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Nov 24, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving from UnitWise!


It’s Thanksgiving Eve and here at UnitWise, we have so much to be grateful for. So, we thought we would take the opportunity to count our many blessings!

As a company that has been learning and growing for over a decade, it has been a long road. One full of successes and the occasional drawbacks. We are proud of the product and the team we have built together and the many clients who have been with us on this journey!

We are proud to serve such amazing and loyal clients!

Thank you to our Clients!

That’s right, we’re talking about you!

As we have grown over the past decade so has our client base, we are thankful for our many dedicated clients who have given us great reviews and referrals over the years, this has helped us to grow and widen the scope of UnitWise. We have had the pleasure of growing with our clients!

Thank you to our Team!

UnitWise just wouldn’t be UnitWise without our team! 

Our customer support team is full of wonderful and kind individuals who always go the extra mile to help our clients. 

The UnitWise Heroes are a special bunch!

If you have called our support team for assistance, you know this. 

If it wasn’t for our dedicated team who devotes their time to developing, building, supporting, and marketing our application, it wouldn’t be the great success that it has been over the last decade.

From our team to you and your loved ones, we wish you a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

Our offices will be closed Thursday, November 25, and Friday, November 26 as we observe the holiday and spend time with our families!

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Oct 12, 2021

Marketing Features in UnitWise That Will Help Your Business Get The Recognition it Deserves!

Small businesses rely heavily on their company and customer relations. Reaching a specific audience and building a community of followers that support your business can all be accomplished through marketing. Through marketing your business/products you can understand your consumers better, create more valuable content, and get your message across in fun and interesting ways. 

We've rounded up some of UnitWise's most beneficial and influential marketing tools that will help your MK business succeed. Check them out below!

Email Marketing 

As a businesswoman, we know you have a lot on your plate! Sending emails is an important part of running a business but it can easily become time-consuming.

With UnitWise’s email marketing feature, you can reach a broad audience and promote your business quickly and easily! The email marketing feature allows you to send emails to particular groups, individuals, or everyone all at once. This will make the process of sending emails way less tedious. You also have the option to send your emails out immediately or schedule them to be sent a day or months in advance. Scheduling your emails will ensure you never miss an important date or deadline. Staying in touch with your team and clients just became way easier!

Email Marketing Reports

How did your last email marketing blast do? With UnitWise, you can figure that out! UnitWise offers detailed email marketing reports letting you know how your emails are doing. The reports will include information such as the total number of emails sent, the total number of emails opened, number of clicks, links visited, bounces, unsubscribes, etc. All of this information is extremely helpful to know and will provide you with insight on how to make your next email marketing campaign even better. Email campaigns are a great way to promote your products, announce new services, and stay in touch with your clients!

Email Templates

We all know sending out tons of emails every day can be quite tiresome. Luckily, UnitWise's email template feature will help make your email marketing convenient and simple! It will also add a level of professionalism to your emails while still allowing you to add your own style and flair! 

UnitWise's templates are completely customizable and allow you to add or change anything you want! Whether you need a template for a weekly newsletter or for the launch of a new product, with UnitWise you can design your templates to fit your exact needs. You can also create templates that you will need to use over and over again such as a “Welcome New Consultant” email. Time to get sending!

Free Conference Calling

Whether your team is just a few people or a nationwide team, our conference calling feature will help you easily connect with each other whenever necessary. You can easily schedule conference calls in advance and establish attendance by distributing an invitation email to your audience.

When you create your UnitWise account, you will receive a designated conference call number with an access code. You will also receive a user guide that can be distributed to attendees, and gives you tons of different control options such as guest speaker, mute, conference roll call, attendee count, and much more! The conference calling feature is completely free and included in your UnitWise subscription. 


Having an updated and relatable website is crucial for most businesses. Luckily, with UnitWise you can create a custom website for your team to showcase accomplishments, product information, and everything your heart desires. While creating a website may seem like a daunting task, with UnitWise the process is simple and straightforward.

With your UnitWise website, you will have complete control over the content of your pages, the look of your website, and its settings. To maintain your brand and make your website name more memorable, you can reserve your own custom domain with UnitWise.


