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May 30, 2013

Limited Support Hours - May 31

This Friday (May 31st) we will be offering Live Customer Support between 9:00am - 3:30pm EST.  Our live support hours will be limited due to a staff meeting and training programs that will be held during the afternoon.  This is a very exciting time for UnitWise as we continue to grow and plan our transition into our new office. 

You will still be able to contact us via email or leave a voice-mail if you have any questions and we will respond as quickly as possible.
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May 24, 2013

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

The Heroes at UnitWise are always working hard, but sometimes even they take a little break for a national holiday.

We will not be offering live phone or chat support on Monday, May 27th for Memorial Day.  You can still email us any questions, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

 We wish you a happy 
weekend & hope you enjoy some quality time with your family and friends.  

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May 22, 2013

Reasons to Avoid Music on Your Website

Photo Credit: JD Hancock
Designing a website for your business is a lot of fun and we understand that it can be tempting to personalize your website with your favorite music, however there are some serious reasons that you should keep your website silent.  

Speed - Streaming a song as your website's background music can require a significant amount of bandwidth.   This causes slower loading times, and unhappy visitors.

Discontinuity - With most music players, the music will start and stop each time another page is clicked on or whenever the page is refreshed.  

Taste - Everyone has different tastes in music.  If your website visitor does not like your style of music, they will automatically get a negative impression of you if music is blasted at them as soon as they go to your website.  We may like to listen to the UnitWise Theme Song all day & night, but we know not everyone shares our unique enthusiasm.

Dueling Banjos - Many people browse the web while already listening to music through Spotify, iTunes, or Pandora.  Even if your visitors like the music on your page, they are unlikely to enjoy 2 songs played on top of each other.

Public Spaces - There's not much more annoying than using a computer in a quiet office, coffee shop,  library, etc and all of a sudden being serenaded by the unexpected loud music from a website you are visiting.  This will result in your site being exited in seconds, especially if the visitor cannot find where to turn the music off.

Browser Compatibility - Different browsers behave differently, not every browser is capable of playing every type of audio file.  Old or out of date browsers may have a tendency to lock up when attempting to play music. 

A Few Alternatives:

Storing Audio on UnitWise - Music can be uploaded to the Audio section of the UnitWise Resource Library.  These Audio Files can be embedded into your website by selecting the button that looks like headphones in the website rich editor.  These will not play automatically.  Your visitors can click the play button and control the audio on the site.
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Using a Playlist that does not AutoPlay - If you must have a music playlist on your website, we recommend using SoundCloud.  This allows you to create a playlist & has the option to not Autoplay when the page is opened.  Each playlist can be embedded into your UnitWise website using the "Embed Media" button.   
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May 20, 2013

Featured Vendor: Toni's Office Solutions

Listen to the full interview with Toni Payne

We are very glad to feature Toni Payne, owner & founder of Toni's Office Solutions on our latest UnitWise Featured Vendor Blog Post.  Toni has over 30 years experience in the Mary Kay industry and has found her calling by lending her assistance to other Mary Kay Directors & Consultants.  

A new service that Toni & her team have begun to provide is Calling Solutions.  Sarah Hardisty is the Calling Solutions Manager with Toni's Office.  Sarah has been working with Toni for over 2 years and has a passion for helping Mary Kay Directors & Consultants with their calling needs.  Whether it's sales calls, booking calls, or customer relations calls, Sarah & her team can help reach out to that big list that you have been putting off.  

Toni is based in Colorado, but you don't need to be in the area in order to use her services.  Toni & her team provide many virtual assistant services including UnitWise Virtual Assistance, Newsletters, Postcards, Updates to PCP, & much more.  

Toni's Office Solutions is definitely one of the most versatile Virtual Assistants available for Mary Kay Consultants & Directors.  We gladly recommend her services to anyone in need of a Virtual Assistant for their UnitWise account.  

To learn more about Toni's Office Solutions, you can go to their website: or even give them a call at 435.789.7600

Act Now because Toni is currently offering 1 Free Hour of Virtual Assistant Services for any package of 4 hours or more!

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May 16, 2013

UnitWise is Moving to a New Office

The Historic Citizen's Building from Main Street
It's official, Span Enterprises is moving to downtown Rock Hill.  After working closely with Bryan Barwick of Barwick & Associates, LLC we have made the decision to move to the Citizen's Building in Old Town Rock Hill, SC.  Our growing team will be occupying the entire 2nd floor and the mezzanine level of the Historic Citizen's Bank Building on Main Street.  

