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Jun 30, 2014

Must-Have Products for Your Travel Bag

Vacation season is in full swing and your clients will need a few staple items to toss in their travel bag. You can anticipate their needs and create a travel set perfect for every occasion. Let's cover the basic issues your client might run into, and the perfect MK product to solve the problem (Vacation Preppers!):

Five-Minute (or less) Face - If your taking the kids on vacation, personal prep time is usually non-existent. To help your client achieve a flawless face in a few minutes suggest a few easy-application products like MK Cream Eye Color, waterproof mascara, and MK Cream Blush. You can even do a timed challenge to demonstrate how quickly these products can be applied.

Stress Proof Your Skin - Sometimes things happen on vacation that can...well, stress you out to the point your skin does the exact opposite of what you want it to (we have all been there). A perfect solution to keep your skin flawless in a stressful situation is to have the MK ClearProof Set in travel size. This set is the perfect amount for any vacation, and saves your skin from unwanted breakouts. Stress can come up in many forms, including a special visit from Aunt Flow, cell phones wanting to go for a swim, one sandal magically disappearing, your towel went flying off the balcony into the pool (6 stories below), the sand stained your favorite swim suit, kelp wrapped around your leg and you thought Jaws had returned to seek vengeance, basically any unplanned stressful situation.

CC Cream - In the summer heat, no one wants to apply too much product to their face. For the perfect lightweight coverage, recommend the MK CC Cream. This tube of perfecting amazingness (can you tell I love this stuff?) will even out your client's skin tone, provide SPF 15, wont clog pores, and is super easy to apply. There are more benefits, but i'll leave you to explain them to your client.

Sun Care - The MK SunCare line provides everything you need to protect your skin. This is a great set to put together for your clients. Include facts about how the sun's rays reach the skin, and what SPF means. The more informed your client is, the more they will realize how much they need proper sun care.

Easy solution for excess oil - When out and about in the summer heat, oil can build up on the skin - especially in the T-Zone. MK Beauty Blotter are the perfect solution to quickly reduce shine without messing up your Five-Minute face. The packaging is perfect for travel and can even fit in your wallet, clutch, or pocket.

For Those Late Nights - Staying up late is a necessity on vacation. Whether you go out and paint the town or stay in and watch a movie with a buffet of take-out food, the MK Indulge Soothing Eye Gel is perfect for waking up those tired eyes.

When it comes to Must-Haves for your travel bag the UnitWise Heroes suggest keeping it the essentials and go for 'travel-sized' options if available. What products must you have in your travel bag?

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Jun 27, 2014

Tips & Tricks: Shadow Application and Blending

Who doesn't love a UnitWise Tips & Tricks makeup blog? Today it's all about eye-shadow application and blending (Yay!). Get out your MK Brush set (and brush cleaner, I love that stuff) and your favorite shadows, we're going to have some fun!

Those eye-shadow looks on celebrities and models that look so flawless may seem tricky to recreate, but trust me with the right application techniques and some blending tricks, there won't be a makeup look you can't do.

Shadow Application:
Tip 1. Prep, Prime, Perfect
You are going to put some effort into your eye-shadow look, and to make sure your hard work isn't put to waste, you need to prep your lids. After you moisturize, apply a primer to insure your eye-shadow won't budge. The best thing I love about primers is a little bit goes a long way. One tube of MK Eye Primer will last you forever and a day.

