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Jul 30, 2015

Tips & Tricks| Find Your Fragrance

Have you ever walked into a store in search of a perfume only to be confronted by a wall of scents so thick it’s impossible to distinguish one from the others? Me too. One of the most frustrating experiences is trying to find the right perfume but not being unable to accomplish the task. No worries, the UnitWise Heroes are on the case!

First, a little about perfumes:

Fragrances that you buy in perfumes, colognes, and lotions have three distinct fragrances layered on top of one another. These fragrances are known as “notes.”
  • The first note is the scent which you smell immediately and is often the strongest of the three scents. 
  • The second note emerges as the first one wears of, and it is more subtle than the first. 
  • The third note is the last, the most subtle, and the longest lingering scent in the collection. Everyone’s body reacts uniquely to outside fragrances because of pheromones. Pheromones are your body’s natural chemistry and can sometimes enhance, repel, or dissipate a scent because of the acidity, oil, and other factors that contribute to the overall makeup of your skin. In other words, scents smell different on every single person. What smells great on one person’s skin can smell awful on another’s. 

There are roughly five fragrance families:

  • Fresh, which encompasses scents like citrus & cotton 
  • Floral, which encompasses blooms of all types of flowers
  • Fruity, which encompasses all sorts of fruit-oriented smells like kiwi & strawberry. *Note: most fruity smells are better-suited for young ladies than grown-ups. The scents are typically very youthful.* 
  • Oriental, which encompases fragrances like amber and vanilla
  • Woods, which encompass things like sandalwood and pine. 

Fragrances have personalities (I know that sounds nutty, but it’s true). 

You should select a scent for the occasion. Examples of fragrance personalities include:
  • Outdoorsy: Just like it sounds, this is the scent you wear if you’re going for a jog, a camping trip, or a picnic outdoors. Fresh scents tend to be included a lot in this personality group. Mary Kay’s Simply Cotton Eau du Toilette would be a good fit here. 
  • Elegant: This personality type is what you wear for a night on the town, a hot date, or a trip to broadway. The scent for this personality tends to be oriental or a deep, rich floral scent. You want it to linger well into the wee hours of the morning. Mary Kay’s Warm Amber Eau de Toilette is a good example of this personality. 
  • Girl-Next-Door: This is the Jennifer Aniston of personality types, a little shy, a little sexy, and overall the girl you want to visit Mom with. Woodsy florals and fresh scents really compliment this sort of personality. Thinking of Love Eau de Parfum by Mary Kay would be a great example of this. 

So how do you try on fragrances?

I know most of you think you’ve already got this one in the bag. You might be wrong. I know I was! Going into a perfume shop, it might be easy to just spray a test stick and hold it up to your nose. This is the wrong way to sample a scent with a tester! Instead, hold the stick at least 6 to 8 inches from your face and fan it toward you. That way you can enjoy the full bouquet of scents. If you're still having trouble discerning the scents, smell coffee grounds in order to clear your nasal passages.

While the testers will do if you already have a scent on, the best way to try on fragrances is to wear them all day. Remember those notes we talked about earlier? They smell different as they transition from one note to another, so the longer you wear it, the more you’ll know whether or not you really enjoy the scent. If you can, check with your consultant or director and see if you can get small testers so you can try out the scent for a few days before you purchase.

Most importantly, know that you are trying on scents for you and no one else. It’s an intimate experience, something to give you confidence and enjoyment throughout the day. Be bold. Be amazing. Be you!

Have a favorite scent or a trick for choosing fragrances you’d like to share? Drop by UnitWise’s Twitter & Facebook pages to tell us about it!
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Jul 29, 2015

UnitWise Spotlight| Personal Use, Demo, Donations, & Expired Products

One of the most important aspects of selling your product is letting your customers use the products for themselves and demonstrating for them that the product looks and works great. You can do this in several ways: you can wear the product to show it off, you can host a demo and use the product on potential clients, or you can donate some of the products to a basket in hopes of getting the winner interested in the products therein.