After months of searching, Span Enterprises Co-founder & CEO: Agie Sundaram met with Bryan Barwick and made the deal for Span Enterprises to move in within the next few months.  The entire 2nd Floor will serve as our Marketing, Sales, & Customer Support Center for all of our products; while the mezzanine level will be used as "Span Studios" for the recording & production of our products' help videos.

This will be the 2nd move for Span Enterprises.  We outgrew our first office in Shiland Villages in 2010.  By early 2011 we moved to our current location on the 1st floor of Shiland Villages.  After continuously outgrowing our office spaces, we are greatly looking forward to having an entire floor to ourselves.  

Built in 1925, The Citizen Building is a Historic Rock Hill landmark and we are thrilled to bring our software development company to such a unique and well maintained space.  We are planning the overall design of our new office now & will be posting our progress.  

We are proud to be a part of Rock Hill's downtown revitalization.  As a tech company, we are glad to be located in the same building as several other forward thinking organizations such as The Hive - a workforce / small business development program, and the upcoming Clemson University technology incubator.  

Our team is also excited to be so close to so many great restaurants.  Being on the same block as Jimmy Johns, McHale'sMillstone, & Erin's Restaurant is definitely an exciting change.  With such great dining options within steps of our building, our team may end up spending their days & nights in "Old Town" Rock Hill.  
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May 14, 2013

Website Page Templates

Your UnitWise website comes equipped with many different types of pages, including Page Templates for the following:
- Make My Own Page
- Blog
- Training Center
- Upcoming Events
- My Profile
- Link to Page
- Link to Document
- Menu Separator
- Guest Book
- Photo Gallery
- Special Recognition

To begin adding these pages to your website, you can go to Social Media >> Website and select the "Add Page" tab.  For each new page, you can enter a name & select a page template.  

Make My Own Page
The Make My Own Page template is like an open book.  Nearly anything can be added to this, including custom text, images, videos, HTML objects, spreadsheets, interactive forms, and more.   

An entire blog can be added to your website with this page template.  This allows you to create time-stamped posts about whatever you feel like writing about.  this is a great way to keep your website interesting & informative.

Training Center
A Training Center allows you to share files with your Team in one secure place.  You can upload Documents, Images, Audio Files & more.

Upcoming Events
The Upcoming Events page template is a calendar that can be added to your website so that your visitors can see your scheduled events & when they will be taking place.  

My Profile
This template serves as an "About Me" section of your website.  You can customize the questions & provide text for all of your contact information.

Link to Page
This allows you to add a new page on your UnitWise site that links directly to an external website.  This can be helpful for linking to Facebook, Twitter, or an online store.

Link to Document
Similar to a "Link to Page" template, a Link to Document adds a new page on your website that opens a document when clicked on.  

Menu Separator
A Menu Separator is an image file that can be uploaded to be placed between tabs on your page.  This helps divide sections of your website menus.  Unless you have some design experience, it may be best to leave this to the professionals since a custom image must be created for each one.  

Guest Book
This makes it easy for your website visitors to write notes for you on the website.  You can specify whether you would like your visitors' comments to appear automatically or you can moderate them individually.

Photo Gallery
A Photo Gallery page template is linked directly to the Photo Gallery section of the Resource Library.  Here, you can upload your pictures & organize them into albums to be displayed on the Gallery.

Special Recognition
Since UnitWise is linked to InTouch, you can automatically update reports for your Special Recognition Page.  This includes reports such as: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Court of Sharing, Court of Sales, Circle of Achievements, and More!
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May 10, 2013

Managing Your UnitWise Accounts

Managing your finances for your business can be tricky.  that's why we have made it easy to track your Income, Expenses, Banking, Mileage, & More with UnitWise.  

After selecting the Accounts button at the top of the page, you will be brought to the Chart of Accounts.  This gives you an overview of all your UnitWise accounting information.  The financial data tracked in UnitWise is meant to be a reflection of your actual banking information.  Although UnitWise is not actually connected to your bank accounts, UnitWise automatically tracks the income & expenses generated within the program based on Invoices, Sales Receipts, & Product Orders.

For each line item in the Chart of Accounts, you can view a detailed report of all your transactions for the year.  On the right side of the Chart of Accounts page you can see a list of helpful options including Create Account, Transfer Funds, Make Deposits & More.

The Other Income tab is where you can enter any additional income you receive other than sale of goods.  This may include Commission, Interest, or other business income.  

To record your Expenses, you may enter them one at a time or use the Bulk Add Expenses option to enter several expense items at once.  

