Sync Intouch to UnitWise!

We’ve got an exciting new feature that will make keeping track of all your customers even easier. You can now sync your Intouch account with UnitWise!

Here’s how it works, say you just entered 13 new customers into your Intouch account and you want them in UnitWise. Now, instead of exporting them, saving the file, then importing it, you just go to the Customer Center and click on the Import button. Choose New Intouch Customers from the drop down menu.

You’ll see a pop-up that will ask you to enter your Intouch info. Put it in there and then choose how you want to merge customers (that is if the ones you’re bringing in are already in your UnitWise customer list).

UnitWise will process your request in the background and send you an email when the import is complete (the more people you import, the longer it could take). Isn’t that awesome?

There are a couple of things to note about this new feature:
-It’s a one way sync from Intouch to UnitWise. So add them in Intouch first.
-You’ll only need to input your Intouch credentials for the import the first time
-The import feature brings in the following info: name, email, phone number and address

This feature is live right now. So login and check it out!


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