Some of you may use one or more of the methods to get your customers interested. But how do you record the associated cost of the products you use in these events? Furthermore, how do you record products once they’ve reached their expiration date? UnitWise has you covered.

Getting Started: Create a Personal Use/Demo Account

You need to create a space for your records that separates it from regular customer accounts. To do so, go ahead and go into your customer center and add a new customer. Instead of adding the name of a customer enter something regarding your activity. “Personal Use” or “Demo” are good examples. This will be where you put items which are not client-purchased products.

Once you’ve made the account, hit save.

Adding Additional Information

Under the “additional info” tab, make sure you select your sale’s preference as 50% unless it is a donation. You’ll place all discount, expired, personal use, and demo items in the 50% category. If it is a donation, make sure you set the default discount at 100%. We’ve made keeping track of your sales easily, however, UnitWise is not affiliated with Mary Kay, any suggestions given above are for educational purpose only. Please consult with your Sales Director or Senior Sales Director before adopting a new business strategy.     

Now every time you add a product or sale under this category, the discount listed will automatically be updated and calculated based on your percent. Don’t forget that you will have to put the sales tax at 0% since this account is strictly personal use, demo, or donation items and to check the “Use Custom Settings” check box.

Now You’re Ready to Rock

UnitWise will keep track of all your personal use, demo, and/or donations without having to fill out additional paperwork or separate your purchases in a unique section. Want to know how to see how much of each product is being used in demos or donations? Check out the product usage by customer and type in the unique name  you chose for your personal use/demo products.

Run a report, see what you need most, and then re-order accordingly! You can also use the reports as a way of seeing which products you’re using versus which products are most popular. Maybe you’ll want to switch them up if they tell you something. The possibilities are limitless.

If you have any trouble along the way, feel free to reach out to your UnitWise Heroes by phone, email, or live-chat. The phone number is 704.234.6006 and their email is

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Jul 24, 2015

Tips & Tricks: Welcome to Your Show

You might have decided not to go into theater when you were younger but you have chosen to take to the stage in your current profession. Whether you’re a consultant with three clients or one with hundreds, you are presenting yourself as the example of your products and your expertise as a makeup guru.
In theater, every item is deliberately chosen and thought out before it's placed into a scene. You have to be just as aware of the choices you’re making before presenting yourself to your “audience.” Our lovely UnitWise Heroes have put together a few shortcuts for you to achieve the ultimate “makeup guru” look. In addition, the looks they’ve put together also work great for an interview look, so you can share the secret of success with clients as well. Welcome to the MK stage!

It’s All about that Base

You know what I’m talking about ladies. You have to prime the canvas before you start. Try the Mary Kay Foundation Primer to start, so that all the little blemishes will disappear before you even add anything else.

Next, add the foundation of your choice. I tend to go with a powder foundation because it’s lighter than liquid foundations, but it’s all about your skin type. If your skin tends to dry out, definitely go with a liquid foundation or even a creme to powder foundation like this one from MK so you don’t aggravate the dryness of your skin. Don’t forget to brush a little into your hairline to keep from giving yourself a hard line at the edge. If you need any help in the foundation department, you can always refer to the this great UnitWise blog for additional tips.

Once all that’s applied, it’s time for the fun to start!

Your eyes are the windows to your expertise. 

If you want to impress a party, showing your eye product expertise is one way to draw their attention. The key, of course, is finding a way to look sophisticated without looking like you tried hard. (UGH! Sometimes being a girl is hard.)

Start by applying Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color all over the lids and inner corners. I’d use a very light color like Crystalline on this base color. Don’t be afraid to layer! Makeup is a lot like painting, you have to work the colors until they flow together in cohesion.

Next you’re going to want to apply a crease color. If the party is during the day, I would suggest going with a color like Granite in the crease line because it isn’t going to make you look overdressed for a daytime meeting. If your party is at night, go with something a little darker and sexy like Sweet Plum.

After you’ve applied your crease color, it’s time to select an outer color (This is where the real magic happens for this look). For day, the perfect pair for Granite is Espresso. For night, go bold! Go Coal!

