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Aug 31, 2013

Happy Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Parade, Union Square, New York, 1882

The Heroes at UnitWise would like to wish everyone a very enjoyable Labor Day Weekend!  We know that you have been working very hard, and deserve some extra time with your  family and loved ones!

Because of the holiday, the Heroes at UnitWise will be offering limited support on Monday, September 2nd.  We will only be offering email support on an emergency basis.  
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Aug 24, 2013

UnitWise iPad & Android Apps

UnitWise Has Never Been More APPealing!
The UnitWise iPad App is HERE! Better yet, we have even created a UnitWise app for Android tablets as well. Thanks to these apps, you can enjoy total mobility at no extra cost!

The UnitWise App Includes:
  • Automatic data sync between the App and your Online UnitWise account
  • Contact Management
  • Inventory lookup
  • Calendar with Push Notifications
  • Expenses Management
  • More Exciting features are coming soon.
Learn More About the App!

That’s Not The Only Thing You Will APPreciate!
Our design team has been busy making UnitWise more beautiful than ever! We don’t mean to brag, but our site could probably win a Makeover Contest. You can see for yourself when we unveil the New UnitWise Design on 8.26.13

With all these new additions to UnitWise, sending referrals and getting referral credits is easier than ever! We would like to announce a Referral Challenge for our fellow users and future users, Check Out Our Previous Blog to see what you can win!

We are also launching the new ProPlan for Service Providers and Web Designers (Virtual Assistant for 3 UnitWise users or more).
Click Here to enroll as a Professional Service Provider
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Aug 23, 2013

New UnitWise Referral Contest!

Send Referrals to Win this Awesome iPad Kit
We are launching the 2013 UnitWise Referral Contest!
To celebrate our New iPad/Android App, The winner of this UnitWise Referral Contest will Receive this Amazing iPad Kit: iPad Case, Screen Protectors, Gold and Silver Stylus, Charger, Car Charger, Headphones, Cord organizer and more!

With the New UnitWise Referring your sister consultants and directors to UnitWise is easier than ever. So go ahead! Send your referrals!

The Person who sends the most referrals between now & October 15, 2013 will win the iPad Kit, an opportunity to be featured in the UnitWise Blog, Social Media, and best of all: Bragging Rights.
As always, you will receive one month Free from your UnitWise subscription for every Four new UnitWise users that have paid for at least one month of UnitWise, that’s just another incentive to spread the word and give your friends a Program that will keep on giving.
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Aug 17, 2013

New Consultant Plan

Elena has made her First Act as UnitWise Product Manager!  

Elena is not willing to live in the shade of my cardboard furniture. Backed by the chanting crowds of Independent Beauty Consultants willing to sign up for the best Program for the Best Value, she brought the petition to me for the creation of the new Consultant Plan. “Let Them Have Their Program!” I said, and signed the petition with exceeding approval. Thus completing my revolution against disorganization and procrastination!This new UnitWise Consultant Plan will include our awesome Business Management features for just $9.95/month. This will be a great option for Consultants to completely manage their Customers, Sales, Calendar, Inventory, Accounting, and Reports. 
Click here to Learn More! 

Over the past few weeks
I have been releasing information regarding the Big UnitWise Announcement, and I am still planning one final announcement next week!  Here’s a Recap of What’s Coming on 8.26.13  

Now is a Great Time to Refer your Consultants to UnitWise!  For every 4 paying referrals you make, you get one month FREE!!!  There are No caps on referrals, so refer away. This is your chance to start them off right, It’s a “Win-Win” for everyone!

By The Way, Charles & Elena still don’t believe I can furnish my office with cardboard furniture.   Kids these days!
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Aug 15, 2013

Remembering NSDs Kathy Rasmussen and Rena Tarbet

This week, the Mary Kay community has has lost 2 great National Sales Directors.  Independent Executive National Sales Director Emeritus Kathy Rasmussen passed away on August 10, 2013, after a brief illness.  Only a few days later, on August 14th, Kathy was joined by Rena Tarbet, Independent Senior National Sales Director Emeritus.  Both of these wonderful women have served as an inspiration to Mary Kay consultants and directors across the globe, and to preserve their memory, the Mary Kay Foundation has created Tribute Pages for them both.  

NSD Emeritus
Kathy Rasmussen
 In April of 1972, Kathy Rasmussen debuted as an Independent Sales Director. Kathy was most thankful that she was able to build her schedule around her family's needs. After her children left home, she was equally grateful to have an exciting career that supported her personal philosophies. Kathy's favorite advice was to "work at something you would do, even if you didn't get paid," and she lived it in her Mary Kay business and in the mentoring of women every day of her life. Kathy was also very proud of her daughter, Julie Rasmussen, who served as President of the Mary Kay subsidiary in Russia for a time.

Kathy considered Sue Z. Vickers and Mary Kay to be the mentors who taught her to fish for a lifetime, as was evidenced not only by her Million-Dollar Sales Director achievement, reaching Top Ten Sales Director Nationwide multiple times, earning over five million dollars in commissions in her Mary Kay business, but also by debuting as an Independent National Sales Director in 1992, then continuing with four more offspring National Sales Directors from her "Rasmussen Rockets" Area. She will be remembered for her business acumen, hard work to establish the Mary Kay dream and the belief that "miracles truly do happen every day."

Senior NSD Emeritus
Rena Tarbet
Rena Tarbet became a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant in 1967 and immediately embraced the opportunity, debuting as a National Sales Director in 1983. She was a close personal friend to our dear founder Mary Kay Ash, and as Rena climbed the ladder of success, she stepped into the limelight onstage becoming a favorite speaker and teacher at Mary Kay events. Her message always rang true always supportive, always encouraging, always heart-warming with a touch of humor.

