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Apr 26, 2013

Featured Vendor: Director Double

Jennifer Coffey
Owner & Founder of Director Double

Listen to our Interview with Jen Coffey of Director Double

We are always glad to speak with Jen Coffey of Director Double.  Over the years we have gotten to know Jen & her team from several Leadership Conferences & we even held a joint webinar with Jen last year on Email Marketing Tips.  This week, we had the chance to catch up with Jen to talk about What's New with Director Double.  

Jen & her team offer Newsletters, Postcards, Flyers, & other services to help Mary Kay Directors become more Efficient in their business.  Jen began Director Double 5 years ago.  After a series of health challenges, Jen decided to step down from her role as a Mary Kay Sales Director and focus on recovering her health.  By doing this, Jen began a new chapter in her life.  Jen is still a Mary Kay Consultant, and although she is no longer a Sales Director, she has still found a way to work with Mary Kay Directors & Consultants from all over the United States.  

Director Double began as a somewhat small project.  Jen was creating Newsletters for her Senior Director, then a few of her director friends, and eventually they began attending Leadership Conferences, gaining contacts & new clients across the country.  As the business expanded, so did her team.  Jen employs a team of talented designers from their headquarters in Chandler, Arizona.  

One of our favorite things about Director Double is their slogan: "Double Your Efficiency."   Since we are also a company that exists to help Mary Kay Directors & Consultants succeed in their business, this means a lot to us.  Thanks to Director Double, Directors can rest assured that their Unit will be receiving a quality newsletter so that they can focus on their Income Producing Activities.  As Jen says, "We take Care of the Paperwork, so you can take care of the People Work." 

Director Double is also offering an end of the year special, it's the Race to the Finish Special!  They are offering a free set-up and free 1st month of newsletter creation (a $35 value) for new clients who sign up before June 15th. 

To get learn more about Director Double, you can go to their website: or even give them a call at 480.518.3733

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Apr 23, 2013

New UnitWise Webinars scheduled for April & May 2013

The UnitWise Heroes have recently scheduled several training webinars over the next few weeks.  These Live presentations will show how you can organize your business & Save Time with our state-of-the-art features.

On our Webinars Page you can view all of our upcoming webinars & register for them online.  Sign Up Now before these special events are full.  

You may notice that there are 2 different names for the webinars listed.  Here is a summary of what will be covered in each webinar:

UnitWise Walk Through: Settings, Customers, Sales, Inventory, Accounts

- Edit your Account Settings & Preferences
- Add Customers & manage their information
- Create Sales Receipts, Invoices, & Receive Payments
- Manage Inventory & Import Orders from InTouch
- Track Income & Expense Accounts

UnitWise Walk Through: Marketing, Social Media, Website, Resource Library
- Create Email Templates & Send Email Marketing Campaigns
- Update your Facebook & Twitter accounts from UnitWise
- Manage your Website & edit your information
- Store documents, images, & videos within the Resource Library & add them to your Training Center 

Reminder: These are all Free to attend!  You have nothing to lose & a lot to gain by joining these terrific training opportunities from the UnitWise Heroes!

If you cannot attend a webinar, you can always use our Training Videos on YouTube  We've got a video guide for every single feature in UnitWise, so check it out if you need some quick help.  
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Apr 18, 2013

Sync Weekly Accomplishment Sheets

With your UnitWise account, you have the ability to Sync your Weekly Accomplishment Sheets from InTouch for previous weeks!

If Mary Kay Directors using the UnitWise Director Complete Package, you can select My Unit >> InTouch WAS

On the left side, you can select a week that you would like to sync.  Keep in mind that you can only sync for weeks in which you were using UnitWise & your account was connected to InTouch.  

After a week is selected, you can choose a consultant from the drop-down list on the right.  When you are ready to sync, you can click "Sync Now"

Note:  If you have not yet connected your account to InTouch, you can do that from Settings >> Preferences >> MK Credential
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Apr 17, 2013

Accept Payments Online with the UW Payment Hub

With your UnitWise website, your clients can securely pay their invoices online.   To set this up, you can go to Settings >> Preferences >> UW Payment Hub.   