Press the crease color onto the outer third of your lids and just below your lash line. Think of it as the little triangle region on the outer part of your eyes. Don’t worry, you’re going to look weird for a second until you blend it all together. The end look won’t be clownish, I promise!

Blend your color into your creases with a precision brush. (Make sure not to drag it down onto your lids because you’ll look like you’ve given yourself a black eye. Trust me. Personal experience.)

Finally, line with MK Black eyeliner and carefully smudge before applying the mascara of your choice (if you want to do something a little funner for your night look, try a plum-colored mascara to make the eyeshadow pop).

Now your eyes are to-die-for, darling!

Play any role with the right accent.

Give yourself a little color by accenting and highlighting your cheeks. Use your MK Cheek Brush to apply a two tone accent based on your skin type. I like MK’s Juicy Guava best for this particular look.

Lips are another great place to accent. For a day look, go with a fun lip gloss like MK’s Jelly Lip Gloss in a fun color like Poppy Love, and for night go for a deep bold lipstick. Personally, I feel like the color of the star of the show should be red and Mary Kay’s Creme Lipstick in Sunset is the perfect expression at night.

Finish in style.

Apply your finishing spray and you’re ready to step onto the stage and sell makeup to the world! Try out the look for yourself and see if you don’t feel like a star.

Want to share the finished product of your stage look? Feel free to share them on Facebook and Twitter!   
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Jul 21, 2015

Strategize! Use Email Marketing!

All's fair in love, war, and makeup! As summer is heating up and makeup is running down in rivers, it's the perfect time to get in touch with clients who are in need of new products and old favorites. In addition, it's also the perfect time to reach out to your team to help them stay motivated to keep doing all the great things that make Mary Kay consultants a cut above other product consultants.

With UnitWise, getting in touch with a plethora of people is as easy as the click of a button. UnitWise’s Email Marketing feature is a great way to get and keep in touch in a professional and effective way. Let your team know the sort of information they need to be successful, including: events, meetings, and promotions.

Why Use Email Marketing?
Email marketing allows you to show your products and connect with your clients and team members in a personal way without taking a large chunk out of an already busy schedule. In addition, you can reach a broader audience without doing anything harder than writing an email.

Since the email marketing feature allows you to personalize emails for whole groups of people without needing to write separate emails, the time you have to spend on other aspects of growing your Mary Kay family is endless. You can also send your team special informational emails so they’re never out of the loop when it comes to promotions, deals, and announcements.

A bonus feature of using UnitWise’s email marketing feature is the fact that you’ll be able to track your numbers like a bigger business. Find out how many of your emails get opened, the number of clicks in each email, the links visited, etc. Those handy figures can help you tailor your emails for future campaigns to make sure you can optimize your business potential.

How Do I Use Email Marketing?
  1. First login to your UnitWise Account. Easy enough? Awesome!
  2. From your Dashboard, click the Marketing tab at the top row of icons
  3. Fill in the fields with your information and select whether you need a ready-made template or want to write one of your own.

  4. Select the date and time you want the email to go out (in case you need it to go out while you’re on-the-go).
  5. Pick your recipients or check the box to send emails to individuals instead.
  6. Personalize your email by adding a signature, picture, or additional text. It’s just that simple! 

  7. Lastly, schedule, send, or save your emails for later. You can officially say you’ve completed your first email marketing campaign!

If you don’t have the Resource Library as part of your UnitWise subscription, that’s alright. You can still upload pictures to your campaign via DropBox. The Heroes have provided this handy how-to guide for you to use. To add images to your UnitWise Email Marketing Templates from DropBox:
  • Upload your image into DropBox
  • Click on Share
  • Copy the "Link to File" URL
  • Open UnitWise>> Marketing>> Email Template>> Create Email Template
  • Click on the Image Icon in the Tool Bar
  • Paste the "Link to File" URL in the URL field
  • In the URL, replace " " with " " (without the quotation marks)
  • Click OK

It’s just that simple. Use your email marketing feature to get in contact with your people and take your Mary Kay experience to the next level. As always, for any hiccup along the way, you can contact our UnitWise Heroes via phone, 704.234.6006, or email at Have fun!

