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Margrette Field
The Heroes at UnitWise would like to welcome our first guest blogger, Margrette Field, an Independent Sales Director from Vista, CA. Margrette will post a blog each Wednesday full of tips, tricks, info and advice for other consultants and directors. Be sure to check back each week! 

Hello, Gorgeous! I’d like to introduce myself to you and I’m really looking forward to sharing with you from week to week. I grew up playing with makeup and organizing my Mom’s Mary Kay inventory! I cried when she would go to Seminar as a kid but I always knew she would come back with a new Mary Kay keepsake like a t-shirt with Success Express on it! Or my favorite shirt that read Cadillacs Diamonds and Cash! My Mom is the reason I’m a Director today. I couldn’t wait until I turned 18 and I could sign my agreement. My only hesitation was thinking about how I would now shift to building my own business after playing a support role in her business for so long.

It was 1996 and I was a sophomore in college and my Mom gave me a little box of products to get me started. Going to an all-women’s college I thought it would be so easy to build my business. I was always known as being the shy type so sales weren’t anything anyone expected me to do.  However, I admired this company and loved the products and everyone could tell. My first appointment I sold a $7 blush and I’m pretty sure that student promptly returned it when she balanced her checkbook!  I wasn’t the consultant that excelled right from the start. However, I continued to find creative ways to build my business. If I could get an A in anything in Mary Kay it would be in tenacity!  

I continued after graduating with my BBA to build customers, and soon after became a marketing coordinator for a company in Vista, CA. I never missed a unit meeting and it was 3 years into my corporate job I decided to take a different approach to my business. I enjoyed cheering other consultants on as they earned cars and moved into Directorship but I could really see it for myself at this point. The only thing holding me back was my self-esteem.  I wouldn’t necessarily confuse that with a lack of self-confidence because for me, the confidence came by doing. I was a good student and I could memorize scripts, order of application of our products, and I practiced all the time. The hard part was believing in myself. Have you ever felt the same way? It was 2004 when I earned the use of first career car and not long after that moved up to the position of Sales Director.

I am looking forward to sharing some tips I’ve learned along the way! We are always learning and growing in this business. 

My first tip for you is to use the 6 Most Important Things To Do List. 

There’s room in your Mary Kay Datebook for a place to hand write them in but you can use UnitWise as well! Remember this list is the six most important things to do.  We all think we have a hundred things to do but making a master list, what is commonly referred to as a “brain dump” and then compiling your new list will help you manage your time better and manage your “mind” better.  When you have your list in your head you will always feel overwhelmed and exhausted!  Try using the “sticky note” feature on UnitWise! Even if you log in and out several times a day, you can refer back to your sticky note! Getting into the routine of writing your list is really the key.  Make it part of your day to write it and see how you feel more and more productive!  Looking forward to sharing again next week!         


  1. Thanks! Love the blog! Looking forward to next week!

  2. Great blog. Margrette Field is an inspiration. I looking forward to future tips.

  3. This is so true! When I make sure to use my list I am actually productive. When I do not I am such a mess and so exhausted. I actually tape it inside my car.

  4. Thanks Margrette! Great tip...where would we be without our 6 most important things list??


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