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Aug 30, 2016

Keep Your Unit Motivated With MyUnitBuzz

Hey directors and independent beauty consultants, you know better than most—when a unit member is unmotivated, they can’t even sell grass to a cow.

Don’t let your unit members fall into a slump until they crash and burn!

Use MyUnitBuzz to keep them happy and motivated, so they’ll work past their potential to fully meet their ambitions.


MyUnitBuzz is a mobile communication app designed for directors and independent beauty consultants to provide them with a direct means of communication with their unit members. It’s full of innovative features to help you motivate and stay connected with your unit at all times.

1. Assign Unit Goals

You can use the unit goals feature on MyUnitBuzz to assign your unit members custom goals. Each individual member can have different goals based off of their abilities, and you can assign goals to your entire unit to complete as a team. This will motivate your unit by giving them short term and long term goals to work towards.

New unit members can really feel lost at first, but MyUnitBuzz can help you get them on the fast track to success with the unit career path feature. Use the unit career path to create a guide for them to follow, full of short term and long term goals. Also, with the unit career path, you will be able to see your unit member’s progress so you’ll know when they need help or a little extra encouragement.

2. Celebrate Your Unit’s Achievements

No progress should go unnoticed, which is why with MyUnitBuzz you can send out an accomplishment message every time a unit member meets their goals. They will be celebrated by your entire team and inspired to work even harder.

If an accomplishment message isn’t enough, MyUnitBuzz keeps all of your social media accounts in one convenient location so you can celebrate your unit members online. Build your unit’s confidence and fame by featuring them on your social media sites regularly.

3. Build Their Confidence

Sometimes the best way to motivate a unit member is by building their confidence. With the resource library you can upload important documents and training materials for your unit to access at anytime. By looking up the answers to their own questions they’ll feel confident and ready to go make some sales.

4. Caring is Motivating

To motivate is to care, which is why MyUnitBuzz has an image library for you to upload photos from events for your unit to see. By keeping memorable photos stored on MyUnitBuzz your unit members will feel appreciated and cared for. As a result, they’ll feel motivated to go out there and make you proud by getting tons of sales.

Motivate Your Unit Today

MyUnitBuzz is free for all UnitWise members, so download the app and start motivating your unit. By doing so you could quickly see a large jump in your sales and have a better relationship with all of your unit members.

Not apart of the UnitWise family? No worries! You can download MyUnitBuzz for free and access its features for a small monthly fee of $2.95. Plus, your unit members will have free access to every feature once you enter in your unit information.
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Aug 26, 2016

Proven Anti-Aging Methods

Here at UnitWise, we consider every aspect of the beauty consulting world to help you become the best director you can be, especially when it comes to sales and managing your unit. One of the often overlooked aspects of being a director is having healthy skin.

You could be in the beauty consulting business for years! Heck, it could even become a lifelong career, so it’s important to prevent aging. If you look flawless in your beauty products, then more customers will be more tempted to buy, in order to look their best too.

Plus, you aren’t just selling make up, you’re selling skin care products. If your skin has a youthful glow then it proves the success of your products. Keep your skin looking it’s best with the following tips.

Be Sure To Rest

Your skin works as hard as you do, so it will need a break sometimes too! Be sure to unwind every evening. Stress causes your skin to flare up and can cause breakouts, which lead to permanent scarring.

Unwind with a little meditation, or by watching an episode of your favorite guilty pleasure reality TV show. Yes, even the real housewives! We won’t judge, we just want you to relax. Relaxing will lead to better sleep, which is important because damaged skin cells get repaired while you get your beauty rest. Also, skin rehydrates when you sleep and looks firm and colorful as a result.

Quit Smoking

Smoking puts your skin on the fast track to premature aging. It’s common for smokers to look much older than they actually are. Daily smoking leads to drooping, flabby skin, crow's feet, and lines around the mouth, because smoking breaks down the collagen in your skin.

It also restricts blood vessels leading to discoloration, so oxygen can’t get to your skin cells, and slows down the skin repair and healing process. When the skin repairing process is hindered discoloration and scars take longer to heal.

Avoid Sun Burns

The sun may feel like your friend with its bright, cheery attitude and warm rays that reach down to give you a warm hug on a chilly day, but in reality the sun can be your skin’s worst enemy. When ancient greeks avoided the sun to preserve a youthful appearance, they were on to something.