This will only be available for the Director Complete & Consultant Complete packages.

You will need to verify that no duplicate contacts exist with the same email address.  If there are duplicates, you can easily merge them within the Customers section of UnitWise.

The UW Payment Hub uses ProPay to securely accept online payments, therefore you will need to verify that your ProPay account is linked through UnitWise.  Settings >> Preferences >> ProPay

Once you click the check box in order to enable the UW Payment Hub, you can select whether you would like to allow your customers to view their product history as well.

To make your customers aware of the fact that they can pay their invoices online, we have created an email template called "UW Payment Hub" which can be sent to your customers to inform them of your online payment portal. 

After you save the UW Payment Hub, it will be added to your website.  There will be a "Customer Sign In" link at the bottom right of the page.  

Your customers sign-in with a username & password or create an account by clicking "Don't Have a Password"

When a client signs in to the payment hub, they will be able to see all of their invoices with detailed product information for each one.  These can be viewed and paid securely online with a credit card.  

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Apr 9, 2013

Print Address Labels through

If you have Address Labels that you need to print & you are using Avery Labels, you can print them online at   

You can export your list from UnitWise under "Home" >> "Reports" >> "Address Labels"

Here you can select any default group, custom group, or birthday/anniversary list.  After selecting a group, you can export the list as an Excel or .csv file.   

At you can select "Design & Print Online" Then search for the Address Label that you need to print (example: 5160).  

After you have selected the form that needs to be printed, you can select the style you would prefer for your labels.

On the "Design & Print" Page, you will need to select the text & click "Start Mail Merge."   You can then upload your excel or csv file & then map the fields correctly for the label.

Once this is complete, you can select "Preview & Print" to view a printable PDF of your labels and print them directly from here.

If you have any questions regarding Address Labels, you can contact our team of Heroes at 704.234.6006 or send us an email at 

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Apr 5, 2013

Featured Vendor: Jenni B Charmed

Jenni B Charmed has even created a special UnitWise charm

Listen to our Interview with Jim & Valerie of Jenni B Charmed!

Jenni B Charmed has become synonymous with quality handmade charms for the Mary Kay industry.  We recently had the chance to speak with The Owners of Jenni B Charmed - Jim & Valerie Rampton - about their history with Mary Kay and the origin of Jenni B Charmed.  You can listen to the interview through the link at the top of this page.  

Jenni B Charmed began as a hobby by Jenni Rampton (Jim's sister).  Jenni began making custom charms as a special incentive for her mother's consultants.  Her mother would give away these charms to her consultants as an additional prize for their achievements.  

Years after Jenni starting making these charms, Jenni B Charmed is still performing the same task, but on a much larger scale.  Directors from all over the country can purchase their excellent jewelry online to distribute to their consultants for outstanding achievement.

Jenni B Charmed has recently introduced CUPCAKE Marketing - a fun way for Directors & Consultants to share the Mary Kay opportunity.  For More Information Click Here

For More information about how you can purchase these custom charms for your consultants, and see what promotions they have for this month you can Click Here!  

As you can see at the top of this page, Jenni B Charmed has even created a New UnitWise Charm!  They make great gifts for any special occasion & The Heroes will definitely be adding these to our capes!

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Apr 3, 2013

New Featured Directors!

As you may have noticed, we have updated our Banner on the home page of   It is our pleasure to feature several outstanding Mary Kay Directors & NSDs in the UnitWise Family!    Please take a moment to read more about these wonderful women and their achievements throughout their career in Mary Kay.  

