Super Support

Good customer and technical support is more important than some might realize. It's an odd thing, because you really only notice bad support. When a program or business has excellent support, you often come away from a problem forgetting you even had one. That's the idea behind UnitWise's support.

They just integrated a new support system that is so helpful, and so easy, it's kind of scary. The support system makes it easy for users to quickly find answers to their questions. As they type in their question, possible answers to the question pop-in below. That's right, users could get an answer before they even finish typing their question! If the answer isn't there, the UnitWise team will get it answered as soon as possible, then add that question and answer to the database.

On top of all the helpful text answers, users can also check out informative videos like the one below.

This is all in addition to the live chat and phone support! The best
customer support is the kind you don't have to think about. The kind
that doesn't put you on hold or ignore your requests. That's what the
folks at UnitWise have built, and we thought it was worth pointing out.


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