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Jan 16, 2018

The Ultimate Success Guide to Facebook

Sit back, relax, and let's chat a little about your day. How much time did you spend on Facebook today? Too much, right? As MK Independent Beauty Consultants or Directors, it is important to have a strong social media presence. So here is your ultimate success guide to Facebook.

The Ultimate Success Guide to Facebook

Many of you start out strong on your Facebook sales pages/groups and slowly over time; you begin to notice a decrease in likes and a general loss of engagement overall. Don’t worry that is ok! This is entirely normal; you need is a way to pick up engagement and get your Facebook page/group rocking again!

Adding People to Your Group

You probably hosted a contest or giveaways of some kind, and your friends/family added others to the group to increase their chances of winning. It is true that adding people to your group is a quick and easy way to boost your virtual client base, but in reality, it does two things.

  • First: It is sad to say, but some of the people added to your group have no interest and were irritated about being added.
  • Second: Your Facebook group or page numbers are huge, but the engagement continues to be super low. 
My advice is never to host a giveaway to add members to your group. Only invite those who would be interested in MK and encourage your current members to do the same. It will be slow going by it will be genuine organic growth that will prove beneficial in the long run. 

Content With a Purpose

“Huh?” It is ok if you do not understand what I mean by content with a purpose. Once you see you will be filled with new and creative ideas.

When you communicate with your group, you are most likely providing them with MK product information or things of that nature. However, if you were to change it up and provide useful information related to your products think about all the comments you will get. Here are some ideas!

Show your clients how to organize their makeup collection. Think outside the box and share a behind the scenes look at how you manage to store all of your products. This is an excellent idea for January and early February while people are trying to organize their daily life!

Product Maintenance or Care:
Show your followers or group members how to keep their makeup brushes clean and sanitized. Literally, the possibilities are endless!

Beauty Tutorials:
Share makeup tutorials with your clients to show them all they can do with MK. Share out of the box photo and video ideas your followers/members will go nuts for more.

Everyone Likes to Share Experiences

Your posts should prompt your members to share. Whether it is a story, photo, or just a funny meme. People love having the opportunity to share their personal experiences and views.

Make Your Clients Feel Special

This does not necessarily have to relate to MK, but special events will enhance your client's experience. For example: Send a special message, make a special post, or invite clients over for a personal makeup on their birthday. Or host a little game where the winner receives a few sample items.

Build Your Online Presence

Since people love to share their experiences, lives, and opinions, you can easily encourage Facebook engagement day with these post ideas! At UnitWise we are always here with ideas and tools for growing your MK business year round.

Want more ideas for selling your MK products on Facebook? Click here to learn how to turn your open house into a virtual experience.

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Jan 11, 2018

10 Things You Should Know Before Starting Your MK Business

Congratulations and welcome to the wonderful world of MK! The community has gained a fantastic new addition to the family. But before you order your products here are ten things you should know before starting your MK business.

10 Things You Should Know Before Starting Your MK Business

1. The Mary Kay Way

Mary Kay Ash founded her company based on the golden ideology of “God first, family second, career third.” This model is what makes MK so different from other organization that put profit and success above all else. She adamantly believed in this golden principle, and for almost 55 years it has been followed by her company.

Click Here: For 10 Amazing MK Facts about MK

2. Safety First

When it comes to makeup and skincare, MK has always been top of the line—mostly because of the tireless safety testing the company performs. On average MK conducts about 300,000 tests on products every year to ensure safety. Be prepared when you work with MK to work with the best makeup line out there.

3. Understand Your Income

The first thing most people think about when starting a new career is their personal success. Luckily for you, your possibilities are endless with MK. What you put into your career is what you will get out of it when it comes to this company. What other company can tell you that you can make as much money as you want to?

4. A Global Phenomenon

MK’s ethics and quality of products have allowed it to be sold in over 35 countries worldwide. In almost all the Americas and even into Asia, MK has left a pink footprint all over the map.

5. You Are Not Joining a Company But a Family

Prepare to be welcomed into the MK family. And with over 3.5 million Independent Beauty Consultants, 39,000 Directors, and 600 NSDs, it is a rather larger family. You will always be surrounded by women who support you and your accomplishments.