Tip 2. The Right Color
If you're not trying to match your eye shadow to your outfit (matchy matchy is always fun) you want to choose shadows that compliment your eye color.
  • Blue Eyes - Warmer shades will set blue eyes ablaze because blue is a naturally cool tone. Grey and slate colors also really make blue eyes pop. Just avoid putting too much color on your lid. It will distract from your gorgeous blue eyes. Best colors: Bronze, Champagne, Copper, Gold, Yellow-beige, Peach. 
  • Brown Eyes - Brown is a neutral color that doesn't tend to compete with colors in the same way the other eye hues do. You can really use any color combination. If you want a nice simple look, I would recommend warm bronze tones and a peachy shade. For more of a statement look,  purple and teal shadows will really make your color pop. Best colors: Bronze, Green, Peach, Purple, Navy, Teal.
  • Green Eyes - Any type of purple variation does wonders on green eyes. If you're not a huge fan of colors outside the neutral palette, a thin line of a deep purple shade on the upper lid makes your green eyes super intense. This is what I usually do, my green eyes look so much brighter with a thin line of violet on the top, or even just a nice tight-line of purple. Bronze, brown, golds, and rust-like shades also have a special effect on green eyes. Best Colors: Sepia, Rust, Purple, Pink, Gold, Brown.
Tips 3. Highlight
Highlighting will brighten your eyes right up. You just need to know the best places to apply a highlight shade: brow bone, inside corners of your eye, and on the bottom outside corner of your eye. 

Tip 5. Shimmer Carefully
There are right ways to use shimmer shadows and oh-so wrong ways to use them. A shimmery shadow all over the lid will have your eyes looking like a disco ball. If that is your preference or your going to the club, then shimmer it up boo boo. But for a day look, it is best to have the shimmer shade just on your lid, or in the middle of your lid, and use a matte shade in your crease. It will give you the perfect amount of sparkle with out going all Ke$ha on your eyes ( if you don't understand the reference: she rocks massive amounts of glitter).

Tip 6. The Dark Art of Dark Shadows
Dark colors can be tricky, if you apply them in the wrong place you can actually make your eyes look much smaller than they are. We can't be having that! For a fool proof plan, go light at the base and blend darker shades on the outer corners and just barely in the crease. This will make your eyes look bigger and all doe like.

Tip 7. Baby Your Brushes
After using your brushes, it is best to do a light cleaning to keep residue from building up. With the MK Brush Cleaner you get a lot of product and it is perfect for spot cleaning your brushes until wash day. You want to use a brush cleaner with a gentle formula that won't dry out your brushes and make the bristles stiff.

When it comes to blending the technique is super simple - side to side or circle circle. Seriously, that's about it for technique. What really matters is your blending brush. They come in a mind boggling array of shapes, density, and softness. Basic rule of thumb is to use a brush that is super fluffy and soft. MK has a great blending brush included in their brush kit that does an amazing job. The best way to create soft eyes is to move your blending brush in tiny circles to buff out edges and seamlessly merge each color.

These are only a few great tips for eye-shadow and blending. What tips do you have for application and blending? Share in the comment box below and on our UnitWise Social Media Pages:
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Jun 20, 2014

Ways To Play: MK Baked Eye Trios

Broken neutral eye shadow make up trio

How in love are you with the fun colors of the MK At Play Baked Eye Trios? The packaging is cute, the product is amazing, and the colors are bright and colorful. These little eyeshadow trios are perfect for a fun playful look that enhances your eyes instead of overpowering them. The UnitWise Heroes love to mix and match colors to create one-of-a-kind looks. Here are some fun looks to try with each trio:

On The Horizon
Instead of going for a full-on smokey eye with the palette, try a nice blended look with all three colors. To make your eyes look super big, you want the lightest shade on the inner corners. Start the lighter shade of purple in the middle, and the darkest shade on the outer corners. Simply blend each color where they meet. Viola, gorgeous eyes. 

Sunset Beach
I love this trio. I have been all about the color of the summer: orange. For this beautiful eye look start with the lightest shade on the inner corners. Then apply the orange color starting from the middle and covering the rest of your eyelid. Blend the two colors where they meet. To create the smokey magic, you want to apply the purple shade in the crease and on the outer corners. Just gradually build up the color until the desired look is reached.

