Tips & Tricks: Recreating Celebrity Makeup Looks

Have you ever tried to recreate your favorite celebrity looks from red carpets and movies and it just not turn our right? It's one of those things where you can't exactly tell where you went wrong, but you know something didn't go as planned. This past week the UnitWise Heroes have been inspired by celebrity looks from the red carpet and have some great tips to share with you on how to get it perfect every time. Grab your brushes, it's time to play!

Step 1. Finding The Right Photo
When recreating a look, it is always best to have a reference photo. Now finding the perfect reference photo is where it can get a little challenging. Look for a photo where the face is well lit so you can see eye shadow color, highlights, contouring, and lipstick color clearly. Once you find the right photo then head on down to Step 2.

Step 2. Creating Your Makeup Guide
When you have found the perfect reference photo it's time to create your makeup guide. This where you will decide what makeup to use and in what color. A super easy way to do this is to actually draw a blank face on some paper. A simple oval will do nicely. Start by looking at your photo starting with the eyes only. Choose eye shadow colors that are similar and decide liner styles; map them on your guide. Then look at the lashes and choose a mascara.

Next, look at the face. See if there is any contouring, or just some blush, or maybe just a smidgen of bronzer with a heavy highlight. Then map that on your guide. Last will be the lips and that is usually the easiest part. You will just choose a color that you think will complement the look well.

Step 3. Recreating The Look
Now that you know the colors and products you will use, it's time to recreate the look. I would recommend doing your foundation after you do your eyes, excluding the bottom lash line. This way if you mess up you can easily fix it and you won't mess up your foundation. Once you have the majority of your eye makeup done (everything but your bottom lash line) apply your foundation and remaining face products. Always start with a light application and gradually build up to your desired look. And remember to keep looking at your reference photo and don't go really fast with the application. When you speed through things, mistakes tend to happen (especially doing smokey eyes, no one wants to look like they were punched in the face).

Step 4. Admire Your Work
Honey, you worked hard to recreate your favorite celebrity's makeup look. Grab that camera and take a few selfies to share with your friends and see what celebrity makeup looks they can recreate.

Celebrities have been killing it on red carpets this season with their makeup game. Recreating looks is just fun and gives you the perfect excuse to play with your makeup and show off your skills. Be sure to share your celebrity makeup looks on our UnitWise Facebook and Instagram pages. We love to see your amazing creativity!


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