Getting started with UnitWise

Are you a new UnitWise user? Need some help getting started? Have we got a feature for you!

Okay, enough with the goofy infomercial talk...We're just super excited about our latest feature, the Startup Guide.

If you're new to UnitWise, or you're veteran user and just want to brush up on some UnitWise skills, you'll want to check out the Startup Guide.

Just click on Startup Guide under the Home tab. Here you'll see a set of options on the left. Start at the top with Set Your Preferences. A bit of text and a video will pop up in the center of the screen. Follow the video to get your preferences set up.

Once you're done with that, move on down the list. This is the recommend startup order for newbies, but you can watch them in any sequence.

After running through the full guide, you'll have your preferences set, your customers ready, your website in order and more. You'll be a UnitWise pro!

Don't forget that you can make the video windows bigger by clicking on the four arrows in the bottom right of the player (check out the screen shot below).

Getting started with UnitWise is now easier than ever.


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