End of Year Inventory

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Hello Gorgeous!

I hope you all enjoyed time with your family over the Christmas holiday and are planning on a fun event to bring in the New Year!! 

At the end of every fiscal year, you have to take a physical count of your inventory.  This is helpful not only for your tax documents, but also for you to make sure your inventory list in UnitWise is accurate.  You may have a small inventory and some of you may have the need to carry a larger inventory to best suit your sales volumes from month to month.  In any case, you do have to count it. The best part of taking a physical count is that you can audit your inventory and make sure you have your ideal quantities of the products you want to stock are up to date. This saves you a lot of time each time you go to order from Mary Kay!  

I recommend taking a current Order Sheet from Mary Kay and hand write your inventory on the order sheet itself. Then from there you will go to your UnitWise Dashboard and click on Inventory and then click on Bulk Edit.  You can update the physical count of your inventory on hand and also update your ideal quantities for each of them! 

Next week I’ll share more about the reports you can print to make tax time a little less “taxing”.

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