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Sep 29, 2014

MotivationMonday: Game Day Glam

Women love to show their team spirit on game day, but smearing colored face paint all over their delicate skin isn't very glamorous. The UnitWise Heroes have noticed that the MK makeup collection includes all the colors needed for a game day glam look, that won't irritate the skin. At your next party, or for you next marketing campaign, you can put together sports team themed sets for your clients.

Putting together a Game Day Glam Set

Eyes, lips, and cheeks will be the focus when creating different game day looks. Eye shadows are pretty simple to group together and the MK At Play eye liners are perfect for an extra pop of color. A few of the baked eye trios are already perfectly matched for some teams, like the Baked Eye Trio in Sunset Beach for Clemson. When putting together a set of the mineral eye shadows your can do 2 colors and an eye liner, the color combinations are endless. A primer would be a great item to include or suggest to keep a game look stay perfect all day.

Simple, Yet Gorgeous
For the clients that aren't so daring with  bright eye-shadow colors, a great recommendation for them would be an eyeliner in their team's main color and a fun lip gloss. Simple, yet gorgeous. 

Solving The Garnet/Crimson Color Issue
UW Hero Brittany actually solved this mystery. She is Carolina Gamecock fan and was trying to figure out what colors she would need for her game day glam look. She wanted a garnet eye shadow to go with the grey and white one she picked out, but there isn't one. Brittany then searched through the blushes and found the perfect shade she needed - Mineral Cheek Color in Dark Cherry. She also recommends the Cream Blush in Cranberry too. Both can be used on the eyes and work perfectly for that garnet or crimson color of teams like Carolina and Alabama.

A Perfect Representation
Words can only do so much when describing a game day glam look. Check out what the Heroes have put together to bring this look to life and see more game day collections on our Facebook Page...

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Sep 26, 2014

Tips & Tricks: The Smokey Eye

When the leaves start to change their rainbow of colors for Fall, my heart fills with excitement. 'Tis the season for cooler weather, cozy sweaters, and smokey eyes. The smokey eye is not always the easiest look to achieve. It seems simple enough - a few colors, some smudging, and mascara to pull it all together. But goodness-gracious is it easy to mess up and look like you have gotten punched in the eye or the colors just don't blend well and it's just a crazy color mess.

I'm going to share with you some of the UnitWise Heroes most tried and true, tips and tricks for the perfect smokey eye. A few basic techniques are all you need, then you can create an endless array of smokey effects to highlight your gorgeous eyes all year long.

The Base
The biggest secret to a smokey eye is the base applied before the shadow. You're going to need something to hold that shadow in place and make blending easy. An eye primer is a must. On top of the eye primer you can apply an anti-crease cream shadow in a nude or white color. A white cream shadow with make bright colors really pop. You want to make sure and apply your eye-primer along your lower lash line too.

Three is key
Your basic smokey eye will consist of three colors. Selections of matte or shimmer is completely up to you. You will want to choose a light shade for highlighting, a dark shade for shading, and a color in between the two for you lid shade. A Hero favorite trio for an everyday smokey eye is MK's Glistening Gold, Chocolate Kiss, and Espresso. Just remember three is key; a light, medium, and dark shade.

Upper Lid:
Tools for application are a shadow brush and a big fluffy blending brush. After you have put on your eye primer and given it a sec to set, it's time for shadows. I tend to have the best success starting with the darker color first. You want to very lightly apply your darkest shade in the crease and blend. Then continue lightly layering and blending out any harsh lines until you reach your desired color - usually two or three layers.
 Then go in with your medium shade on the center of the lid and outer corners. Leave the inner corners blank for now. Blend in the medium shade up into the darker color you applied in your crease. Really buff the color in so it all looks seamless.
Last to be applied is your highlighter shade. This color goes in your inner corners and brow bone. Then just blend, blend, blend.

Lower Lash Line:
You want your lower lash line to be smoked out just a tad to really bring the look together and connect with your blending on the outer corners. First start with you darkest shade and buff it on your lower lash line starting on the outer corner and working just to the center. Don't worry if it looks like a bit much, once you apply your mascara it will all make sense. Next you want to work in your medium shade over the darker shade and bring it as close to the inner corner as you like. It should start looking really smokey.