You can never go wrong with earth tones. They look great on any skin tone and are always on the latest trends list. For this look, you will do the basic application technique of applying the lightest shade in the inner corner. Then apply the green shade in the center of your eyelid. It's your preference for how dark you want the shade to be. Sweep the brown shade on the outer corners of your eyes and shade up into your crease. Blend, blend, blend. Add a thin line of liquid eyeliner for more definition.                                                                                       

Electric Spring
This trio is just beautiful. Great colors for spring/summer and if you are a Charlotte Hornets fan, like me, this trio is great for game-day looks. For this look, I love how it resembles a wave. To help these colors really pop, make sure to have a primer and maybe a white creme shadow as your base. The white will make the colors very opaque. Apply the colors in the order they are arranged, starting with the lightest color. The first application should be light, so just build up the color until you reach your desired look.                                                                           

The looks you can create with these gorgeous trios are limitless. There are so many ways to combine and blend the colors together to create fun day and night look. Play with color and have fun trying different combinations, what is your favorite trio?
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Jun 16, 2014

Motivational Recruiting Tips For Your Business

team building tipsToday is a perfect day to build your team. You have the confidence, the knowledge, and the highest enthusiasm for what you do. Now it's time to build your team and put more of the MK happiness back out in the world. But sometimes your creative juices need an extra boost, so here are some great tips from the UnitWise Heroes to get you back in the team building game...

Be Prepared, Polished, & Passionate 
To keep your conversation as organized as possible, try having all the paperwork you will be going over in order. Be at the coffee shop early so you can greet her, and break out those fabulous new heels - they will be the perfect conversation starter. When you greet her, let your passion shine by being friendly and excited to share your MK journey with her. And no look is complete without your beautiful smile.

Book Parties
More parties, increases your customers, which in turn increases your team. When one of your clients wants to host a party, and it is their first one, help her out with some party tips. If you take pictures or videos at your parties, refer a new host to them to see how others have done it. Or put together a fun little tips cheat with food ideas or themes they could try. Planning a party is part of the fun, so if your hostess isn't sure what she should do to, provide her with plenty of information on where to draw up ideas.

Make Her Feel Special
When you're on your interview, don't forget you were in the same place as your potential recruit. Her concerns were your concerns, you were probably hesitant and nervous too. Making someone feel special is now second nature to you as a Director, but a potential recruit needs a little extra TLC if she is showing signs nervousness. A great way to make her feel comfortable is to talk with her, not at her and always pause to ask if she has any questions. Try to get to know her, like what treatments she uses to make her hair so shiny or where she got that fabulous bag. Your interviewee wants to feel like she is a friend and that you see potential in her. And don't forget to reassure her that managing an MK business is really easy with UnitWise - a program made exclusively for MK Directors & Consultants to help them achieve success at every level of their business ;)

You can do anything you set your mind to, so if you want to build an amazing team nothing can stop you. The UnitWise Heroes would love to hear from you! Participate in MotivationMonday and share your team building tips in the comment box below and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Jun 13, 2014

How To Avoid A Family Beach Vacation Disaster

beach vacation tips
Beach vacations tend to reflect the oceans waves. Sometimes they are calm and relaxing, other times they are rough and beat you down. Don't worry, the UnitWise Heroes know a few great tips to guarantee some relief when disaster strikes on your family's beach  vacation. Swimsuit Up and let's dive into tips and tricks that will be your lifesavers this summer. (HIMYM anyone?)

1. Get Yourself Beach Ready First
Just like the instructions for applying an oxygen mask on a plane, you need to get ready before the kids do. Be beach ready, apply your sunscreen and pack your beach bag - all before you start to get the family ready. It will seriously make your life a lot easier.

Addition to applying sunscreen, hydrate, make sure to apply a lip protector, and pack your sunglasses in your bag so you don't forget them.

2. Food To Pack
Someone will get the munchies at some point, so it is best to pack some snacks so you are not hiking back to the rental. Fruits and Veggies are great snacks. There are some that help protect yourself from the sun's rays; any fruits or veggies with red pigment in the skins have added SPF benefits, like strawberries and tomatoes. It will help if you have a large bottle of water designated just to rinse of hands. It will really help keep sand off your food. And don't forget to pack plenty of water, a well stocked cooler will keep everyone happy.

3. Beachify The Family
Round up the troops and make sure everyone has on sunscreen and knows where their flip-flops/watershoes are. A great trick to get the kids to pack their beach toys, towels, shade tents and chairs is to have everything laid out that is going. Call out an item and have someone pick up that item and place it in the beach bag. For larger items that will need to be carried, line them up right by the door. Go down the list and then you are guaranteed to know everything was packed.

