Make it a November to Remember

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Hello Gorgeous!

Will this be a November to Remember?

You probably heard from your Independent National Sales Director or saw the news online that Mary Kay is offering the Starter Kit to a new consultant this month for $75 instead of $100. It gets better!  The new consultant will also be eligible for $100 off her initial inventory order!  All she has to do is choose from one of the many packages featured in the Ready, Set, Sell brochure in November or December! Wow! Thank you, Mary Kay!

But who do we start with first?  This special could be just the thing that will help a woman say “yes” to Mary Kay, right? I suggest you start by contacting the women you have asked in the past and have kindly given you an objection such as “this sounds great, but it’s just not the right time”.  Or, “you know, even that $100 is a struggle for me right now”.  These are just a couple of objections I’ve heard in the past, and I bet you’ve heard them too! 

Here’s where you can start spreading the word!  Go to your Home tab after you log on to UnitWise. Then click on Reports > Team Members > Interview Recruit Details. Guess what’s in there? If you’ve been keeping good records of women you’ve shared the opportunity with in the past, you’ll see a list here of those women and any notes you took from your time together. Don’t worry, if you don’t have good notes in there, I bet you will in the future!  This is just one of the many details that UnitWise was sure to include in their program. The other place to go is also in your Reports section.  You can view your Top Performing Customers! You can review the names listed and recall whether or not you have shared the business plan with her or if you’d like to now! 

Let’s make this a November to Remember!

Pink Hugs,


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