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Jul 28, 2014

MotivationMonday: UnitWise Email Marketing

Aren't you happy it's Monday! Mondays are the UnitWise Heroes' favorite day of the week. Why you ask?

Well let me tell you... Monday is the one day where you start getting motivated, plan for the week, and get excited about your weekend plans all at the same time. Its like an energy boost to kick start the week and get closer to your goals. August 1st is this Friday, so today is the best day to set up your beginning-of-the-month goals. 

Once you have your goals written down, now it's time to organize them and see what needs to be done first. The Heroes have a great suggestion for you; set up your Email Marketing Campaign for the end of summer to run throughout the month of August. Here are some things to check before creating your marketing campaign:
  • Check your inventory. See what items you have excess of , what items have been your top sellers for summer, and if you have any limited edition products. These can be your featured products in your marketing email. 
  • Update your discounts and coupons. If you have any items that just aren't selling as well as you would want them to, you can update your coupons to include these items, or run a weekly special to help clear them from your inventory. Remember Fall will be here before you know it and you want to revamp your inventory with the new Fall products. 
  • Create Add-On items. You have great sets already created for your clients but you can also include a great sales boosting tactic - The Add-On. If you have a client purchase one of your fabulous sets, you can offer Add-On items like a lipstick, eye-makeup remover, or gloss at a discounted price. This is great way to boost sales on new items like the True Dimensions Lipstick (which is amazing by the way! I can't live without this lipstick in Color Me Coral)
  • Create Goals for your Email Campaign. For you to have a successful email marketing campaign, you need to have set goals of what you are trying to achieve. Many goals can be achieved with email marketing campaigns including: repeat clients, new bookings, team building, etc. 
Once you have your goals defined and a plan set for your email marketing campaign, then it's time to create the campaign in your UnitWise account. 
MK Directors & Consultants are masters of the personalized message and this will come in handy when creating your Email Template. You can create a custom email template for your campaign to give it that something special. Then comes the content. The content you include in your email works best to your advantage if it is personable and creative. Basically what you would say to a client, but in digital text form. 

Once you have all your content in, proofread your email and make sure it is easy to read and there are not spelling/grammar issues. Then choose your recipients; this can be a particular group, individual, or to everyone. After your email is sent, you can track the progress with the new Email Marketing Reports Feature. You can easily see how many people the email was sent to, how many were read, how many were left unopened, how many people actually clicked the links you included, and so much more. This feature really helps you improve your email campaigns. If you ever have any questions about your Email Marketing Feature, give the Heroes a call and they will be more than happy to help you out. You can reach them via phone: 704.234.6006 or email:

These suggestions are only a few ways to utilize the UnitWise Email Marketing Feature to help you boost your business for August. What suggestions do you have for email campaigns for the end of summer?

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Jul 25, 2014

Do’s and Dont’s with Eye Makeup

Makeup has become a true necessity for women. Today, more and more women start using makeup at a really young age. Whether it is for everyday, for a romantic dinner, an evening with your girlfriends or any other special occasion, most of them use it very regularly and some of them cannot live without it. We have a lot of  interaction on our social media every time there is a post of a makeup image or makeup tips about different  ways to enhance your eyes and complexion. So we have decided to write this blog about the Do’s and Don'ts with your eye makeup.
You certainly do not want to look like a clown, so follow these tips to avoid any makeup mistakes and helping you become a true professional makeup artist or consultant.

Photo courtesy of

Many people think that to enhance the color of their eyes, they should use an eye-shadow of the same color as their iris. But by doing this, the makeup will take attention away from the beauty that is your eyes. So, instead use complementary colors according to the color of your eyes. For example if you have:

  • Blue eyes: choose natural colors such as brown, beige, or gray/black colors 
  • Green eyes: choose light pink, purple, brown and gray colors
  • Brown or Dark eyes: choose tones of blue and green

When using multiple eye-shadows, use the lighter shadows, avoiding the heavy and dark colors, along the upper eyelid. Also remember to use a highlighter or a light color shadow with a shimmer under the arch of your brow or brow-bone. It is important to know that you should never apply a dark eye-shadow on the upper eyelid if you have a drooping upper eyelid.

Photo courtesy of

Applying Black Eyeliner
The most common error is to only  use eyeliner along the lower lash line. This will make you look tired and fatigued. To make your eye pop and create a nice shape, apply the liner along the top line. Apply it by starting from the interior part of the eye going to the outside. If you want to apply the liner under the eye as well, make sure to apply a very thin line and then blend it nicely.

Be sure to keep the liner light and thin, avoid adding thick layers. Thick eyeliner applied to the upper lash line will look heavy and be a distraction from your beautiful natural eye color.

Photo of
Some women want to recreate a super glamorous look and tend to overlap several layers of mascara in hopes of creating long and thick eyelashes.  However, when the mascara is not applied properly it can cause the opposite effect. Mascara can dry out, create clumps and leave flakes underneath your eye, resulting in an unprofessional look. To create the perfect, show stopping lashes, apply a maximum of two or three layers of mascara, letting each layer dry before the next application. If you want to have longer and more curved lashes, you can use an eyelash curler.