Sunlight causes discoloration, which leads to darker spots on the skin. Damaging UV rays also lead to wrinkles and sagging skin. Plus, the sun dries your skin out, which leads to cracks, and dark bags under the eyes.

When you’re going to be outside for a while, go prepared with a large hat to shade your face. Also, be sure to apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher every two hours.

Get Your Diet On Track

Sugar, which can seem irresistible, damages skin at an alarming rate. Sugar attaches itself to collagen and weighs it down, causing skin to sag. Wrinkles can be caused by sugar, because it sucks the moisture out of skin cells, leaving your skin dry and brittle. Sugar also causes break outs and inflames the skin, making it difficult for your body to repair it.

Try swapping your dessert with some fruit or drinking green tea instead of sugary coffee. The antioxidants in fruit and tea prevent aging, while calming and firming skin. Antioxidants also repair sun damage, scars, and make wrinkles less visible.

Vitamin C found in citrus fruits, strawberries, broccoli and more reduces stress and is even believed to prevent sun damage. Vitamin C actually plays a major role in producing collagen, which firms your skin.

Work Those Sales While Looking Your Best

With a few simple lifestyle changes you can take years off of your face, so you’ll have a youthful glow while selling your products. Not only will looking your best help you hook more sales, it will also boost your confidence and you might push for bigger sales as a result.

Also, by using UnitWise, the all in one business management program designed for independent beauty consultants and directors you’ll save time and prevent stress, leaving you with more time to relax and practice good anti-aging habits.
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Aug 24, 2016

How to Get Started With MyUnitBuzz

We, the heroes at UnitWise, always have you, our beloved members in mind. Since 2009, with the creation of UnitWise, the total business management program, we’ve had the constant goal to help you simplify managing your business.

With innovative features for inventory management, email marketing, financial tracking, and more, being in total control of your business has never been easier.

Now with MyUnitBuzz, the total communication app, you can keep track of your unit 24/7, from any location. Use the app to send them individual or group messages, to remind them about upcoming events, to assign them goals, and more.

Best of all, MyUnitBuzz is free for everyone with a UnitWise account, and their unit members.

How to get Started

As a UnitWise member, simply register with MyUnitBuzz and enter your position and unit number. Then download the app for free, and you’ll be sent a verification email.

Once your account is verified, your unit members can download the app for free and access its innovative features after entering their unit number.

I’m a Unit Member, but my Director Hasn’t Activated MyUnitBuzz

As a unit member, you can download MyUnitBuzz for free at any time, but you won’t have access to its features until your director registers with your unit number. However, once you download the app you can use it to send your director an email, asking them to activate it.

Wait, I Don’t use UnitWise

You don’t have to have a UnitWise account to use MyUnitBuzz. You can still download the app for free, but you’ll be charged a monthly fee of $2.95 to access its features. Once you register with your unit number, your unit members will be able to access its features for free.

Download MyUnitBuzz Today

Why wait to use MyUnitBuzz, when you can instantly download the app and have better communication with your unit right at your fingertips? We’re available on the phone Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST to answer questions about UnitWise and MyUnitBuzz to help you easily get started. We also offer 24/7 email support.

** This is the current and updated pricing information for MyUnitBuzz.

Content found in the UnitWise blog is for informational purposes only. UnitWise is an independent business with no affiliation to Mary Kay®.
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Aug 19, 2016

How to Throw a Successful Makeup Party

Stay calm, your first makeup party is coming up, but you got this. Especially if you’re using the UnitWise and MyUnitBuzz to schedule your event and to keep track of RSVPs! Throwing parties is one of the best ways to get new clients as well as repeat customers. Follow the steps below to have a successful party that’s full of sales.

Plan Your Party In Advance

Schedule your party for an evening that won’t have any conflicting events. Avoid cancelling or rescheduling at all costs. People get frustrated when events are moved, and often decide to not show up.

Give your party a relevant theme to make it interesting. For example, facials to brighten your skin for the fourth of July, or makeovers even Cupid can’t resist for Valentine's day.

Make sure your party is during a time when your prospective clients have the most availability. During the day most of your guests have to work, so it's better to schedule events in the evening. Also, if your guests have children consider starting your event a little later to give them time to give their kids dinner and put them to bed.

Invite a small group of people, so you can spend enough time with each client. By answering their questions and showing them which products fit their individual needs they’ll be more likely to buy. Not everyone invited will show up, when inviting a group of 15 people expect 6 to 8 guests to show up.