4. Finding The Perfect Spot
To best avoid those afternoon meltdowns when the kids are ready for a nap. Head to beach early. Then you can pick out a good spot before the crowd sets in. Once you have your little beach camp set up, and the kids are having a blast in the sand, turn on your favorite songs and just relax. Enjoy the sun and take lots of pictures to document your amazing vacation planning skills. 

Wherever you escape to this summer, remember to protect your skin from the sun and just go with the flow. It's going to be a great summer! Subscribe to our blog and share your beach vacation tips in the comment box below and on our:

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Jun 11, 2014

Gift Ideas For Father's Day

Father's Day is coming up this Sunday, and finding the perfect gift for dad isn't always easy. The UnitWise Heroes have a few great ideas for dad that would go great with the MK Men's Line. So when your at your next party or booking, here are some great ideas to share with your clients for Father's Day.

Made From The Heart
I always loved making cards and gifts for my dad when I was a little girl. Mom would lay out some newspaper and give me construction paper, scissors, glitter and paint. My mom always knew the card was sweet but what was inside was the real gift. While I would be hard at work creating the perfect Father's Day card, my mom would take picture of me covered in paint with pieces of construction paper stuck in my hair and put the picture inside the card. Every year my dad would get excited to see the giant mess I would make to create his glitter-tastic card.

So instead of going for a gift from the store, you could always give the kids some art supplies and let them make something special and capture the moment for lasting Father's Day memories.

From Your Kitchen With Love
It is really easy to add a special touch to breakfast before Dad heads out for that fun day of golf or a quiet afternoon fishing. If you didn't know, bacon is very versatile and can be baked into many different shapes and designs. I found easy-to-make bacon roses that are almost to pretty to eat - almost.
Be Sweet
When giving Dad something special from the MK Men's Line, you can always get the kids involved to sweeten things up. All over Pinterest are these great gifts of candy with cute little sayings to Dad on the cards. For example a jar of Reese Pieces has a tag that says "Love You To Pieces Dad" - too cute right?
These little candy gift ideas are super easy to put together. You would just need to keep the little ones from eating all the candy before Dad got it. When it comes to gifts for Dad, you can never go wrong with a little MK, something from the heart, and a really big hug. Subscribe to the UnitWise blog and always be in the know of the latest trends, makeup-tips, MK news and Share your Father's Day gift ideas with the Heroes:

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Jun 6, 2014

Tips & Tricks: Foundations, Concealers, and Contouring

Who's ready to talk about some makeup tips and tricks? I don't know about you, but the summer heat is taking its toll on my makeup routine. Everyday around noon it turns into a scene from Wizard of Oz  and like the Wicked Witch of the West, my once flawless makeup application just melts away - not pretty. Our amazing UW Hero, Elena always tells me less is more in the summer heat, but we have been doing a lot of pictures in the office for social media and I want to look my best. I went all over the internet for the best tips & tricks to keep my makeup in place and I'm finally back to share them with you. Were going to start with some fundamentals and build from there...

1. The Right Brush
A skilled makeup artist will tell you the right brush makes all the difference. Even if you skills are not the best, the right brush and richer pigmented products make application immediately better without improving your technique. Once you have the right tools ( like the MK Brush Collection) it is very important to know how to hold them.
Make Up For Ever educator Lijha Stewart explains, "Where you hold a brush on the handle affects your control. The closer your fingers are to the barrel (the silver section beneath the brush head), the more pressure you put on the brush head and vice versa." For your general even application, it is best to place your fingers on the center of the brush handle.

2. Primer, Foundation, and Mixing
Primer is the key to lock your foundation in place to avoid a total meltdown. My only problem is sometimes it would get a caked-on look with my cream foundation over my primer. In my Internet travels I found a great tip to avoid this problem: mix in my primer with my foundation. It's genius, how have I not thought of that before? Alone, my cream foundation is opaque and provides full coverage when I need it, but I don't always need full coverage. If you mix in primer with your foundation, it breaks it down enough to provide some coverage without looking super cakey (is cakey a word? ;). This handy-dandy trick also allows the mixed foundation to blend seamlessly with the first layer of primer on your skin.