Makeup is used to enhance and embellish your features, not to point out your imperfections. So, always choose the correct colors for your skin and eye color. Also remember to start light and build to avoid over application and achieve the perfect look.

Leave us a comment at the bottom of the page, if you have any other makeup tips and tricks or share them with us on Facebook, Google +, and Twitter.

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Jul 18, 2014

Tips & Tricks: Prep, Prime, Party

Seminar 2014 is finally here! (dance break) The UnitWise Heroes can't wait to see all the glamorous gowns
and flawless makeup looks that Seminar is known for. So it is super important for your makeup to not budge or smudge while you party the night away. Here are some great tips and tricks to Prep, Prime, & Perfect the MK way so you can live-it-up all night long...

You want your skin to be moisturized and toned before you move on to priming. The trick is knowing what order to apply your serums, gels, and moisturizers. How I remember it is; the more liquid-y products, like serums and gels, go on first because they absorb the fastest and moisturizers are last.

After your face is prepped with your moisturizing routine, you want to wait a few minutes before applying any other product. This will allow enough time for all the moisture to absorb in the skin. Next you want to apply your primer, eye primer, and lip primer. MK offers two amazing products for foundation priming; one is the MK CC Cream (my personal favorite), and the other is the MK Foundation Primer.

  • Marketing Tip: It is very important to match a primer and foundation with the same brand. Different primers have different bases and can actually cause your foundation to streak and not stay on your face. To insure the best staying power, you want your primer to be of the same brand as your foundation. This tip can be very helpful when clients are purchasing foundations.
When using the MK CC Cream, I like to warm it up on my fingertips for a second before applying it to my face. It really helps the cream cover my skin more evenly. The MK Foundation Primer has a very nice consistency and just glides right on. Once you have your primer on, your next step is eye makeup, then your foundation routine, followed by your bronzers, highlighters, and blushes. 
  • Application Tip: The best tip I ever received was to do my eye make-up before I applied my foundation. This way I don't ruin my concealer/foundation with shadow fallout or any mascara and liner mistakes. 
When you are ready to put the make-up brush down and your look is picture perfect (can we say #selfietime) it's time to set your make-up with the MK Makeup Finishing Spray. Spritz your face and let the amazingness set in and you are ready to party all night long.

Do you have any tips and tricks for a long lasting makeup look? Comment below or share on our:

                              Facebook         Twitter        Google+        CommUNITy     
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Jul 14, 2014

Creating a Marketing Plan : Let’s get Marketing Savvy!

Not every business provides you with guaranteed fun and excitement that owning your own MK business offers its Directors and Consultants. However, most successful businesses (large and small) use similar business practices and have a Marketing Plan. So why not have a Marketing Plan for yours?  Yes, you do need business cards, a crimson smile, and a positive attitude, but it also takes a lot more. Just think about this ... “Are you still driving the same car that you had when you first started driving”? Don’t think of creating a Marketing Plan as reinventing the wheel, just improving and putting it on a pink Cadillac. Here are some great and simple steps to create a Marketing Plan that will take your MK business to the next level and make it more exciting and fun!

Your Fabulous Business:
Let’s first pin point what is currently working for you and showing you love. Now define what areas you may need improvement (Strengths and Weaknesses). How are you currently obtaining customers and team members. Word of Mouth is a great way, but there are endless possibilities out there, at least that is what Mary Kay Ash has taught us. Now think about how you are maintaining your  customers and continuing to motivate your team members. Once you are able to see what works and what hasn't, you are able to gain a better perspective of what you would like your exciting business to become. Now let’s start thinking of ways to improve and grow your business.

Endless Opportunities:
So what are your opportunities? Its time to start setting goals and make those goals a reality! Not only do you need to set goals, but also set a time limit. This will keep you motivated and inspired!

Now Let’s have some FUN:
Now its time to get creative! You have determined your strengths and weaknesses, thought about your opportunities, and set goals. Now it’s time to create an Extraordinary Marketing Plan! Now how you are going to meet those goals? Ask yourself…

Q: Wanting to reach more customers? Team members?
A: Increase your Social Media and Online presence.

Q: Wanting to maintain customers and keep your team members motivated?
A: Develop an open line of communication!

Communication is becoming easier and more fun with access to multiple channels, whether that is with social media, emails, website, or direct communication, such as a phone call or a text.

Results Time:
Once you have put in all the hard work, it’s time to look at the results! Look at the hard numbers. Has your customer base grown? What about your sales? Any growth? Where were your sales from, only new or current customers? What about your team? Has it grown? Are your team members’ businesses growing as well? The answer to these questions will help you better understand what worked and what can be improved upon. Not looking at this data and making changes, is like trying to do a smokey eye without a mirror in the dark.