Make your invitations irresistible. Find a creative template online to give your invitations a unique and memorable look. Add a free sample or coupon to each one before sending them out. The goal is to make your invitations so fun and exciting that ‘no’ isn’t an option!

Be Prepared With The Right Equipment

Keep up with your RSVPs to know how many people to expect. This way you’ll bring the right amount of goodies for everyone.

Set up the room with a table for everyone to sit at together, so your guests will pay attention during your presentation and demonstrations.

Don’t forget to bring a few lamps to brighten up the room. If the area is too dark your party guests won’t be able to see how good they look with your products on.

Most of your guests will arrive with their make up from the day still in tact, so be sure to provide everyone with moist make up wipes so they can quickly clean their faces before their facial or makeover.

Serve orderves and appetizers for your guests to nibble on. Keep the food light and simple so the room will stay engaged instead of weighed down with a meal. If someone wants to bring something, let them! When your guests bring their own comfort food or favorite drink they’ll feel much more relaxed.

Put Your Game Face On

If you’re nervous about throwing your party practice with your friends and family members first. This way you’ll gain experience with applying facials and makeup. Also, your loved ones will provide you with valuable feedback.

Remember to be in the right mindset. Be confident, energetic, and social to fill the room with positive energy. Don’t be monotone or sales oriented, because the party could end up feeling more like a business meeting as a result.

There’s always that one person who says they don’t wear a lot of make up and won’t buy anything. Don’t let them phase you! Show them what they can do quickly with minimal makeup or show them skin care products. As a strong, independent beauty consultant you can handle any challenge!

Makeup parties are social events with a cheery yet relaxed flow. Make your guests feel at home by inviting them to hang out and socialize after their facials. If they feel rushed they’ll be less likely to buy.

Get Your Party Started

Don’t feel nervous about throwing your makeup party, get excited! These events are fun social gatherings as well as a source for direct sales. By using UnitWise and MyUnitBuzz you’ll be able to organize your party, send out invitations, and handle RSVPs. You’ll have everything you need for a successful markup party.

*Content found in the UnitWise blog is for informational purposes only. UnitWise is an independent business with no affiliation to Mary Kay®.
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Aug 16, 2016

Stop! You're ruining your skin with these bad habits!

By studying the world of beauty consulting, we the heroes at UnitWise have come to a groundbreaking conclusion. We’ve realized that the better your skin looks the more sales you get. You could be in the business for years, so you’ll need your youthful, glowing complexion to last! Save the beauty of skin by quitting the following bad habits.

Stop Neglecting UV Protection

Sometimes the sun can be your worst enemy because it sends harmful UV rays down to Earth that will dry out and age your skin. Harmful UV rays can kill the elasticity in your skin cells, leading to wrinkles and sagging skin. They also can cause freckles, discoloration, and skin cancer!

Tanning beds are even worse than the sun! Fight your urges to lay in what effectively are cancer boxes. When exposing yourself to up close UV rays that are 10 to 15 percent stronger than the sun’s you’re voluntarily giving your skin wrinkles and sunspots. Also, most importantly, tanning beds can cause melanoma, the most dangerous and most skin disfiguring type of skin cancer.

When you’re spending at least two hours or more outdoors remember to use a sunscreen with an SPF of 36 or higher, and reapply it every two hours.

If you need a tan, don’t go to the salon. Try a spray tan or natural means of tanning with the use of sunscreen outdoors.

Kick That Poor Diet

Sugar is one of your face’s most evil enemies. Most people get seduced by sugary treats, that make them feel warm inside, while ignoring the bad effects sugar has on their body. Sugar breaks down the elastin and collagen in your skin, causing wrinkles and sagging. Sugar also inflames the skin and leads to breakouts which can leave scars for years. Try swapping out your guilty pleasure treats with fruit to fill your skin with nutrients.

Get hydrated! Seriously, add more water during your daily routine. Coffee and other caffeinated beverages are packed with sugar and can dehydrate you. Without enough water skin become, dry, wrinkly, and flakey! Water makes your skin look full and firm and gives it a natural glow. Infact, water is so great at helping us look our best that it's the skin treatment that celebrities swear by.

