Introducing the new Customer Center!

UnitWise users logging in this weekend noticed an exciting change in the Customer Center. We remodeled the entire section based on feedback from our members. The new Customer Center has all the information you could ever need for a customer, all on one page. Not only is finding customers and their info easier, but keeping track of that info is easier too. You can see all your customers, contacts, leads, unit and team members, and contact groups all on one page. You can also now see a customer's sales and product history on an invoice or sales receipt, so you don't have to jump back to see what they've purchased before. Oh, and we have Google Maps integration, which is really cool--you know what, maybe you should just watch the video below and see it in action.

We're super excited about the Customer Center and we think you will be too.

It's important that you clear your browser's cache on a regular basis, that way you can see and use all the new updates properly. Press Ctrl F5 when you have the browser open to clear the cache.


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