Blogging with UnitWise is a great way to keep your clients engaged and up to date on relevant information. It is also a great way to get your website visitors engaged and interested in what your business has to offer! If you have a website with UnitWise, you can easily add an additional page for your blog!

Blogging allows you to share important information about your business, products, and helpful features. It is also a great way to interact with your clients by showing off your personality and sharing life experiences, tips and tricks!

Facebook and Twitter Integration

Social media is one of the easiest and quickest ways for businesses to connect and communicate with their audiences. Our Facebook and Twitter integration feature is perfect for integrating fun and business. In today's day and age, it is also extremely important to keep your social media profiles active and full of relatable and relevant content!

The App integration allows you to post on your Facebook and Twitter profiles directly from your UnitWise account. Thus, with the integration feature, you can communicate with your most important audience, without the distractions of your actual Facebook or Twitter feed.


UnitWise is more than just a business management tool! With UnitWise's marketing tools, you can help your business grow and reach new audiences! UnitWise makes creating and implementing effective marketing strategies simple and straightforward. Get started today at
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Oct 5, 2021

Fun Activities to Get You in the Fall Spirit

It’s Fall y’all! This means it’s time to break out the autumn decor, comfy sweaters, and pumpkin spice lattes. Fall is beloved for its cooler temperatures, gorgeous landscapes, and festive feeling. There are endless ways to spend an autumn afternoon or evening and we’ve gathered up some fun ones! Get into the fall spirit and make the most out of the season by participating in some of the activities we listed below:

Bring Fall Inside Your Home

Ladies, it’s time to stock up on all your favorite fall-scented candles! Some pumpkin spice and cinnamon scented candles will have your house feeling warm and cozy and smelling just like fall. Whether your decorating aesthetic is spooky skeletons or chic pumpkins and gourds, decorating for autumn is always a festive and fun activity. You could even DIY a colorful fall wreath to spruce up your porch or front door for the season.

Go On A Hike

The best time to go on a hike is when the leaves are changing colors and the weather has cooled off a considerable amount. Admiring fall foliage and embracing the crisp weather is a great way to get into the fall spirit.

Also if you’re not the hiking type, don't just visit an area with really great fall leaves—make a trip of it! Stay overnight in a bed and breakfast in the heart of a red, gold, yellow, and orange forest.

Whip Up Some Pumpkin Baked Goods


Whether it’s scones, bread, cupcakes, etc., the options are endless for pumpkin-based desserts. Not only will these sweet treats taste delicious, but they will also fill your home with heavenly smells that scream “fall is here!”

Carve Pumpkins

Speaking of pumpkins, picking some pumpkins at a pumpkin patch, and bringing them home for decoration and carving is one of the most common fall traditions. You can invite family or friends over to have a pumpkin decorating competition, or just use your pumpkins for decor around the house.

Visit a Cidery


There are so many different fun fall things to do at a cidery. You could spend the day tasting different cider flavors, apple picking, taking a hayride, or getting lost in a corn maze. During the day you can take some autumn pictures to post on your social media feed or to keep for memories. Definitely plan to dress accordingly in your favorite fall-inspired pieces!

Have a Stay-in Movie Night

Whether your vibe is Friday the 13th or Halloweentown, watching a Halloween movie will most definitely get you into the holiday spirit! Don’t forget the fall treats, like candy corn and pumpkin pie to snack on while binging these spooky movies.


UnitWise is a full-service business management program specifically designed for the beauty consultant community. UnitWise’s features are designed specifically to save you time and money while managing every aspect of your beauty business. With UnitWise, you can easily manage client information, product inventory, shipping orders, and social media platforms all from your personal dashboard. Take control of your business and achieve your goals with UnitWise. To learn about what UnitWise can do for you, visit today!
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Oct 1, 2021

Top 5 Make-Up Trends This Fall!

It’s finally Fall! Which means it’s time to put out the decorations, unpack your sweaters, and get ready! Stay trendy this Fall by checking out these top make-up trends to stand out and complete any outfit!

Glossy lips

Bring out your lipgloss girls! Because it’s back in! Glossy lips tend to brighten up the face. It also adds emphasis to your highlights and bronzer placement! Pair lip gloss with your darker lipstick tones to bring together this fall look!