Ease Up On Tobacco And Alcohol

Smoking is bad, period! It displaces oxygen in your skin, leaving it brittle and dry. It also slows down your blood flow which causes your skin to look discolored and saggy. The chemicals in cigarettes deplete your body of important nutrients like vitamin C, that plays a major role in repairing your skin. Without enough vitamin C your body can’t stop scars and wrinkles from setting in. Nonsmokers should also be weary of coming into contact with second hand smoke, because it causes the same damage.

Alcohol doesn’t have to be given up completely, just consumed in moderation. Keep in mind that alcohol dries out skin, leading to flakiness and wrinkles. Alcohol also causes the blood vessels in your face to swell, causing redness around your nose and eyes! If the blood vessels around your eyes burst due to the swelling you’ll have long lasting red spots that are really difficult to get rid of!

Take Care Of Your Body

At the end of the day you might be exhausted, with hardly enough energy to lay on the couch. We’ve all been there! However, working out, even as little as taking a brisk 30 minute walk around the neighborhood increases your circulation to make your skin look firm with a radiant glow. Start off small and see what you can do to get your blood pumping during the day.

Get enough sleep! Getting less than 7 to 8 hours a night can leave your skin, saggy, and discolored with dark circles under your eyes. By not getting enough sleep on a regular bases the sagginess of your skin could become permanent. Get your beauty rest to keep your vibrant complexion.

Remove your makeup at night! It may seem tempting just to crawl right into bed, but at least use a moist towelette to clean your face first. Leaving makeup on all night traps dirt, pollution, and dead skin on your face. This will cause your face to become irritated and break out!

Remember, it's important not to squeeze pimples or blemishes, because doing so will spread bacteria into your skin, leading to more pimples.

Be Forever Young

Here at UnitWise we want you to be the best beauty consultant you can be. We take everything into account from your sales pitches to professional appearance to make sure you’ll become the the leader of makeup and skincare product sales. Keep your skin looking firm, young, and beautiful by simply kicking a few bad habits.

Be sure to comment below to share your skincare methods with us.

Content found in the UnitWise blog is for informational purposes only. UnitWise is an independent business with no affiliation to Mary Kay®.
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Aug 15, 2016

Do You Have What it Takes to be a Successful Beauty Consultant?

Are you considering joining the world of beauty consultants by selling your own inventory of makeup and skincare products? If you are, we can see why. A few of us at UnitWise may have our own fantasies of driving off into the sunset in a pink cadillac with the top down, while wearing an official red jacket.

However, becoming a beauty consultant is a serious choice. Be sure to put a lot of research into your decision, then sleep on it. To help your decision process along, we compiled a list of traits found in the nation’s most successful beauty consultants.

A Great Smile

When thinking about a sales pitch a smile may not come to mind, but a friendly smile can make a deal. When meeting potential clients, be sure to flash them a positive, yet friendly smile. Practice your smile a few times in the mirror to get it perfect.

Social Confidence

Successful beauty consultants are go getters. They put on a brave, yet friendly face to host parties and meet new people. NSDs and directors meet multiple prospective clients a day simply by approaching them. Some people are so social that they could talk to a rock for hours, while others avoid approaching strangers at all costs. Where do you fall on the spectrum? Can you strike up a conversation with multiple strangers?

The Ability To Roll With The Punches

No,, no, NO! Did that sentence drive you crazy? We hope not! But on a serious note consultants get told ‘no’ a lot. Can you roll with rejection and keep trying? Never take a no personally, even the best are shot down. The key is to dust yourself off and get back on the horse.

No Hesitating When Asking For Help

Don’t be afraid to ask your NSD or director for help. They want you to succeed and will always have time to answer your questions. Even the top dogs started from the bottom, and they had lots of questions! Remember, as a beauty consultant you’re part of a team!

They Aren’t Sales Oriented

While not being sales oriented seems to contradict selling skin care products, the best results are often found when consultants are open and friendly. Instead of pushing for the sale teach your clients about your products and answer any questions that they have. Take your time and be patient, a client that learns more about your product is more likely to buy.

They’re Excellent At Multitasking

Beauty consultants are extremely busy, but that doesn’t stop them. They efficiently balance meetings, parties, and their inventory without breaking a sweat. Making quick decisions and prioritizing which tasks are most important on a daily basis play major roles in being a successful beauty consultant.

They ALL Cut Loose

Being a beauty consultant can be stressful and time consuming, but along the way you’ll make lifetime friends with local directors and unit members who love what they do. Events and seminars bring consultants together to celebrate their success and boogie down!

