Got questions? The Heroes have answers.

The following is an actual conversation that took place between a UnitWise customer and one of the Heroes through our live chat.

Angelo: Hey Tara, how can I help you?
Tara: I’m thinking about switching to UnitWise. I want to know if I can bring some of my information with me.
Angelo: You sure can. You might want to check our video guides, which can be found here: We can bring in information from a number of different programs, including Intouch
Tara: Great, I’ll check those out. What about operating system and computer? What do I need to run UnitWise?
Angelo: Anything! UnitWise is a full program that runs in your internet browser. If you can get the internet, you can run UnitWise. That means PC, Mac, smartphones, iPads, etc.
Tara: I was about to ask about phones too. I’m getting a new phone soon. Should I stay with Blackberry or switch to something else?
Angelo: Any smart phone will do. If it has a mobile browser you can access UnitWise. Also, we are hard at work on a mobile version that will work on all smart phones. It should be done in November.
Tara: Wow. Okay. I like the idea of mobility, using it anywhere. What about back ups?
Angelo: Our servers back up information every 30 seconds. So your information is safe. You can also export, save, and print information from UnitWise if you want copies.
Tara: Not bad. It looks like you guys thought of it all. I think I’ll give it a try.
Angelo: Great! Make sure to use the code FALL2010 when signing up so you’ll get a full 30 days free. Need any help picking a plan?
Tara: Actually now that you ask…
Tara: I’m a consultant, but I plan on debuting as a director in the next six months or so. What plan should I get?
Angelo: If you're going to be a director soon, you'll probably want to have a website with a training center. I recommend the full Consultant package--this one comes with all the business management features and a fully customizable website.
Tara: Can I just upgrade when I'm a director?
Angelo: Yes. And if you go with the full consultant package, you'll have a head start on the website. Moving to the Director package will get you the Training Center, and a few other Director-only features.
Tara: OK. That's great. I think I'll go with that then. Thanks, you've been very helpful.
Angelo: Thank you, we're here if you need us. Make sure to check out the Startup Guide when you're done signing up. If you have any questions, email, chat or call us.
Tara: Will do Angelo, thank you, have a blessed day :)
Angelo: You too Tara!

Hundreds of chat like this happen every week. The Heroes are there to help you learn the program, and get you started. If you're curious about UnitWise, contact a Hero, they're just a click or call or away.


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