return this year, you can get a 6 month extension to file your tax return by E-Filing a Tax Extension through our sister product -
Click Here to Read More about a 6 Month Tax Extension

Big News!
Our programming team is always making UnitWise more and more awesome each day, and they’ve got something really special coming up over the next few months.  We will be making a Major Product Announcement for Seminar this year.  Connect with us on Facebook & Twitter to stay informed!  

Winner Winner Roku Player
We are excited to announce the Winner of the Roku Player Promo from Leadership!  Check Out the winner on our Facebook Page -
Take a moment to congratulate your sister director by commenting on their photo!

Commonly Asked Questions
One question that we got a lot at Leadership was “Where are the rest of the Heroes?”   
Although we would love to bring everyone to Seminar or Leadership, we need some Heroes in the office for Customer Support.  Here’s a recent photo of the Marketing & Support Team in the office

Another popular question we had at Leadership was “Is Glenn really a Hero?  & Is he single?”  
Yes, Glenn is a Real Hero!!!
Yes, Glenn is Single!!!
He enjoys long walks on sandy beaches, getting caught in the rain, & watching the sunset... Be his Valentine this year!!!!!!
(Shhhh  He does not know that we are posting this!)
Let him know by liking & commenting on this photo :)
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Feb 1, 2013

Get Ready for Valentine's Day

Want to be prepared for shipping products as we get closer to Valentine's Day? 

According to the USPS, the cost for sending flat rate priority mail is based on the size of the box or envelope you purchase directly from the post office, which ranges from $4.75 for an envelope to $14.50 for a large box. When sending regular priority mail with your own box the price is based on the weight of the package as well as the distance it must travel to get to its destination.  Depending on the weight, this could end up costing over $100!  So, weigh your package - if it's heavy with product you're shipping to your customer, a flat rate box may be less costly. 

Don't Forget that you can save Time by Purchasing & Printing your postage through UnitWise

Another question commonly asked to Heroes is: What to do when a client buys a surprise gift for a special someone?

That is where "Assign to" feature comes in handy. First, you want to make sure that the the giver & recipient are entered in UnitWise as customers (so when you e-mail the invoice, the surprise will not be spoiled by the wrong person getting the e-mail).

Then start entering the invoice as usual, except click on the "Assign to" icon across from the product name and enter recipient's name, to record the product in the their product history.  That way, the buyer gets the Sales History, but the recipient gets the product history.

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