At this point, really look over where the different colors meet and make sure everything is blended well to create a gradient like effect. From here you can apply a liquid/gel eyeliner to the upper lash line to add thickness to your lashes. Completely up to you. Mascara is the last to be applied and the MK Ultimate mascara is every Heroes favorite.

Remember to always lightly apply shadows and gradually build and blend the colors. Once you have the blending techniques down, the smokey eye creations are endless. Let us know what tips & tricks you have for the perfect smokey eye in the comments below.

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Sep 19, 2014

Tips & Tricks: Fall Skin Care

First off, let me say Happy Friday! I know this week has just been something else. How bout we have a quick dance break (my favorite kind of break) and shake the craziness of this week off?

Now that your feelin' all groovy, let's chit chat about some fall skin care.

Not to hate on summer, but man was it hot. I'm so happy for cooler weather and I know my hair is too. My skin on the other hand is an entirely different story. In the summer I have combination/oily skin. More on the oily side to be truthful. Then when September hits and the temperatures start to drop my skin turns dry and patchy. I've learned that this doesn't just happen to me, it happens to a lot of people. Skin just likes to dry up in the fall and winter. But don't you worry, the trusty UnitWise Heroes have some amazing skin care tips that will help you fight the battle of dry skin.

Moisturize Moisturize Moisturize

It's no secret that a good moisturizer can keep you skin from drying out, but that is not enough. Your foundation needs to work with your moisturizer and not against it. Matte foundations can be a bit more drying, and long wear foundations can also dry you out. If you need to wear these types of foundations, it is best to keep the time they are on your skin to a minimum. 

UW Hero Melody suggests to avoid piling on the powder; even translucent powders because powder can enhance the drying out of your skin. And honestly, my skin gets so dry I really don't ever powder my face in fall/winter. I just use the MK CC cream and I'm good to go. A finishing spray can help keep everything in place and give you a dewy glow that powder just can't do.

For your night time skin routine, opting for a more intense moisturizer will save your skin through the colder months. For summer I use the MK hydrating gel because my face is so oily. For fall I already switched to the MK intense moisturizer in preparation for the drying effect.

Remember moisturizers can only do so much. Drinking an ample amount of water will hydrate your skin from within and help you maintain that natural dewiness we all strive for. And to help keep a fresh face all day, spritz a hydrating finishing spray on your face and and your makeup won't stray.

What fall skin care tips would you recommend for dry skin?
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Sep 12, 2014

Tips & Tricks: Luscious Lips

I was hanging out with the UnitWise Heroes the other day and we were swatching some samples of the new MK True Dimensions lipstick (#obsessed). The colors are amazing and the formula is great, but one of the Heroes started a little side chat about how she didn't think she could wear lipsticks because she wasn't blessed with giant full lips like glamorous movie stars.

Now I'm not one to eavesdrop (hold on my nose is growing), but this was one conversation I just couldn't stop listening to. After overhearing a few other concerns such as feathering and lipstick just not lasting as long as it is needed to, I accepted the challenge of putting together some great tips and tricks for the perfect pout....and some extra goodies so let's get started!

The "Oh No My Red Lips Are Starting To Feather And I Haven't Even Finished My Hair" Dilemma...
This was my life just a few days ago. I love a red lip for fall, but sometimes my red lipstick just doesn't love me back and will start to feather and fade right before my eyes. So tragic. UW Hero Brittany told me the best trick; prime your lips with foundation, nude lip pencil, or a lip primer and use a clear lip liner and your red lips will last all day.
It worked perfectly. Why had I not thought of that? So simple.

The "Ahh My Lips Look Thin, I Can't Post This Selfie To Instagram" Problem...
The Facebook angle (you know what I'm talking about) may be great to thin out your face but it can make your lips look a bit thin. There is quick fix; a nude liner and a touch of bronzer underneath your bottom lip. I'm all about nudes right now and I love how a nude liner automatically plumps up my lips. Then to add a little bit more drama, I dust a touch of bronzer underneath the middle of my lower lip and like magic they are fuller and just so kissable. This trick hasn't failed me yet.