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Jul 17, 2015

Tips & Tricks| Your Beach Look Has Arrived

Summer fun is all about being outdoors, but, even if you’re embracing your inner Baywatch star, you still want to look flawless. The key to a flawlessly-executed outdoor face is to look like you’re not trying too hard. We’ve put together a few tips on how to achieve the perfect look for the sun and surf. The best part? It only takes five minutes. Let’s get started!

Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize. It was something my frequently beach-going mama always said to me, and it still holds true today. It’s one of the most important aspects of a beauty regimen, but it’s even more important when it comes to being out in the harsh sun for any length of time.

Moisturizer has come a long way since my mother’s day, and MK has some great products with SPF built right in. The CC Cream Sunscreen is a nice, light product that will help smooth and polish your skin in addition to moisturizing and providing sunblock. This product looks very natural after application and gives you a beach-ready look without looking overdone.

If your skin is oily, the UnitWise Heroes still recommend that you apply a light sunblock and then apply a light powder like MK’s Translucent Loose Powder to smooth over any imperfections. It’s not as heavy as mineral powder and won’t clog your pores under the heat and dry conditions of a sandy beach. If you’re still having issues with oil after that, you can always use oil-absorbing tissues like these, that soak up excess oil without disturbing your makeup.

Emphasize Those Eyes.
Our eyes can be one of our most striking features, especially with a quick application of makeup, and you shouldn’t let the fact that you’re at the beach stop you from achieving that result. A quick application of waterproof eyeliner and mascara enables you to enjoy the waves without worrying about looking like a raccoon.

If you want to add a little drama to your look, continue your eyeliner just beyond your top lid and turn it up on the end to extend your lash line. This will not only make your eyes look bigger but will make your lashes appear thicker.

Lastly, since you’re at the beach, you shouldn’t go with a black eyeliner, unless your lashes are naturally that colour. Go with a shade one shade darker than your natural lashes so that it appears more effortless.

Love Your Lips.
The beach is not where you want to break out the fire-engine red lipstick. Keeping it natural in this department doesn’t have to be boring, though. You can use a lip balm with a built in moisturizer, like this one, for a nice wet sheen. If you want a little color, get a tinted lip gloss so that your lips appear flushed and succulent without drying them out in the great outdoors. Just make sure it has a moisturizing and SPF agent in it so your lips won’t shrivel under the sun’s rays.

Accessorize Right.
This is the place to rock beads. Throw on a couple of beaded bracelets or a chunky beaded necklace, and you’re good to go. Leave any metallic bracelets, earrings, and necklaces at home. The heat from the sun can heat them to molten skin-burning levels and that’s no fun for anyone. Stick with natural materials, either beads, rope, or other “beachy” types of materials for your accessorizing needs.

Reveal Your Radiance.
Sounds too easy? No trickery involved, I swear. These short five-minute tips will enable you to rock the beach in style, without worrying about going there without your face on. So grab your towel and hit the surf, my friends. The UnitWise Heroes have your back all the way.

Have any additional beach tips? Feel free to share them on Facebook and Twitter!

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Jul 15, 2015

Ready for a Makeover?

Are you ready for a makeover? The Heroes were, so we got them all new capes and put them to work on our website design. The sleek and sexy new website is now available for all our Consultants and Directors to enjoy. Everyone needs a makeover every once in a while, and UnitWise is no exception. Scared of change? Don’t worry, all the great features you’ve grown to love are still the same (plus a few great extras to make your life easier).

So, let’s get started. To kick off our list, we now have faster load times. With a little upgrade under the hood, you can now load your pages between one blink and the next. Why does this help your business? You can do a lot more in a lot less time! Your customers don’t have to wait long for you to pull up your account and dazzle them with your techno know-how, which reinforces their confidence in you and keeps your frustration to a minimum.  

Next, we made navigation easier and simplified our layout so you can find what you’re looking for faster and easier than ever before. An exceptional load time is only exceptional if you don’t have to hunt and search for ten minutes to find the information you’re looking for. Since we simplified, it’s no longer a problem.  

