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Hello, Gorgeous!

Last week I shared how you can keep on track with your sales goal for the month by looking on your UnitWise Dashboard.  I hope you’re on track and you are on your way to completing that sales goal!

I LOVE the fact that UnitWise has a built in reminder feature in our Calendar.  Here are just a few examples of ways I use this awesome feature in my business.

  • Customer Birthday Specials - Last day of the month I set a reminder to send out my special for the upcoming month.  I also have a reminder set up to follow up on the 15th of the upcoming month to remind my customers they still have time to shop with me! And, then on the last day of the month of their birthday I send out a “last chance” email marketing template.
  • 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months follow up for new customers and/or even current customers that recently ordered.  This way I am reminded to follow up with a quick call to make sure they received their order ok if shipped, see how their products are working for them, or just a quick thank you for being a great customer!  The best part is that the name and number is right there so you have their info at your fingertips as soon as the reminder comes up. You just dial! (PS - You can set these reminders to meet your own preferences)
  • Appointment Coaching Reminders – 2 days after I schedule an appointment to get a guest list, 2 days prior to the appointment to say I can’t wait to see them and 2 hours prior to the appointment to confirm directions.
  • Preferred Customer Program Enrollment dates and deadlines. (I recommend entering the enrollment deadline AND the expected delivery date to know when to start following up!)
  • Reminders for any sales I run annually for my customers.  I set the reminder a month prior so I can review the sale and see if I want to make any updates and/or changes.  This also allows time if I decide to order postcards or get anything else printed.

The possibilities are really endless!  There are so many ways to keep yourself two steps ahead in your business.  I think we often times try to keep too much in our heads and by utilizing technology this way we can be more focused and productive! 

Happy Selling! 


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