Caterina Harris Earl - National Sales Director
Unit:  Cast of Super Starts
How Long have you been with Mary Kay:  22 years
Which Mary Kay Car are You Currently Driving:  NSD Pink Escalade
What Activities Helped you grow your Mary Kay Business:  Being in the can't miss a thing club. Being very coachable and working closely with my mentor. I embraced working the numbers and tracking my goals.
How Has UnitWise Helped Your Business or Helped Your Business Grow:  I have used UnitWise for a couple of years now. I really LOVE the great customer service that I receive. I appreciate their innovation. I immediately switched because I could use this product easily on the go, with my iPad and iPhone. My assistant often works from her home and I live in two locations so I needed a product that was very portable and that I could access from the Internet. Love the product.
Your Thoughts About The UnitWise Heroes:  They practice excellent customer service just like our Founder taught us

Maggie Nevarez - National Sales Director
Unit:  Area Puro Corazon
How Long have you been with Mary Kay:  I have been in Mary Kay for 34 years
Which Mary Kay Car are You Currently Driving:  Currently I drive the Exclusive Cadillac Hybrid Escalade
Tell us About your Training Center:  Pink Diamonds
What Activities Helped you grow your Mary Kay Business: I believe what truly helped me after making a decision to take my business seriously was to schedule time for when I was going to work my business, because once I had the space assigned I respected my business and others did as well.
How Has UnitWise Helped Your Business or Helped Your Business Grow: I think UnitWise has helped me because I can dedicate my time to the People and all the directors in my area and my consultants can have everything they need at their fingertips, without having to ask me or waste time looking for ideas, education, whatever they need.
Your Thoughts About The UnitWise Heroes:  I was amazed by the customer service, and the patience and willingness to train my assistant on how to use the program and to guide us. I believe this is only the beginning because I can have one place that has everything that I need to run my business and recognize and inform my area.

Angie Onianwa - Senior Sales Director
Unit:  Angie's Alectrics
How Long have you been with Mary Kay:  25 years
Which Mary Kay Car are You Currently Driving:  Chevy Equinox
Tell us About your Training Center:  Charisma Center Pink Connection
What Activities Helped you grow your Mary Kay Business:  I built and continue to build my business using the Model Portfolio.
How Has UnitWise Helped Your Business or Helped Your Business Grow: I love that I have one website where I can send my unit for unit information, customers to the tab to my MK website and prospects to a tab we designed for them. Having all of those things organized clearly have helped my business grow.
Your Thoughts About The UnitWise Heroes:  I have loved getting to know and personally meet each hero! The customer service, guidance and support you offer on a daily basis is exceptional.

Chandra Drury - Director
Unit:  Chevy Equinox
How Long have you been with Mary Kay:  17 years
Which Mary Kay Car are You Currently Driving:  Chevy Equinox
What Activities Helped you grow your Mary Kay Business: Leads, Leads, Leads!!!!! Always have 5 different sources of new leads. And most importantly...never, Never, NEVER GIVE UP!!!!
How Has UnitWise Helped Your Business or Helped Your Business Grow:  UnitWise has made my business so simple! Everything is in one place and I can "take it with me" on my smart phone or an iPad. I love the flexibility of being able to access my business from anywhere. As a director, I am always on-the-go and UnitWise comes with me!
Your Thoughts About The UnitWise Heroes:  The heroes at UnitWise are top-notch! They help with ANY question, no matter how simple and they are constantly up-grading their products to meet our changing needs. I love the YouTube tutorials and the instant-chat when I have a quick question. They always seem eager to help and make me feel important. This is a level of customer service that we are taught in Mary Kay and I appreciate it!

