Miss our September Webinars? Download them here!

In September we had two in-depth webinars that explored the ins and outs of UnitWise. The first one, early in the month, covered the first half of the program, all the way up to the Accounts section.

The second webinar, held on the last weekend of September, was all about the back end of the program, covering new updates to the Social Media section.

If you missed the webinars, you can download them now and watch them on your own time. These files are unedited and contain the entire broadcast, including the question and answer session at the end. These files are also on the large side, so they could take a while to download, depending on your internet connection.

Webinar 1
Click here to download the first webinar that covers the Home, Customers, Activities, Inventory, and Accounts sections.

Webinar 2
Click here to download the second webinar that covers the Social Media and My Unit sections.

Unfortunately, due to a technical hiccup, the marketing section wasn't recorded. If you'd like to see some videos on that, visit our YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/heroesatunitwise#g/u


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