The "This Lipstick Is Too Shiny And I Need A Matte Lip Now" Predicament...
UW Hero Yasmine had a great fix for this.
She suggested, after you apply your lipstick put a tissue over your lips and dab some translucent powder over your lips. It not only mattifies your lip color, but also sets it for long wear.
Not going to lie, it felt a little funny at first dabbing powder onto a tissue over your lips but it totally worked. Now all my more glossy lipsticks can also be matte, so exciting.

The "I've Tried This Ombre Lip Four Time Already, Why Isn't It Working" Headache...
I fell head-over-heels for this look when it started popping up all over social media. Who knew you could have so much fun with lip colors? I would try and try but could never get it right. I watched countless YouTube videos and did my fair share of Pinterest investigating and still couldn't get it right. UW Hero Melody came to my rescue.
She said you need to start by lining the lips and start feathering the lip liner in from the corners of your mouth towards the middle. Then with the lighter color lip stick, start dabbing it on with your finger in the middle and working outwards. Then blend the edges for the perfect ombre.
This changed my life. I was starting in the middle and working out, instead of starting on the outer corners and working inward. Now my go-to nude lip is more dramatic as nude ombre lip - So Fancy!

Lipsticks are so much fun to play with, and I hope these tips & tricks from the UnitWise Heroes help you as much as they helped me. What are your tips for the perfect pout? We would love to know and try them out...share in the comment box below or hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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Sep 8, 2014

How To: Top 5 Ways To Make A Lasting Impression At Your Next Party

Are you new to the wonderful world of Independent Beauty Consultants? The UnitWise Heroes would like to first say, Congratulations! It can be a little intimidating at first; planning parties, trying to make that lasting impression to build your clientele, learning how to run a business from home. Once you get that first client and hold your first party, then you are already a success. A great way to build your clientele at parties is not only selling products, but selling yourself as well. First impressions are everything, and here are some helpful tips to make that first party, and every party, a place for your personality and intelligence to shine bright...

1. Dress To Impress
Honey, those amazing shoes you just got are dying to make a debut at your first party. I would keep the dress and makeup simple, you know the MK way. I believe shoes represent your personality; so if you are a laid back kind of person a pair of neutral heels will compliment you perfectly, and if you are out going and bubbly wear shoes that signify that. Remember you can never have enough rhinestones and glitter..Never!

2. Be Confident
You probably hear this all the time, because it is true. Being confident is the key that will unlock your success at a party. When you are confident in speaking and knowledgeable about the products, you will have more fun with the presentation and your guests will be more comfortable and relaxed.

3. Introduce Yourself Memorably
Your introduction is very important. It is the first chance your guests will get to hear a little about you, get a sense of your personality, and in that moment they are more than liking deciding whether or not they will purchase anything from you. Your basically letting guests know who you are and what your all about say they no longer see you as only an Independent Beauty Consultant, but as a friend who genuinely cares about their happiness.

4. Tell Stories
Everyone loves a great story. Telling stories in certain places of your presentation makes you more relatable and your guests will feel like they are listening to a friend that they have had forever. Share information like the first time you tried MK mascara, or how your old skin care routine was just horrible compared to what you do now. When team building, your story of how you were first introduced to MK is always going to be big hit. Everyone wants know that story.

5. Know All The Benefits
A mascara is a mascara is a mascara, but what makes MK Ultimate Mascara better than all the rest? This is the kind of information that is best memorized. These questions will come up, and the more knowledgeable you are about the benefits of each product the more trust you will build with your clients. You can even guide them to certain products and explain why a product is perfect for what ever issue they have with their skin. When presenting you can always address certain concerns, like how to make eye makeup last all day, and go over primers, the right mascara, and setting sprays.

These are just a few tips to help you make those ever important first impressions. When your planning your first party, don't be intimidated by the presentation - you get to play with make up, it will be so much fun. Just remember confidence is key, and everyone loves a good story. If you are a Veteran Independent Beauty Consultant, what advice would you give to others for their first big party?

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