So, Is The Beauty Consultant Life For You?

Are you determined and confident? Are you willing to put yourself out there? Do you want to work hard and play harder? If so then it sounds like beauty consultant life could be for you. Just be sure not to forget about us, the heroes at UnitWise when you’re zooming around town in that pink cadillac.

Content found in the UnitWise blog is for informational purposes only. UnitWise is an independent business with no affiliation to Mary Kay®.
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Aug 9, 2016

You're A Beauty Consultant, Don't Look Tired

For whatever reasons the sandman works in mysterious ways. Sometimes you have a deep sleep that’s drool on the pillow good, but other times you roll around, frustrated for hours. You may not think anyone will notice if you’re tired, but in reality your skin can give it away!

As a beauty consultant working on the frontlines at parties and events, it’s important to look your best in order to get sales and maintain a professional appearance.

We at UnitWise and MyUnitBuzz can’t promise you a full 8 hours of sleep for perfect, refreshed skin, but we can tell you how to cover up the fact that you’re exhausted.

Let’s Start By Waking Up

Splashing cold water on your face, or turning your shower water to cold may seem like a frightening idea, but the cold water will actually reduce inflammation, tighten your skin, and restore color.

Using a moisturizer with caffeine will perk up your skin, and you can use a primer to give your skin a nice tan glow.

Then Let's Fix Your Hair

Incase you’re too busy traveling to conferences like seminar and can’t wash your hair, we have the secrets for making your hair look clean and lively without showering

First, fight your instincts. When you’re short on time you may just wanna pull your hair back in a ponytail and forget about it. However, when you wear your hair down it will take the attention away from tired, puffy eyes. Also, parting your hair on the opposite side or wearing braids will cover up grease.

Fight hair grease by blow drying your roots or by applying some dry shampoo, that will give your hair a nice scent. Also, baby powder is often used to soak up grease.

Fight frizz with a leave in conditioner to moisturize your hair and to give it a sleek shine.

Last, but not least, add some texture spray to your hair. It will lift flat, tired hair and bring it back to life!

Next, We’ll Get Those Eyes Sparkling

When you’re tired your eyes are a dead giveaway. If you know ahead of time that you won’t be getting much sleep, prep your eyes with a hydrating eye cream to prevent the skin around them from drying out and puffing during the night. Applying eye cream will also help in the morning.

Allergies and sleep deprivation are both culprits that cause red eyes! Clear them up by using daily nasal sprays or allergy pills. To simply get rid of redness apply one or two eyedrops to each eye.

If you do wake up with puffy eyes, stay calm, there are many solutions to instantly de-puff them. The most common solution is to take two cold spoons out of the freezer and place them under your eyes for about 10 minutes, during this process the blood vessels around your eyes will become uninflamed and discoloration will dissipate.

Other common items for depuffing eyes include cool cucumber slices, cold tea bags, frozen bags of peas, and potatoes slices...that’s right, potato slices.

Also, you can get an eye roller and keep it in the fridge. Bust it out when you need to roll eyebags away! Most eye rollers have a soothing mineral gel that get rid of dark circles under the eyes.

You can always cover up dark circles around your eyes with a yellow based foundation. However, when it comes to eye make up and you’re tired, less is more. Avoid the heavy eye shadows and stick to an all natural look.

Curl your eyelashes and add volumizing mascara to make you eyes look more open. As a result you’ll appear bright eyed and bushy tailed!

Bonus Tips!

  • Start your day with a citrus fruit to wake up and get energized. 
  • Wear light pink to coral shades of lipstick to brighten your face. 
  • Wear bright colors to fill the room with energy.
  • Stay hydrated! Water keeps your skin looking firm and full and prevents eye bags and discoloration from forming. 
  • Take a walk when you wake up to get your blood pumping and to return color to your skin.
  • Keep that beautiful smile on. A nice bright smile will spread positive energy to the entire room. 

Get Those Sales

You’re a confident consultant, and you’ll get those sales—especially while looking your best. By being your own makeup artist, no one will know whether you got 3 hours or 8 hours of sleep, because you’ll have a healthy, natural glow at all times.

What are you makeup tricks for looking less tired? Be sure to share them with us!