6. Required Work Ethic

Nothing in life comes easy and selling MK is not a get rich quick scheme. As Mary Kay Ash once said, “God feeds the birds, but he does not throw it into their nest.” When you join MK, it will be fun and exciting, but remember you do have to work for it. Put in a little bit of effort, and you will be amazed at where success will take you—maybe even in a pink Cadillac.

7. It is More Than Just Makeup

Sure, MK is known for its premium makeup lines, but the company is much more than that. Mary Kay Ash founded the MK Ash Charitable Foundation, which is known for donating money to help fight women’s cancer, as well as launching campaigns against domestic violence. When you become a part of MK, you become part of a larger network of people all working towards something greater. For example, the company logged about 500,000 volunteer hours during their Global Month of Service.

8. Neverending Guidance

When you join the MK community, you usually do so under the guidance of a Director—a person who once started where you were. Your Unit will be your family, your biggest supporters, and your source of encouragement. Depend on them!

9. The Best Cars are Pink

The pink Cadillac is synonymous with the MK community and business. Everyone who joins wants to one day drive in a nice, shiny pink Cadillac. And you absolutely can! What other company out there gives you a pink car that’s completely paid off for a whole year?

10. Bumble Bees Shouldn't be Able to Fly

If you did any research on Mary Kay Ash, you would know that the bumble bee is a pretty integral part of the company. And before you start working as an independent beauty consultant, you should know why. Mary Kay Ash once said that “Aerodynamically, the bumble bee should not be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn't know it, so it goes on flying anyways.” Just like the bee, you too can do the impossible as long as you believe you can.

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*Content found in the UnitWise blog is for informational purposes only. UnitWise is an independent business with no affiliation to Mary Kay®.*
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Jan 9, 2018

How to Close Your Party With a Bang

You have executed a fabulous party presentation, and your clients are happy, engaged and most importantly having fun. You’ve carefully and successfully planted the seeds for future parties and unit opportunities. Now you are ready to start the closing process. Closing your party is possibly the most important aspect of running a successful MK business. Here is how to close your party with a bang!

How to Close Your Party With a Bang

Keep Sales From Walking Out the Door

How many times have you heard a guest say “I will need to check with my husband first. But I will take your catalog and call you later,” but they never do? Let your guests know that the sales you are offering at the party are for a limited time. If they seem hesitant let them know they can return, cancel, or change their order within 24 hours of placing it, but the only way to secure the deal is to place the order before they leave.

Prioritize Hostess Orders

More often than not your hostess will have the largest order at the party. In the week leading up to the party encourage your hostess to look through the catalog several times so she can decide what prizes she would like to receive. She will undoubtedly want several products in addition to her prizes. Once she has chosen her free items, she will ask to buy additional products because she has had time to think about it.

Upsell Your Products

One issue I constantly see is descriptive selling at the end of a party. Descriptive selling is when you explain what the product is and fail to apply it to your audience. Share the benefits of the product and how it can help your clients. Tell them how it will make them feel and make life easier. Finally, show your clients the value of what they will be receiving.

Show Products in Groups

If you show one product, you will, of course, sell one product. You should always show your products in groups and talk about how they work together. So know when your clients are looking at buying one item they will associate it with buying three. Before the party group products together and have a discounted price ready for the whole package. 

The Finale

Once you have totaled your client's order, thank her and ask whether she had fun. This is when you will want to ask if she about hosting her own party. Offer several take home samples and an information package about hosting and joining your unit. 

Starting Out Strong

Your determination and salesmanship paired with using UnitWise is an easier decision than trying to match your client’s foundation. UnitWise was designed specifically for the MK community to help achieve your financial goals, manage communication with clients and unit members, simplify tax season and so much more! Sign-up today for your free trial today and see what a difference we can make in your 2018 success!

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Jan 4, 2018

10 Beauty Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Impress your clients with these creative beauty hacks at your next consultation or party! Show them they don’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror to get a perfect look. Share these little tricks for applying makeup, so they can always look their best. Here are 10 beauty hacks that will change your life!

10 Beauty Hacks That Will Change Your Life

1. Balance Undertones

Use complementary colors to even out uneven undertones. For example: Use green concealer to tone down redness.

2. Flawless Foundation

If your clients apply foundation around their jaw or hairline, they look like they are wearing a mask. So to avoid this suggest they start at the center of their face and fan out around the edges for a more natural look.

3. Apply Bronzer in “3” Shaped

Instead of your clients applying bronzer all over their face to combat their wintery complexion show them how to apply it in a “3” shape. It should start at the forehead and work down the side of their face to meet their jawline.

