Learning to Blog through Facebook

If you're new to blogging, but you're a Facebook veteran, there's no need to worry. Facebook is like a more open, accessible form of blogging.

-Status updates are like micro-blogs. 

-For more in-depth updates you can write notes for others to read. 

-You gain friends by commenting on other posts and pictures, just as you would do to gain readers on your blog. 

-The comment and reply system on a Facebook wall is very similar to the comment system in most blogging tools

-Other things, like uploading pictures and inserting links are also similar. 

-You arrange pictures and notes into albums--similar to the way you arrange posts on a blog into categories.

-You put captions on photos and tag friends in them, just like you would put tags on a blog post so people know what's in it.

If you're a heavy Facebook user, you might be more accustomed to the world of blogging than you think. Practicing good Facebook habits--commenting, tagging, frequent posting--can help you form good blogging habits.

Later this week, we'll discuss the differences between Facebook Groups and Facebook Fan Pages.


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