Content found in the UnitWise blog is for informational purposes only. UnitWise is an independent business with no affiliation to Mary Kay®.
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Aug 5, 2016

Manage Your Mary Kay Inventory Like a Pro

Inventory is a word so draining that it sends even the most confident NSDs and directors running for the hills. You already manage your finances, unit members, upcoming events, and more. On top of all that, you need to manually enter in your constantly changing inventory, be aware of what’s running low, and keep track of your top selling items?!

It just doesn’t seem like their are enough hours in the day for directors to manage their entire Mary Kay business! That’s why we want to lend a helping hand and tell you about how to save precious time by managing your inventory with UnitWise.

What’s UnitWise?

UnitWise is complete business management software full of innovative features, specifically designed for the Mary Kay community in order for NSDs and directors to take their business success to the next level. With the iOS and Android app everything necessary for business organization and planning is placed right at your fingertips, on your smartphone or tablet.

How Can UnitWise Help Me Manage My Inventory?

Managing your inventory with UnitWise is an instant process because it has list of every single Mary Kay product, making it easy to find the items that you carry. You won’t have to manually enter a single product name. Plus, when Mary Kay introduces a new product it’s automatically added to the product list.

Quickly edit the amount of products you have on hand individually, or edit your entire inventory at once with the bulk edit feature. Also, once you get started import purchase orders up to 90 days after shipping to adjust your inventory with your most recent orders.

Every time you create an invoice or receipt any items sold will be immediately taken out of inventory to give you the exact amount of products left in stock. Imagine the time you’ll save without having to manually adjust your inventory anytime that you make a sale!

UnitWise makes it easy to keep track of which items are getting low with reorder reminders. For example, if you sell out of lip liner pretty quickly, set the reminder to 10, and once you only have 10 left in stock you’ll receive a message to order more. Set the same reorder level for every product, or set individual reminders based off of how quickly different products move.

Best of all, with UnitWise you will have total control over how your inventory is organized. Maybe you want all of your eye products in a group, or maybe you want all of the blue makeup together, the possibilities are endless! Just be sure to add your top selling items to your hot list so you’ll always have them ready to make a sell.

Try UnitWise For Yourself

Checkout our complimentary 15 day trial to see if UnitWise is right for you. Test out our innovative, time-saving features for total business management to simplify managing your unit, schedule, sales, inventory, and more.
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Aug 2, 2016

Essential Items To Waterproof Your Poolside Look

Summer brings many opportunities to hang out by the water. You may get invited to the pool, lake, or beach to soak up some rays, but what happens when you want to get in the water?

Will your beautiful makeup wash away? Will you shy away from the water to keep your makeup looking perfect?

There’s no need to fear getting in the water with Mary Kay’s line of waterproof makeup that will keep your flawless look in tact all day, no matter what activities come your way. 

First, Start with Your Foundation

After putting on some tinted sunscreen, head to the beach to give yourself a natural glow, and to cover any blemishes. You’ll be protected from the sun while looking your best with Mary Kay® Tinted Moisturizer Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 20.

As you warm up, you may notice some sweat starting to bead on your skin. Don’t panic! Simply use a powder foundation like Mary Kay® Bronzing Powder to put on your skin to absorb any sweat. This will give you a sun kissed look and prevent your makeup from melting away.

Then Bring on the Eye Makeup

We’ve all seen someone jump in the pool and come up looking like a sea monster—black eye makeup streaming all down their face.

The thought of bleeding eye makeup might scare you away from wearing it poolside, but dark, smokey eyes are in right now. Don’t leave the mascara and eyeliner behind. Simply use the waterproof formulas!

After you applying your eyeshadow for a hot summer look, add a little Mary Kay® Eye Primer. The primer is a smooth gloss to apply over your eye makeup to make it waterproof and smudge resistant.

Don’t dive in and find yourself with empty, wild brows! Use a waterproof eyebrow filler, then cover your eyebrows with brow gel to keep them looking full and shapely.

Finally, on to the Lips

Having beautiful lips is an important part of the perfect summer look. Keep in mind that while in the sun a more neutral or soft color looks best. Sometimes all you need is a little shine, so check out Mary Kay® Sun Care Lip Protector Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15. It will protect your lips from the sun with a subtle gloss, and it can be used under lipstick and lipgloss.

Also, there are a variety of waterproof lip liners that glide on with a smooth finish for defined lips, even if you find yourself taking a dip in the ocean.

You're Water Ready!