4. Baked Makeup

Baking your clients makeup is a simple process. Use a primer or moisturizer around her eyes, apply foundation, add a thick concealer, dust area with translucent powder, wait about a minute, and then gently dust off the powder. Tada! Baked makeup!

5. Simple Blush Contour

Use a peachy blush as a contour for a fresh look. Start at your client's temples and curve up toward your hairline and blend outward. Add blush to your client's brow bones and cheekbones for a completed look.

6. Ultimate Pimple Coverage

Apply foundation, a thick concealer, and setting powder to ensure pimples are completely covered all day.

7. Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Spoolie Brush

The most critical step to creating natural and full looking eyebrows is using a spoolie brush to diffuse color after using a brow pencil.

8. Smooth Foundation 

After cleansing your client's skin and applying moisturizer, blend foundation with a slightly damp beauty sponge using gentle rolling motions.

9. Skip the Shimmer

I am sorry girls but if your clients have oily skin suggest they avoid makeup with shimmer or glitter. The shimmer will make their face appear shinier.

10. Sharpen Lipstick

If your clients run out of lipliner suggest, they line the outside of their lips with concealer to sharpen their lipstick. Leaving lips, unlined will made the lipstick bleed into the natural creases of their skin around their mouth.

Jump Start Your New Year With UnitWise

At Unitwise we understand the importance of recommending the perfect look for your clients. We hope you found this blog informative for yourself and your MK customers as you guide them through all of the amazing #MK products. We suggest sharing this blog post with your customers and unit members as they advise their clients

Our goal is to provide you with experts advice to successfully aid your clients and grow your cousin. Whether you are seeking beauty tips and trick or business management advice, we are here to help you grow your MK business.
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Jan 2, 2018

How to File Taxes as an MK Director?

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season, but now is the time to prepare for the 2018 tax season. So how to file taxes as an MK Director or Independent Sales Consultant? If this is your first tax season with MK, we understand how confusing it can be. Here is a guide to understanding your tax classification and obligations for the 2018 tax season.

How to File Taxes as an MK Director?

Tax Filing Obligations

MK Independent Consultants and Directors are usually considered independent contractors and must report business income and expenses on a Schedule C. Profits or losses from business activities are then recorded on Form 1040, the income tax return for single and joint filers.

Hobby Vs. Business

It is critical to determine if your MK business is considered self-employment income or hobby income before the 2018 tax season. If you are selling MK with the intention of making a profit and have made a profit for the last three years out of the past five, it is self-employment income.

If your MK business is not your full-time or main source of income, then it can be considered a hobby income. If this is the case, you will need to report earnings on Form 1040 and expenses on Schedule A.

Small Business Owner

As a self-employed small business owner, you must report all business income and expenses on Schedule C. Calculate your revenue by totaling the purchases made by your clients and report this amount on line 1. All returns issued to your clients should be calculated and reported on line 2.

Cost of Products Sold

Cost of goods sold must be reported on Part 3 of Schedule C since you are reselling MK products for your business. To calculate this amount start with the value of your product inventory. Add all purchases and then subtract the inventory value remaining. The difference remaining is the cost of goods sold.

Other Business Related Expenses

If you are classified as an independent contractor, you can deduct additional expenses associated with your MK business. For example advertising, office supplies, and travel expenses are tax deductible. As of 2015, the IRS will allow you to deduct 57.5 cents per mile drive. Theses expense should be reported on Part 2 of Schedule C.

UnitWise is Here to Help

UnitWise makes it easier to keep up with your records in preparation for the upcoming tax season. If you have any questions about our tax report features, do not hesitate to contact our outstanding support team. Simplify your 2018 tax season today!

*Content found in the UnitWise blog is for informational purposes only. UnitWise is an independent business with no affiliation to Mary Kay®.*

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Dec 29, 2017

Unique New Year’s Eve Makeup Ideas You

As this year comes to an end, we find ourselves debating whether to stay in on New Year's Eve or go out to greet 2018 with open arms. If you and your clients are leaning towards the latter, then I highly encourage you to bid adieu to 2017 in style! Here are some unique New Year’s Eve makeup ideas you need to try!