Everyone who knew Rena realized her strength. When she was diagnosed with cancer years ago, she determined to fight the good fight of faith, and she refused to be victimized by this monstrous disease. Instead she embraced the challenge in such a way that many were amazed by her optimism. She willingly shared her message of hope with others who were fighting the same battle, and her courage never wavered. She championed the Go-Give Spirit, and she loved to laugh, spreading joy wherever she went.

“Hope is a gift we can give to ourselves, our families, and to our friends.” 
- Rena Tarbet

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Aug 10, 2013

New Website Features Coming on 8.26.13

Thanks for such a positive response to last week’s email!  We like to joke around, and appreciate all the fun responses!  I would like to thank everyone for the kind words during my transition from UnitWise Product Manager to Vice President of Operations.  I am very excited about my new position, and look forward to see UnitWise thrive under Elena’s leadership.  

Some of the heroes think I have become a bit eccentric in my new position just because I am planning on decorating my new office with cardboard furniture!! The heroes do not share my enthusiasm for corrugated decorations, but I’ll prove them wrong.

Nevertheless, I have been testing our new Website Features and I am very impressed with the new integration of HTML5!  One huge benefit of this enhancement is the ability to customize your background or even upload your own pictures as your background in just 2 clicks. Today, you may want to use a photo of your Camry, and before you know it you can show off a photo of your Pink Cadillac as your background!

This new technology will be available as part of our Big Release on 8.26.13 but you can see it for yourself in this Exclusive Sneak Peek!

More UnitWise News Coming Soon!
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Aug 6, 2013

In Loving Memory of Senior NSD Lise Clark

SNSD Lise Clark
The Heroes at UnitWise are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Senior National Sales Director Lise T. Clark.  After a long and courageous fight with cancer, Lise passed on August 2, 2013.  Lise was one of our first NSDs in the UnitWise family, and she will definitely be missed in our UnitWise Family.

Lise began her Mary Kay business in 1984 and was so enthusiastic and so determined, she laughingly referred to herself as a “bulldozer.” Nothing was going to stop her from reaching the top. Within two years, she became an Independent Sales Director. One person who joined her unit was equally determined and that was her precious sister, Monique Balboa. The two together were a driving force, and soon Monique also became a Sales Director. Both began charting their course to become National Sales Directors. That dream became a reality for both of them in 2002. They were the very first sisters to achieve this pinnacle of success in Mary Kay, and our dear Mary Kay Ash was so very proud of them. The pride did not stop there, however, as their sister, Independent Future Sales Director Renee Thevenet-Rodbell also became part of the dream.

Along the way, Lise fought a courageous battle with breast cancer. With her husband, Randall, three beautiful children, daughter Kaitlin, and sons Wyndham and Brendan, sisters and family who loved her and many Mary Kay friends to support her, Lise tackled cancer with the same determination that gave her so much success in her career. Rather than despair, she took cancer in stride and ultimately found that the struggle and suffering built her faith, strengthened her marriage and gave her great compassion for others.

To read more about what you can do for the Clark Family during this difficult time, you can see her UnitWise Website.  

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Aug 4, 2013

Our New Vice President of Operations

Glenn Durand
Vice President of Operations
Span Enterprises
The Heroes at UnitWise are thrilled to announce that Glenn Durand has been promoted from UnitWise Product Manager to Vice President of Operations for Span Enterprises.  Glenn joined Span Enterprises in 2010 and has faithfully served as the Product Manager for UnitWise these past 3 years.  

Many people in the UnitWise Family have met Glenn one way or another.   You may have chatted with him through our Live Customer Support, or attended one of the many UnitWise webinars that he has hosted.   Glenn has attended numerous Mary Kay Seminar & Leadership Conferences, as well as dozens of Director & NSD Events across the country.  

As we continue to create new products, and expand our team at Span Enterprises, Glenn will be responsible for our day-to-day operations as well as our new product development.  Over the past few years, we have seen our company grow from just a few people to the large team that it is today.  Glenn has played an integral part in training our dedicated team at Span, and we are confident that he will continue to impart his wisdom to all of our future employees.

As Vice President of Operations, Glenn will continue working with UnitWise, as well as our many other products including SpanPlan, UnitHub, Express Extension, ExpressTruckTax, ExpressTaxFilingsExpressIFTA, and the upcoming UnitWise International, Span Command, and Truck Logics.

Our new Product Manager for UnitWise will be Elena Dedman.  Elena has been truly heroic in her customer support for UnitWise and we look forward to the future of UnitWise with Elena as Product Manager.

Please join us in congratulating Glenn & Elena on these new promotions!

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Aug 3, 2013

Top Secret UnitWise News from Glenn


ATTENTION: After all these years of tireless work with UnitWise, I was told to give up my post of UnitWise Program Manager and give it to ELENA! I’m not happy about that!  To exact my revenge I’ve been hiding in the office plants for the past few days gathering intelligence about the new product release.   Before I move on to my new post, I’m going to release some TOP SECRET Information about the Big Release on 8.26.13 in a series of leaks.

As of 8.26.13, UnitWise will include some awesome enhancements to Email Marketing!  This will include detailed reports, email statistics & MORE.  I’ve posted a video on Facebook so you can See For Yourself!  

Uh oh, Here Comes Elena!  I Gotta Go....
More Leaks Coming Soon!


Get A First Look at the New Email Marketing Coming on 8.26.13

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