It just keeps getting better

We made a number of changes, updates and improvements to UnitWise recently and we think you're going to love them. The best Mary Kay business management software just got even better. Take a look at some of the great new additions.

This is the invoice screen. There's a good chance you'll be using this page a lot, so we made it easier to use, and made it easier on the eyes too. The customer name and product fields have an auto-fill feature. That means just start typing a name and you'll see a list of names or products with those letters. Easy!

Speaking of invoices, we've tweaked some options in the preferences menu to make them a bit more friendly. You can now leave a default message that will display at the bottom of every invoice you send out. A quick thank you message, some beauty tips, anything you want. Just set it up in the preferences menu.

There are plenty more updates and improvements like the ones above. Start your 15 day free trial with UnitWise now to check them out!


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