If your T-zone is prone to getting oily, try using a damp sponge to apply your foundation. Most foundations contain some oil for blendability but using a damp sponge will pick up the pigment and not the oil. You will enjoy great coverage and no shine. Also, the MK Beauty blotter are great to absorb excess oil and not mess up your makeup.

3. Love Your Flaws - Then Conceal Them
We all have those days of splotchy redness, stress-induced blemishes, and annoying under-eye discoloration. When these moments happen, remember to still tell yourself your beautiful, and tap into your knowledge of the color wheel. The goal is to cancel out the unwanted colors so you can get an even tone all over. Opposite colors cancel each other out, so green pigmented concealer covers redness, and orangey concealer removes blue. A beige concealer tends to make those areas look muddy.

4. Be A Contouring Master
This is my favorite part of my make-up routine. Once you face is toned, primed, foundation-ed, concealed, and set with finishing powder, it's time to highlight and contour. Here is the basics to contouring - anything lighter than your skin tone will be more prominent, and anything darker will recede. Contouring is great for mature skin to create instant lift - for example, to lift those cheekbones, apply a highlighter just about your cheekbone all the way up to your temple. Then apply blush directly on the cheekbone, follow with bronzer in the hollow of the cheek and underneath your bone.
To thin out your face and add more definition: Apply your favorite bronzer (a shade or two darker than your skin tone) in a '3' shape alongside your face. The "3" technique is achieved by starting at your temples, then make the first curve down to the hollow of your cheeks, then make the second curve down to your chin. A great trick to make the forehead area not so prominent is to shade around the outer edge along your hairline to minimize the area with bronzer.

A sparkly highlighter will make your contouring really pop because it reflects the most light. But don't combine a sparkly highlighter with a sparkly bronzer - there is such thing as too much shimmer, you don't want to look like a disco ball. Stick with a matte bronzer to provide a stark contrast with your sparkly highlighter.

The right brush and some color knowledge will really help you go a long way when performing makeovers and giving advice. Be sure to subscribe to our blog so you can stay update on everything UnitWise.

Share all of your best tips & tricks and visit us on:
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Jun 2, 2014

How To: Using Google+ For Your Business

Are you trying to build your business presence on social media? Incorporating multiple social media platforms for your business is a great way to get noticed more online. To kick off your week on #MotivationMonday, join us for a look at how Google+ can boost your business online.

What is Google+?
Google+ is a social media platform that not only connects you to an infinite networking web, but is also an authorship tool that associates your web-content directly to you. The Social Media Hat reported Google+ (G+) as the third largest social media platform with 540 million active monthly users behind Facebook at 1.28 billion and YouTube at 1 billion . After you create a G+ page, you are automatically connected with customers who are seeking your services through Search, Maps, G+ or mobile devices. Your G+ page will show up across Google, giving new and existing clients up-to-date information and build lasting relationships.

Get noticed!
The key to make yourself seem more personable on G+ is to have a great profile and picture. I'm always changing my banners and profile picture to go along with the seasons or a special holiday. You can add links to all your social media pages on your profile to build your online presence.Once you have your profile set up, it's time to start posting and joining communities.

G+ Communities are great outlets to connect with clients and network. You can post your latest coupon special or an invitation to a fun makeover party. It is really easy to create a custom G+ Community for your team so they can all stay connected and share tips & tricks.  In the UnitWise community - CommUNITy, the heroes post make-up tips and favorites, UnitWise updates, and daily fun posts that highlight each of their unique personalities.

G+ Hangouts are a great place to get your entire team together, or even get together with clients. Hangouts work the same everywhere-computers, Android, and iOS devices. You can hangout with Directors & Consultants at while your on the road for updates or to share new ideas. Any hangout can be turned into a live video call with up to 10 friends.

If you haven't discovered the wondrous world of Google+, MotivationMonday is the perfect time to start. Kick off the beginning of your week by building your online presence even more with a Google+ profile.  

Check out the UnitWise G+ profile for an idea of what you can do.

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