Your security is important to us, so we made sure to upgrade our security system so you and your customers’ information is better protected against threats. With additional levels of encryption and authentication, you can be assured that no one is going to compromise your information.  

Finally, we added a little sparkle to finish off our look. The streamlined look is actually very practical. It simplifies your screen and assures that you don’t waste time looking for things. Also, there is no white border around the screen anymore. That’s right, UnitWise now automatically expands to fit your screen.

A few things are changing. For example: Starting August 1, the old website editor will be unavailable. We know this may inconvenience some of you, but, unfortunately, our new technology isn’t easily compatible with the old editor. The new editor has many great features to make up for it, though, and, as always, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our UnitWise Heroes for assistance.  

The new editor is much more user-friendly and has great new design features to expand and reinvent yourself anytime you want. Be Madonna, try something fabulous!

Our Heroes also told us about a great feature you may have heard about, the ability to save our mobile site directly to your phone. By going to our mobile site,, and saving the home page to your desktop, you can instantly access all the features of your UnitWise account directly on your phone. Take advantage of this capability to stay completely up-to-date no matter where you are.

We hope you’re as excited for UnitWise’s makeover as we are. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact our Heroes via instant message, email, or phone. They look forward to hearing from you, so if you have a question about anything, just call 704-234-6006 or email them at:

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Jul 10, 2015

Tips & Tricks | Summer Skin Care

2015 is heating up! I love the summer, but my goodness it's hot. Living in South Carolina has it's advantages, but this heat is definitely not one of them. I'm just thankful for MK Mineral Powder Foundation and the fact I have ponytail holders stashed all over the place.

MK Mineral Powder Foundation isn't my only savior during the summer, it's also protective skin care. I have some great tips and tricks from the UnitWise Heroes for perfecting your summer skin care and a few extra tid bits that you might not have even known. Sharing is caring, right? So let's get started!

There are two types of sunscreen: chemical and physical. Your chemical sunscreens vary is SPF and offer the same protection as physical sunscreens, they just have an average 30 minute wait time before they will start protecting you from the sun after application. Physical sunscreens, also known as mineral sunscreens, also vary in SPF and start protecting you from the sun as soon as you apply it. The main difference is you have to apply it more often than chemical sunscreens.

It really comes to down to preference when choosing which one to use. The only important thing is that you use sunscreen. MK has a great line of summer skin care products that work great for sensitive skin. It's really one of my favorite sunscreen lines to use, and the packaging is just too cute.

What is SPF?
It is recommended that you use sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor, and it determines the amount of time the sunscreen will protect you without getting burned. For example, SPF 30 would allow you to stay in the sun 30 times longer than you could without protection. Basically, the higher the SPF, the longer you can stay out in the sun. SPF 50 is said to be the true highest protection sunscreen you can get. Research and information varies greatly on the highest protection available, so it's difficult to find something solid.

When it comes to applying sunscreen, don't forget your lips. The skin on your lips is very thin and can quickly burn. You want to avoid using any high-gloss products on your lips if you're going to be out in the sun.

Protecting your skin is the perfect excuse to purchase some new accessories. A wide brim hat is more than just a hot look; it's an outfit enhancer with anti-aging properties. It's all about the spin, right?

Sunglasses are also a key accessory. Prolonged UV exposure can redden the whites of your eyes. Over time this can lead to serious eye problems. To prevent eye damage, choose sunglasses with the following qualities:

  • UV 400 protection. It blocks up to 400 nano-meters of UV light. 
  • Impact resistant. You want shades that can hit the ground and not shatter like an iPhone screen.
  • The right color lenses. Black, brown, and gray shades protect best. 
These are just your basic summer skin care tips. What tips do you have for protecting skin from the summer sun? Share your tips and tricks on our Facebook and Twitter

For more indepth information on UVA and UVB rays check out How To: Protecting Skin from the Sun's Ultraviolet Rays. 

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Jul 7, 2015

UnitWise Features | Custom Website

This week's feature spotlight is all on the UnitWise Custom Website. Think of it as your virtual welcome center and training camp for keeping your entire team connected. What really makes it special is the customization feature built right in.