Summertime is full of water-related summer events, but that doesn’t mean you have to attend them without a beautifully made up face. Use Mary Kay’s wonderful line of waterproof makeup to look perfect all summer, no matter what!

Also, Mary Kay NSDs and directors, don’t forget to manage your line of waterproof makeup with UnitWise and MyUnitBuzz. With these programs and their iOS and Android apps you’ll be able to manage every aspect of your business from the palm of your hand.

Be sure to comment below and tell us which waterproof cosmetics you enjoy the most.
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The Easiest Way to Share Your Favorite Seminar Moments

The Mary Kay Seminar is an exciting time that is full of educational events with conferences about leadership, career workshops, motivational speakers, and more. However, there are also entertaining events and award shows that can really excite your unit.

Before your unit scatters all across the convention to different activities, round them up with an itinerary filled with speakers and classes they can really benefit from with MyUnitBuzzApp.

How can MyUnitBuzz help me manage my unit?

MyUnitBuzz is a communication app filled with tons of features specifically designed for NSDs and sales directors to manage their units on the go. By downloading this app on your smartphone or tablet you’ll instantly be able to message and manage your unit from anywhere.

Use our event calendar feature to list the activities you want your unit to attend during the Mary Kay Seminar. Once you have conferences or workshops scheduled you can send out invitations for them. Your unit will receive notifications about scheduled activities and can view the calendar on their smartphones.

Also, with the event calendar, you can assign tasks to certain unit members and answer any questions that they may have.

By using the message feature you can send group messages to your team to find out where they are during the conference. Check in with them to see if they’re having a good time and to remind them about upcoming meetings.

MyUnitBuzz offers a photo gallery, so if your unit takes photos during shows or events they can instantly share them with everyone in your team. Plus, you can send photos directly to their phones!

If one of your unit members can’t make it to the conference, they don’t have to miss out. With the MyUnitBuzz resource library you can upload important documents and training materials from the seminar for your team to access at anytime.

Download MyUnitBuzz For The Mary Kay Conference

The Mary Kay Seminar is for learning and celebrating, make sure your unit gets the most out of their time with MyUnitBuzz. Create a schedule for them, chat with them to keep up with their activities, share photos, upload important documents, and more! Also, don’t forget to celebrate your Mary Kay success with tons of fellow NSDs and sales directors from all across the nation.
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One Unit, One App, Total Connection

Every summer Dallas becomes loud and proud when Mary Kay NSDs, sales directors, beauty consultants, unit members flock to Seminar. This exciting four-day event celebrates everyone associated with Mary Kay with outstanding awards and entertainment.

Seminar is the place for directors and unit members to catch up on company news, refresh their business tips, and learn about new products. Seminar includes top-notch career and leadership conferences filled with workshops, motivational speakers, and classes.

With the MyUnitBuzz app, which is free for UnitWise directors, you can communicate with your unit on the go, from anywhere. That way you get the most out of Seminar.

How Does MyUnitBuzz Improve Communication?

The MyUnitBuzz app is designed for NSDs and sales directors, like yourself, who are notoriously busy—especially during Seminar. Download the app to your smartphone or tablet to instantly contact your unit at anytime, no matter where you are, without running up your phone bill and without mixing business texts with personal texts.

With the messaging feature you can send a quick message to one of your unit members, or to your entire team all at once. Just pull out your phone, a within a few seconds you'll contact your unit in a matter of seconds. You can tell them where to meet you for lunch or remind them about an upcoming guest speaker.

If you see something at Seminar that you don’t want anyone to miss, record it! With MyUnitBuzz you can instantly send photos, videos, and important documents to your unit all at once! No one will miss out on any of the fun and education.

Celebrate Seminar With MyUnitBuzz

You did it! You had another successful year selling Mary Kay products, and directing your team. It’s time to celebrate at Seminar, as well as refresh your mind with new, proven business tips. Best of all, you got the most out of Seminar by saving time with MyUnitBuzz.
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Everything Directors Need to Know About MyUnitBuzz

Wait, you’re a Mary Kay NSD or sales director, but you don’t use the MyUnitBuzz app to manage your unit? Well then buckle up, because today you’re going to learn about all of the features that MyUnitBuzz has to offer.

First, what is MyUnitBuzz?

MyUnitBuzz is a revolutionary communication app for smartphones and tablets, specifically designed for the Mary Kay community to give NSDs and directors the ability to better communicate with their units. Its free for UnitWise directors!