Kitten Eye Liner

A more subtle look of the common “Cat eye” is a quickly growing trend for this fall. Smaller lines like the Kitten eye are becoming more common because of how much easier they are to draw. With the Kitten eye, you need to use thin strokes starting at the center of your eye. For the subtle wing, just slightly whip the ends up to perfectly execute a Kitten eye.

Natural Brows

Embrace your Brows! Natural brows are really easy to manage and help to embrace a more natural look! Just brush your brows out, use some gel to hold them in place, and fill in the sparse spots with your favorite brow pencil. Now you’re ready for the day!

Dewy Skin

Glowing, Healthy looking skin is definitely the look this fall. Go crazy with your highlight (Well, not TOO crazy). Whether your grabbing brunch with the girls or going out for a date night, this trend will certainly brighten up your day!

Monochromatic Color

Using monochromatic colors presents a simple and uniform look that almost seems effortless! Adding the same color eyeshadow, highlight, and lip can brighten up any full face of makeup! Whether it’s pink, red, or brown, having a cohesive monochromatic look will really bring together your look any day!

All these looks are simple and easy, so feel free to make them your own!

And while you’re finding simple ways to keep up, look no farther than Unitwise! Unitwise is a business management solution that is designed to simplify the process of running and tracking your business as well as provide helpful insights.

Sign into Unitwise Today!

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Jul 15, 2021

A Look Back At 10 Years: Partnering with

It’s time to take another look back at the past decade and all the growth that Unitwise has experienced. This time we are shining a spotlight on our partnership with This has been a great partnership that allowed our team to offer another great feature to our clients.

Team work makes the dream work, and communication is key to working together as a cohesive team. That is why we sought out a solution for our clients that would allow them to communicate easily at no additional cost to them.

What is

This is a great service that allows organizations and businesses to communicate with a user-friendly and efficient conference calling tool. Their product is cost-efficient, reliable, and convenient. Because we knew that these are all qualities our clients needed, we formed a partnership to make this easily available through Unitwise.

How our clients benefit from this partnership

Whether your team is made up of a few people in the same area, or a large group spread out throughout the country, communicating doesn’t have to be a hassle. Free Conference Calling is included in your Unitwise subscription, so there is no extra cost or equipment needed.

Each Unitwise account has a conference call number with an access, this can easily be shared in emails, on flyers, or over social media. Our clients enjoy the fact that they can easily record their calls for future reference or for team members that are not able to attend. Sending an email invite and sending email invites is another convenient perk of this feature.

Over the course of the pandemic, our clients have given us great feedback about this feature. Without the option to meet and catch up in person, this tool has helped them stay home and stay safe without losing touch with their team and goals.

Are you taking advantage of this great feature? If not, it’s time to give it a try! In the meantime stay tuned as we continue to spotlight more of our awesome partnerships throughout the summer!

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Jun 17, 2021

A Look Back At 10 Years: ProPay Integrations


It’s hard to believe that Unitwise celebrated its 10th anniversary earlier this year! Our team has found
that time flies when you are doing what you love and creating a product that helps people do what they
love. That’s how UnitWise started, we saw a group of passionate people in the MK community and
realized that there was no product out there that was serving them.

The MK community needed a product that would allow them to take their business on the go with them.
So, we got to work creating UnitWise, the first totally web-based application that allows beauty consultants to simplify and maximize their business, taking it to the next level.

After launching UnitWise in 2010, the journey began. The driving force behind the success of UnitWise is the partnerships we have created. Through these partnerships we have been able to integrate new, convenient features that made Unitwise the seamless, automated application that it is today.

What is ProPay?

ProPay is a credit card processing service that works with direct-selling business owners. Together we forged a partnership with ProPaythat allowed us to integrate their services into UnitWise. Our development team worked with them to build, test and deploy ProtectP®, with this technology, card holders' credit card details become invisible within our system.

What does this partnership mean to Unitwise?

The ProPay integration into UnitWise allowed our clients to up their customer service game. Now, they were able to process their customer’s credit card payments securely through UnitWise. This was a game changer, it’s more secure and convenient for customers and it’s more efficient and professional for their consultant.

