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Jan 27, 2012

Get a Custom Domain Name for Your Business!

Earlier this month, one of our users informed us that with another company she was paying $25 for a custom domain, and an additional $5 per month to keep it.  We were shocked to hear of these exorbitant prices, and yet we continued to hear similar stories while we were at Leadership Conference.  We have also seen many examples of companies booking domains in their own name and not releasing it to their customers when requested.

Facts about Domains with UnitWise:
-  With UnitWise you can have your own Custom Domain for only $15.00 per Year!  
-  When you book a domain through UnitWise, we book the domain in your name so that you are the rightful owner (as you should be)
-  We will notify you when your domain is set to expire.  As long as you keep renewing it, the domain is yours to keep.

To Book a Domain Through UnitWise, you can follow these Steps:
1.  Go To Social Media
2.  Select My Website
3.  Click Domain Pointers Tab
4.  Select Request Domain 
5.  If the domain is available, we will book it for you and charge the card we have on file.  

NOTE: As of 2/2/2012 the cost of a custom domain through UnitWise is $15.00 per year.

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