Get ready for PCP enrollment

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Hello Gorgeous!

A quick reminder that the enrollment for the Preferred Customer Program is coming up on November 15th.  You will want to be sure you enroll all of your customers in the program on  However, I suggest cross referencing the customers you have in UnitWise with the ones on marykayintouch first.  You may have added some on UnitWise and some new customers may have registered on your website since the last enrollment.  UW has a great tool along with a video for you to import your mycustomers’ list from intouch.    

Double check that you have the Preferred Customer box checked in your customer’s settings too.  This will make it easy when follow up time comes around at the end of December.  You can even enter the date your customer was first enrolled into the PC Program. If you see that any customer has been on the program for over 4 campaigns, and they have not made a purchase, you might want to consider removing them from your PCPlist.

Have a powerful and productive day! 



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