With the MyUnitBuzz app you can contact your unit on the go, from any location, at anytime. You’ll never miss a question, last minute update, or a unit achievement again.

What are these features?

MyUnitBuzz has a multitude of ingenious, time saving business management features, including:


MyUnitBuzz considers security to be very important. This is why we give you the power to decide who can access your unit updates. You can send your unit members private login information via email, as well as accept or deny access requests.


You'll never have to put an important question on hold again thanks to MyUnitBuzz's chat feature. No matter where you are you will receive comments and questions from your team and can respond to them right away.


Use MyUnitBuzz to send your entire unit messages, photos, videos, and documents all at once. This is great for quickly sending out reminders about meetings and for making sure everyone is on the same page.

Event Calendar

Manage your schedule by adding all of your important events to your online calendar with MyUnitBuzz. Once you schedule a party use the calendar to send out invitations. You’ll receive notifications for RSVPs and questions, with the ability to manage them from the palm of your hand. Plus, you can make sure your event runs smoothly by assigning event tasks to your unit.

Unit Goals

Assign target goals for your unit to reach on a weekly or monthly bases to inspire your team. Set goals for your entire unit, as well as custom goals for individuals. When a goal is met, an accomplishment message will be sent to your entire team to show off what a great job they’re doing.

Unit Career Path

Your unit members might not always know what to do. Give them a guiding hand with a unit career path by assigning them with goals and scheduled targets they will have something to work for. You can view their progress and send them reminders to help them stay focused. Don’t forget to let your unit members know you’re proud! Send out an accomplishment announcement when they do something great.

Resource Library

Give your unit a little independence with the resource library. Upload important documents and training materials for your team to access at any time on their smartphones and tablets. They will take it upon themselves to find answers to their questions, and to brush up on a certain matter.

Image Library

As NSDs, sales directors, and unit members work hard to build their success they often become lifelong friends that play hard. Keep your cherished memories all in one place with the image library. Take photos at parties, events, and award functions and upload them to MyUnitBuzz to reminisce about priceless memories.

Social Media

With all of your social media pages organized in one location, showcasing your business announcements has never been easier. Easily post product updates, special promotions, photos/videos and general unit announcement from one location.

Instantly Get Started With MyUnitBuzz

Download the MyUnitBuzz app today and have instant access to business management tools that can be used on the go. You’ll have 24/7 communication with your unit, total access to social media, and the ability to inspire your team while growing your business.
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Aug 1, 2016

Mary Kay Directors: Here's the Business Tool You Are Missing

We have an important question for Mary Kay NSD’s and directors. How do you stay connected with your unit? Do you have a list of your units contact information written down somewhere? When sending group text messages does adding them one by one take a long time?

That makes sending your unit a simple message seem impossible. Simplify communicating with your Mary Kay unit by with the MyUnitBuzz app.

What is the MyUnitBuzz app?

MyUnitBuzz is an app designed for smartphones and tablets that makes communicating with your Mary Kay unit easier. With this app you can assign all of your unit members to a group and send them texts or photos from events in the blink of an eye. Mary Kay directors can also use this app to send out reminders about upcoming meetings and other important events.

You can even give your unit the power to find answers on their own, by uploading important documents and training materials that they can access at anytime. This is great for when you’re in an important meeting and can’t respond to their questions right away.

I have UnitWise, does MyUnitBuzz cost extra?

Great news! If you’re a UnitWise member with the Director Complete or Consultant Complete plan then you already have access to the app for free! That’s right, completely free!

UnitWise members can instantly get started with MyUnitBuzz because their account will automatically sync with the app as soon as it’s downloaded.

If you aren’t a UnitWise member or you don’t have the Director or Consultant Complete plans you can still download the app for $2.95.

What does Mary Kay get out of this?

While UnitWise and MyUnitBuzz aren’t affiliated with Mary Kay, they are designed to make it easier for NSDs and Directors to manage their units and grow their businesses. When NSDs and directors choose to utilize UnitWise and MyUnitBuzz they often become more focused and organized. Unit leaders and members tend to start generating more business, which helps Mary Kay become even more successful.

Try it for yourself

MyUnitBuzz may be geared toward easier communication, but it’s actually an app full of time saving features for total business management. Best of all, MyUnitBuzz is free for UnitWise directors.
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*UnitWise is not affiliated with Mary Kay

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