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Hello, Gorgeous!

It’s the time of year when you are most likely sharing your gift services with your customers.  So, how you do you keep good records of this in UnitWise?  This information is actually good to know at any time you’re offering gift sets to your customers throughout the year.  Sometimes we want to add in little “extras” or maybe include your gift wrap in the price of a gift set.  Since you are an Independent Contractor you may choose whether or not you’re going to include the cost of those extra items in the total sale price. 

Here’s an example of what to do if you are charging for gift wrap.  You may have seen the post regarding how to make product collections.  First you will want to add product to your inventory called "WRAP".  To do this you want to go to your Inventory tab on your Dashboard and then click on Products. Then from there you'll click on "Add Product". You can enter the details there accordingly for your new gift wrap product.  You’ll be asked to assign it to an existing category or you can create a new one.  Next you’ll make a Product Collection. You’ll see how you can simply add any products in our line and now your gift wrap with product name WRAP to the collection.  This will give the entire collection a new price including the amount you add for gift wrap!  Just name the collection and you’re all set! 

Here’s the video to review the steps once again.

The Video Guide link located on the top right of your UnitWise Dashboard is the best place to find answers to frequently asked questions. 

Setting up product collections will make invoicing a breeze and the best part is your inventory will always be up to date!

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