Make Your Own Product Collections

Not only can you create and add your own products in UnitWise, but you can also make your own product collections. To do that, go to the Products page under the Inventory tab and click on the Add Product button on the right.

Here you can add a product, give it a name and part number and select a product category. You can choose from an existing category, or create one before hand from the Inventory Products screen. To create a collection, click the box next to Product Collection. A button will appear that says Itemize. Click that button to bring up an inventory window. In this window you can type in the products you want to add to the collection. Add more products using the add product button.

If you've created and added your own products beforehand, you'll find them in the list here, just type them in. This way you can truly create customized collections. When you're done adding products click Ok. Next you can add in your suggested retail price and more. When you're finished creating your collection, click Save.

When you invoice this product collection as an item, the products within the collection will be withdrawn from the inventory, that means you can sell the collection at one special price, and sell the collection items individually at their own prices.


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