Carolyn Bishop - Senior Director
Unit: TEAM "B"
How Long have you been with Mary Kay:  10 years
Which Mary Kay Car are You Currently Driving:  Pink Cadillac SRX
Tell us About your Training Center: San Marcos Pink Beauty Center and Aero Drive Studio
What Activities Helped you grow your Mary Kay Business:  Consistency, consistency, consistency.... A little bit every day will grow great results if you stay the course. I have always had other significant commitments that take a lot of my time but by designing a work schedule for my Mary Kay, as if it was a part time job that I would get fired from if I didn't show up and do a great job at, I have been able to have a fun, successful, profitable business. I have a set plan and I keep the same hours every week. I love it! I truly have been able to design my business around my life and enjoy almost every wonderful thing that Mary Kay offers!!
How Has UnitWise Helped Your Business or Helped Your Business Grow:  I love having my calendar connected to my customer information and my website, conference calls and documents all easily linked! It makes life so simple having it all in one place! I eliminated a lot of expense from hiring several companies to do all the different things that UnitWise provides. Thank you UnitWise!!!
Your Thoughts About The UnitWise Heroes:  The customer service is absolutely phenomenal!!! They are personable, knowledgeable, friendly and very quick to respond when I need help. I am also very grateful that they are patient when I ask the same question twice - lol ;)

Lissette Arroyo-Ortiz - Senior Director
Unit: Eagles of Excellence Unit
How Long have you been with Mary Kay:  8 years
Which Mk Car are You Currently Driving:  Chevy Equinox
Tell us About your Training Center:  EofE Beauty Boutique
What Activities Helped you grow your Mary Kay Business:  Getting new names & #s where ever I go, book, coach, sell, share our fabulous opportunity with everyone I facial because you never know what your customers are needing in their life.
How Has UnitWise Helped Your Business or Helped Your Business Grow:  The ease of how the system works has made it valuable to incorporate into my business. There are so many benefits to having a UnitWise account from tracking my customers, keeping track of my inventory, to postage for mailing orders to my customers, to tracking my unit, and sending scheduled emails to my unit members, and the text blast. Everything I need is in one area! Doesn't get any better than this!
Your Thoughts About The UnitWise Heroes:  The UnitWise Heroes are extremely patient and helpful; and after hours there are always YouTube videos to help me figure out how to do something. And since the how-to videos are not long - the understanding is quick!

Julie Yingst - Senior Sales Director
Unit: Julie's Jewels
How Long have you been with Mary Kay:  7 years
Which Mary Kay Car are You Currently Driving:  Cadillac
Tell us About your Training Center:  Comfort Inn
What Activities Helped you grow your Mary Kay Business:  Going to all Events and consistency in 3 plus 3 plus 3
How Has UnitWise Helped Your Business or Helped Your Business Grow:  It makes my life easier. All tools in one place one site. It's awesome
Your Thoughts About The UnitWise Heroes: - The Heroes are my life savers in using the system. They are kind and very informative on how to use the site. I appreciate all their patience too!

Roseanne Bair - Director
Unit:  Bair's Millionaires
How Long have you been with Mary Kay:  24 1/2 years
Which Mary Kay Car are You Currently Driving:  Hot, Sexy Black Ford Mustang
Tell us About your Training Center:  Pink Studio
What Activities Helped you grow your Mary Kay Business:  Working consistently to grow a large customer base that creates a great residual income and then looking for those women that want "something more" and offering our fabulous business opportunity. Also always taking advantage of the incredible training opportunities that are available to us to learn from the leaders in the business.
How Has UnitWise Helped Your Business or Helped Your Business Grow:  Since I started using UnitWise a year ago I have found the systems to be very helpful in tracking the many areas that need to be tracked in our business since "tracked numbers grow" and I LOVE that fact that I can access it from wherever I am!!!
Your Thoughts About The UnitWise Heroes:  The Heroes are the BEST!!! I am not very computer literate and was slightly overwhelmed when trying to transfer all of my customer info from another system I had used for many years and learn how this new one worked but they were super patient, answering all of my questions (probably multiple times) and still continue to offer on-going support as needed.

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Apr 1, 2013

Riddle Time

The beginning of eternity, the end of time and space.
The beginning of every end, and the end of every place.
What am I?

See The Answer on our Facebook Page!

Congratulations to Sales Director - Paula Langworthy for being the first person to answer this Riddle Correctly!  This riddle was asked in our most recent email newsletter on 3/30/2013 and the responses were overwhelming!   Thanks to everyone who participated!  Paula will now be added to a special drawing for a Year- End Prize!
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