Unique New Year’s Eve Makeup Ideas You Need to Try

The Sparkliest Night of the Year

Most don’t need an excuse to use a little extra glitter, especially during the holiday season, but New Year’s Eve is the perfect opportunity to show off your shiniest self. 2016 may go down as the year of glittery lip art, 2017 will be remembered for the glitter explosion…. so it would only be right to send it off with a final bang.

Tell your clients to grab their shiniest eyeliner, lip gloss, and nail polish! It is time to get to work!

Midas Touch

Use a gold highlighter or shadow to help your clients stand out during their holiday parties. Don’t be shy! Apply generous amounts of gold to your client's cheekbones and brow bone. Also, remember that royal purple is the complementary color of gold so a dress or top of this color will help your client shine. 

Midas Touch Product Suggestions:
Cheekbones and Brow Bone:
Gold Coast (Shimmer) or Iced Cocoa (Shimmer)
Eyeshadow Base: 
Truffle (Shimmer)
Lipstick: Subtly You (Sheer)
Lip Gloss: Golden (Shimmer)

Duo-Chrome Shimmer

If your clients are already a fan of the smoky eye, then they will absolutely love the duo-chrome shimmer. Apply a base of black or brown matte shadow to their lids then tap on a layer of pigmented shimmer to the middle of their eye working out gradually.

Duo-Chrome Product Suggestions:
Eyeshadow Base:
Coal (Matte) or Espresso (Matte)
Eyeshadow Shimmer:

Truffle (Shimmer)
Azure (Shimmer)
Sweet Plum (Shimmer)
Eyeliner: MK Black

Start Your New Year’s Resolution Early

At UnitWise we understand the importance of recommending the perfect look for your clients. We hope you found this blog informative for yourself and your customers as you guide them through all the fantastic #MK products available. We suggest sharing this blog post with your MK clients and unit members.

Our goal is to provide you with experts advice to successful aid your clients and boost your sales. Whether you are seeking beauty tips and trick or business management advice, we are here to help you grow your MK business.

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Dec 28, 2017

25 Unique Ideas to Encourage Facebook Engagement

Did you know that having an engaged and growing Facebook community is one of the best ways to achieve your goals? Sometimes we all get stuck on what to post to engage our potential clients. Here are 50 unique ideas to encourage Facebook engagement and grow your MK business in the new year.

25 Unique Ideas to Encourage Facebook Engagement

Engaging Post Ideas

  1. Comment what you did today and add “like a boss.”
  2. What was the last book you read?
  3. What was the last movie you saw in theaters?
  4. It’s Storytime! Only use 2 words to continue the story in the comments!
  5. Beach or mountain vacation?
  6. What is your New Year's resolution?
  7. What is your favorite food?
  8. What is the weather like where you are?
  9. My first concert was ….
  10. Tea or coffee?
  11. Describe your week using song titles?
  12. Post a random fact about yourself most people don’t know.
  13. Describe your favorite tv show only using emojis
  14. What is in your purse? Or What is the most random item in your purse?
  15. Post a line from a movie and see who can guess it.
  16. What show do you love to binge watch?
  17. What popular movie have you yet to see?
  18. What are 3 words better than “I love you.” Ex: I made dinner. Or Kitchen is cleaned.
  19. If you were on a desert island and could only bring 3 items. What items would you bring?
  20. Share your first Facebook profile picture!
  21. What is your favorite outdoor/indoor activity?
  22. What are you thankful for?
  23. Share your favorite #lifehack!
  24. What do you daydream about?
  25. What makeup item could you never live without?

How to Create an Engaging Facebook Image

You can make these engaging images in just three simple steps!

Step 1: Start with an image

Step 2: Add text that aligns with your post

Step 3: Add your watermark or logo
Tada! It is that easy!

Jumpstart Your New Year Business Resolutions

People love to share their experiences, lives, and opinions. Encourage Facebook engagement today with these post and image ideas! At UnitWise we are always here with ideas and tools for growing your MK business year round!

Want more ideas for selling your MK products on Facebook? Click here to learn how to turn your open house into a virtual experience.

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Dec 25, 2017

Merry Christmas: Remember the Reason For the Season

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

At UnitWise we will never forget the reason for this blessed holiday season. Take time to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas, and celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. So amid the presents, sweets, and merrymaking remember the true reason for the season.

Show compassion for your fellow man and spend today with your friends and family dear. And strive to carry the spirit of Christmas year round.

Merry Christmas From Your UnitWise Family

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