Worried you don’t have enough time?
No Worries! UnitWise is an online business management and MARKETING program for MK Directors and Consultants! UnitWise was developed specifically to meet all of your business needs for less than $30 per month. UnitWise gives you ALL the tools you need to market and grow your business through the use of  Email Marketing with Enhanced ReportText BlastsConference CallingCustomizable Website, and Social Media Integration, as well as the ability to run multiple Reports.
Now it's time to get started on that Marketing Plan and have fun growing your business!
Click here to learn more about UnitWise’s business management and marketing features and contact the Hero at UnitWise by calling 704-234-6006 (No worries, we don’t use phone trees). 

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Jul 11, 2014

How to Keep Healthy Hair

All women dream of having beautiful, shiny, healthy hair. To achieve the ultimate look, the UnitWise heroes are ready to reveal their secrets and give you some beauty and health tips.First know that if is not just a matter of using the right beauty products, but its important to eat healthy as well, in order to have long, strong, and silky hair. Here are some simple and easy tips to follow to avoid dry, thin and brittle hair.

1. Use the Right Tools
The #1 Rule is to use the right brush at the right time, depending on the condition of your hair. Be sure to use a hair brush with boar bristles to brush and a comb with large teeth for detangling. If you have damaged hair use hair repair and restoring products that condition and restore the hair fibers. They will nourish the hair thus regain its natural beauty. 
If you like to use hair dryers, flat irons or any other hot tools, apply a thermal protectant spray before use. These sprays will not only protect your hair from the heat, but your hair will be left silky smooth. Thermal protectants sprays are also great for protecting your hair in the sun. 

2. Choose the Right Hair Products
A crucial step for beautiful hair is to use the right hair products (shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, gels, etc...), depending on your hair type. First you must determine which type of hair you have
  • Normal- if they have no particular problem 
  • Oily- if by the end of the day the roots are oily
  • Mixed- if the roots are very oily but the ends are dry and brittle
  • Dry- if your hair is brittle, lacking shine and are rough 
It is always best to stay away from products that have amounts of alcohol (look at the first 3 ingredients). Alcohol is very drying. If your hair is Oily, look for products that are oil free or clarifying. If you have a Mixed hair, use a clarifying shampoo and conditioner and then apply a leave in conditioner to the end before drying. For Dry hair, use moisture  shampoo and conditioner. Look for products with natural oils such as Keratin. 

3. Avoid Certain Foods 
Watch what you need! Food is the body’s main source of nutrients and not only affects the health of your body, but also your hair. To keep your hair in good shape, eat foods that are rich in vitamins B and E. Avoid fatty food and sweets. They will slow the growth of your hair. Here are certain food that you should avoid if you want healthy hair:
  • Sugar- It interferes with the absorption of proteins and reduces the rate of vitamin E, which is essential to the growth of the hair. I know it is not easy but try reducing desserts and late night sweet snacks. 
  • Soft drinks- Drop the can of Coke! Soda has no nutrients and contains a significant amount of sugar and sweetener that make your hair drier. 
  • Alcohol- Alcohol reduces the amount of zinc, folic acid, vitamin B and C in the body. So it stops the growth of the hair and may even lead to the thinning of your hair. So try not to exceed two drinks per day and no more than 4 for any special occasion.
Your hair is a sign of good health, and may reflect the health of your entire body. So do not hesitate to see your doctor if you worry that your hair is too brittle and falls out too much. However, if you follow these tips you have all the chances to have a healthy, strong and thick hair. 
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Jul 4, 2014

Tips & Tricks: 4th of July Makeup

Is anyone else a Theme Queen? I love going theme-tastic on holidays and game days (big sports fan). Make-up is always a big part of any great holiday outfit, so take a break from trying to find the perfect top to go with your favorite shorts and let's see what fun makeup looks you can do for the 4th of

It's going to be hot, and probably humid, so go ahead and grab your eye shadow primer, waterproof mascara, and smudge-proof eyeliner. Then let's take a look at some Pinterest ideas for your look - 

pinned by NatalieSchwab

Here is a pretty simple look that can work for anyone. I love the way the blue is blended into the white - so pretty. This look seems like it could stand up to the summer heat and the matte red lips won't over power the bold eyes. It's just lovely. 

pinned by Alana
This look is would be super fun, and the star of many 4th of July selfies. You really want to use a good eye primer for this look so all the colors don't blur together. I really like how there is a hint of sparkle on the lower lash line that blends perfectly into the blue on the outer corners. With this look you don't want to line your eyes with a thick black liner, or it might overpower your amazing eye shadow colors. I suggest a nice black tight-line on the upper lid and just a touch of mascara on top and bottom lashes. For the lips, I would go nude or pinky-nude to compliment the eyes. 
pinned by GlitterGuide

If big bold color isn't your cup of tea, try a simple pop of color with liquid liner. For this lids just sweep a light white (or creamy shade) all over and up to the brow bone. Then line with a pretty blue liquid liner. You could a pencil too, but your line is always sharper with a liquid liner. Follow with your favorite waterproof mascara, to survive the elements, on top and bottom lashes. I would just add a tough of highlighter to the cheeks and a sheer tint on the lips. 

When creating your 4th of July look, remember to plan for the elements. It is going to be hot, so instead of full on foundation, try a tinted moisturizer and opt for waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Have a great weekend and Happy Independence Day!
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