Integrating with ProPay also allowed our clients to begin taking payments for their client’s invoices. This offers even more flexibility in collecting payments. Immediately after the payment is made, our clients can then email their customer a receipt. All our clients need to do to take full advantage of this feature is a ProPay account (this will be linked to the UnitWise account) and an internet connection, it’s that easy. As they say, teamwork makes the dream work!

Stay tuned as we continue our trip down memory lane! Over the past decade, we have made some amazing partnerships and we are going to continue to highlight them each week, stay tuned for more!
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Jun 15, 2021

Unitwise Update: A Message From the CEO



UnitWise just celebrated its 10th anniversary this year!

It has been an amazing journey and we couldn't have done it without you!

Our goal was to create a product that would allow the MK workforce to simplify, maximize, and manage their entire business on-the-go. We created that solution and more!

Over the past decade we have had many successes along with a few failures, from which we have learned and improved upon. Through many invaluable partnerships with Endicia, Propay,, Facebook, etc. we were able to build automated integrations that made UnitWise a faster, simpler application. 

Without automated integration, extensive manual data entry is required, especially in maintaining the inventory. We have to manually link all of the new product launches and inventory additions. This is a very time consuming and expensive manual process that requires additional internal training due to the manual process.

Unlike our many partners, MK has offered no API or data sharing options and we do not foresee a seamless integration for MK inventory. 

For this reason, we will have to shut down UnitWise as of December 31, 2021. 

This is an extremely hard decision to make, as UnitWise was the first product created by our company. After UnitWise, we went on to create 11 more successful applications! 

If you wish to keep UnitWise powering the MK workforce, you can help by reaching out to a corporate contact at MK and explaining the importance of this application in your business activities, especially with inventory. 

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss this further. Thank you for your continued support of UnitWise

Respectfully yours,

Agie Sundaram
CEO and Co-founder
SPAN Enterprises

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Oct 30, 2020

Last Minute Halloween Looks Using Makeup You Already Own!

The spooky season has arrived and if you love it as much as we do, you’ve already planned your costume! Even if you’re looking for a last minute look, these are our favorite ideas to try this year. 

As always be sure to wear your mask and practice social distance, but Halloween can still be fun this year! Whether you are out and about or enjoying some Halloween fun via Zoom, these looks are picture perfect. 

With Halloween tomorrow, you can easily create this look with make-up that you and your clients already have at home!

A Dia de los Muertos Celebration

This is a fun and easy look, plus if you are seeking a last-minute solution, the entire costume is your face of make-up! you can simply pull a black t-shirt and jeans out of your closet and let your face be the focus!

All you need is black eyeliner, preferably one with a felt tip for extra precision. To up the creepy factor use a foundation that is a few shades too light for your skin tone. You know, that foundation that you pull out in the depths of January when there is no summer glow in sight! For the colorful highlights that really make this look pop, grab a few of your favorite matte liquid lipsticks, they will stay on all night!

If you want to go the extra mile, hot glue some fabric flowers from the dollar store to a headband and you are officially ready!

A Black Cat

Some say cliche’, we call it a classic. The black cat look can be pulled together in a flash! Just take your time and lay down your favorite smokey eye look. Then grab that handy-dandy felt-tipped black eyeliner and add your nose and whiskers. 

You can either apply black lipstick to your top lip or shade it in with a black eyeliner pencil. Then, ta-da! Or should we say, “meow”! Luckily, you will find a cat-ear headband in just about any store these days!

A Spooky Witch

Boo! This may be the easiest look of them all! Grab your witch's hat and apply your favorite smokey eye look. Except you are going to turn the intensity up to achieve that spooky look! Then choose the most adventurous shade of lipstick you own. We all have one, you came across the shade at one point and you thought, “this is too intense for everyday life, but it sure looks fun!”. Then you bought it anyway! Much like with all of these looks, glitter can only make them more exciting!

There you have it, three Halloween looks that can be (socially distant) party-ready in minutes! Plus, you probably already own all of the make-up needed to achieve them. 

Here at Unitwise, we are all about working smarter not harder! If you are a beauty consultant looking for the ultimate hack for a smoother and more successful business, be sure to check out Unitwise today!
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