Set your sales goals!

Margrette Field, an Independent Sales Director from Vista, CA. Margrette will post a blog each Wednesday full of tips, tricks, info and advice for other consultants and directors. Be sure to check back each week! 
Hello Beautiful!  Thank you for your comments last week!  Keep ‘em coming! 

In our business we are encouraged to never compare ourselves to others. We are all on our own journey to success. Sometimes we zoom to the top and sometimes slow and steady wins the race!  My Director always encouraged me to beat my own personal best every month. As we are approaching the 15th of this month it’s time to check in on our goals.  

You probably set a retail sales goal for your business back on the October 1st.  So, where are you now?  In order to stay on track with my retail sales goal I always refer to my UnitWise Dashboard.  I have the “At a Glance” window at the very top of my Dashboard (I even picked a border color for fun) and at any time I can quickly see my retail sales for the current week, and week prior. I can also see my retail sales from last month to the current month.  This makes it very simple to see what my target is from week to week and month to month!  I have experienced more “uh oh” months than I’d like to admit. 

You know, the months where you set a goal on the 1st and then woke up on the 30th and said “uh oh” I’m no where near my goal! So ladies, this means for you to know exactly where you stand at anytime during the month you have to keep up with your data entry.  My suggestion is to be sure all of your sales receipts and invoices, and web orders and reorders, are entered after each appointment.  Your Director may have a special prize for you when you reach $300 or more in retail sales. Sometimes you’ll find you are just a few dollars away and you can then make a phone call to a customer to push you right over the edge! 

October 15th marks the end of our current free product bonus of the TimeWise Age Fighting Eye Cream!  Always refer to and click on the products tab and then Biz Builders so you always know what the current ordering bonuses are and how much you can get for free!  Did you know that any time you receive free retail product from the company that adds to your yearly retail sales figure towards Queen’s Court of Sales?  Yep!  Every little bit extra can help.  Whenever you can, order at $400 wholesale or more and you’ll get some great free products and samplers! 

PS – If you didn’t set a retail sales goal at the beginning of this month, don’t beat yourself up!  Just start today and set up a goal to reach between now and October 31st. There’s still time to have an amazing month! When you catch yourself at this point you can still come out on top!   


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