Seriously saving you time and money

Here at UnitWise, we're all about saving you time and money. How are we going to do that? Let's take two consultants: Tina and Sarah, and see how they spend money on their business.

Say Tina is a MK Consultant. She uses a number of programs to manage her business:
-Office production programs for contact management: $200
-An email program to send bulk emails: $35 per month
-A management program to keep track of her inventory: $150, plus $100 every quarter for updates
-A domain name, website and host, plus updating services: $45 per month
-A financial management program: $125

That's at least $555, not including monthly and quarterly charges, which could range between $145 and $200.

Sarah, on the other hand, uses UnitWise. For $19.95 a month she gets:
-In-depth and easy to use contact and customer management system
-An email system that lets her send tons of custom, personalized emails to all of her contacts
-An automatically updated inventory that syncs with her invoices and accounts
-Her own customizable website and blog
-An extensive account system to manage her finances
-A unit page that helps her keep up with her unit and team members
-Thorough reports that help her keep track of her growing business

That's just the bullet points. With UnitWise, Sarah can use all that and more wherever there's internet, on any computer! Plus all of the different parts of UnitWise "talk" to each other. Good luck getting your spreadsheet program to sync with your finances.

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