What's Included

59 Website Templates
Actually, it's 58 pre-made templates of every theme you could imagine, and one completely-custom blank template. You don't need to be a master web designer to fully utilize this feature. You really just pick and choose what you want, and we make it happen.

Training Center
Welcome to your very own virtual boot camp. Post videos, inspirational stories, guides, and everything that is important for new team members. It's even great to create refresher courses. The training center is fully customizable to fit your style, and the possibilities are endless.

Special Recognition Page
Mary Kay Ash said it best, "there are two things people want more than sex and money...recognition and praise." She really knew how to create memorable quotes, and this one is spot on. We all want to be recognized for our achievements, no matter how big or small. You can set goals for your team and when they are reached, their achievements will be automatically added to your special recognition page. You also have the option to showcase any achievement you desire. It is your page after all.

Unlimited Pages
The title explains itself. Have as many pages as wish. There is no limit.

This feature is a big favorite. Anyone that comes to your site can sign your guestbook. How fun, right? When you meet with potential team members, they can check out your website, sign your guestbook, and see what you're really about. It's also great to get in contact with visitors to explain more about the MK experience. The guestbook is one of those little things that makes a big impression.

There is a special magic to a blog. It can be about anything you want it to be. There are no rules when it comes to what to blog about. A popular way to utilize this feature is to share inspiration, travel stories, the excitement you felt at Seminar, or the amazing people you met at a convention. Blogging is a unique way to showcase your personality and experiences.

So Much More!
A bit cliché, I know, but there is so much included with the UnitWise Website Feature that speaking to a Hero would be way more beneficial. There's social media integration and even bonus features, including: free conference calling, voice cast, and text blast. Everything is packed into this feature, and there are endless ways to use it.

Let's Get In Touch
Contact a Hero today to see how the UnitWise Website Feature can change your world! Our headquarters are in beautiful Rock Hill, SC, and we would love to hear from you. You can reach us via phone: 704-234-6006 or email:

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Jul 2, 2015

Tips & Tricks: Let's Talk About Strobing

Every time I spell out strobing, I swear there is another - b - in it. I just needed to point that out real quick before we get onto the main bit.

Welcome to this week's Tips & Tricks blog. It's all about strobing this week, and this trend has been gaining steam since January. Yes, January! Where have I been, seriously?

What is strobing?
If you struggled with contouring and gave up on trending makeup fads, then strobing will bring back the faith. Strobing is basically heavy highlighting. Sounds simple enough, right? The trick is to use the right product, and apply in the right areas of your face.

What products work best?
Choosing the right product to use is really the hardest part. You have three choices when it comes to highlighters:

  • Liquid - highlighters that are really liquid-y give a beautiful natural glow to the skin. Their only drawback is they can be a bit messy when applying and get all over the place if you're not careful. 
  • Cream - cream highlighters usually come in convenient stick packaging that gives you a lot of control over the application. Cream highlighters also give a natural glow and really work nicely for creating the strobing effect. 
  • Powder - always a popular choice, powder highlighters come in ever different shade and texture you can imagine. A finely-milled powder highlighter will work best for strobing; it's really the texture you want for all your brightening needs. The finer the texture, the more natural the glow. 
How to apply highlighter for the strobing effect?
There's a few ways you can do it depending on how strobe-like you want to be. If you want a light effect apply to the basic highlighting spots - brow bone, top of your cheek bones, tip of your nose, and a little on the chin. What makes it stobing is that you leave out the contour bit. 

To go all out, apply to the basic highlighting spots and also: right above the jawline (leaving the hollows of your cheeks un-highlighted), bridge of the nose, temples, and to the center of your forehead. 

You can also think of strobing as reverse contouring, but what it really boils down to is apply it wherever you like to glow as bright as you want. 

The UnitWise Heroes have been working with this technique and really like how easy it is. They enjoy working with the intensity of the highlight for really fun pictures and going out. What do you think of strobing? Share your thoughts and highlighting tips on our Facebook and Twitter

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*UnitWise is not affiliated with Mary Kay

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