Under Banking, you can view and edit your bank account information including Checking, Saving, & your ProPay account.  Transactions can be viewed for each of these & new accounts can be created.

The Payee List is a list of people that receive money from you & are recorded as part of your Expenses.  

UnitWise Trip Logs is a very handy tool that allows you to track your mileage for all of your business-related trips.  Since all of the miles that you drive for business purposes are tax deductible, you can record every business-related trip in UnitWise & get a report for the end of the year.  

Under Payers, you can see a list of people who pay you money as it relates to Other Income.  this does not include your customers.  This is only referring to the Payers responsible for your Other Income.

If you have more questions about using the UnitWise Accounting section, you can contact us anytime.  We would love to hear from you!
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May 7, 2013

Customer Support Options

With UnitWise, you don't have to settle for mediocrity.  Our service and customer support is nothing short of Heroic.  Our team is here to ensure that if you have a question, we have an answer.  Our Customer Support options include:
- Online Chat (Mon-Fri 9am-6pm EST)
- Email 
- Phone: 704.234.6006 (Mon-Fri 9am-6pm EST)
- Webinars

From any page in UnitWise, you can click the Live Chat icon at the top of the page to instantly chat with the UnitWise Heroes from anywhere.  If you don't have time to chat, you can click the "Email Us" button to send us a quick email.  

From within your UnitWise account, you can click Help >> Video to view our video guides on YouTube.  You can search our channel or view playlists of each section of UnitWise.

Our Webinars can be accessed from the "Webinars" page in UnitWise.  They are free to join & a great resource for for anyone new to UnitWise.

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May 3, 2013

Donations, Personal Use, Expired, & Demo Products

As you use products for Personal Use & Demonstrations, you can track the transaction with UnitWise.  You can also remove Expired Products & Donations from your Inventory through the same process.  

For each of these types of transactions, you can create a customer (such as customers named "Personal Use" "Demos" "Donations" etc).  

After these customers have been created, you can view reports for them so that you can track the amounts that were used for each at the end of the year, quarterly, monthly, etc.

To begin, you can go to the Customer Center & select Add New Customer.  

After you name the "customer" you can go to the "Other Info" tab to change the default discount to 50%.  We recommend 50% because this would reflect the actual price that you paid for the item.

You will also need to change the default sales tax to 0%.  This way, UnitWise will automatically track the Non-Recovered Sales Tax for this customer.

To record the products that you use for personal use, demos, donations and expired products you can create an invoice or sales receipt.  Enter the products that were used for the "customer" and save the invoice, making sure that the discount is marked at 50% and tax is not added.

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May 1, 2013

Creating Email Templates & Sending Email Marketing Campaigns

With UnitWise, you can easily create email templates to be sent to hundreds of people, or just a small group.  The process for Sending Email Marketing Campaigns is as follows:
Create Email Template >> Save it  >> Create Email Marketing Campaign >> Send or Schedule it

To begin, you can go to Marketing >> Email Templates.  From here, you can see a list of templates that may have been created, and you can create a new template by selecting "Create Email Template"

Here, you can enter a Template Name, Email Subject, Category, and optional description.  In the "Email Template Body" section, you can compose the email itself.  The email can be customized with various fonts, images, links, and much more.  

One of the greatest features of the Email Template is that you can Personalize each Email Template with the name of the person you are sending it to.  In order to Personalize your email, you will need to select the Merge Field Options.  This allows you to add salutations like "Dear Sybil" or "Dear Mary" or "Dear Edith."  No matter how many people you are sending it to, the email can be personalized for each individual.  

This personalization can be done by selecting Merge Field: Contact, Field Name: First Name.


To send the email Template, you can go to Marketing >> Email Marketing.  

Select a name for the Email Campaign, and an Email From Name.

Under "Choose Template" you can select "Ready-Made Template" or "Write Now."  The Ready-Made option allows you to use one of the templates that you have already created.  The Write Now option allows you to write a new email now.  The Write Now option will not be saved to be sent again in the future.  

A subject Line for the email can be entered and you can select to send the email now or schedule it to be sent in the future.  

Under Target Contact Group, you can select the name of the Contact Group that you would like to send this to.  You may also send to individuals by selecting the checkbox for "Send Email to Individuals."  This allows you to enter a name or email of someone listed within your UnitWise account, and the rest will auto-populate.

To actually send the email marketing campaign, you can click "Schedule" or "Send Now."  

To Learn More about Sending Email Marketing Campaigns, you can watch the videos below: 

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