Second Star Quarter in Mary Kay!

Margrette Field, an Independent Sales Director from Vista, CA. Margrette will post a blog each Wednesday full of tips, tricks, info and advice for other consultants and directors. Be sure to check back each week!
Hey Beautiful,

Today marks the end of the second Star quarter in Mary Kay!  I know some of you are working to finish up your Sapphire Star at the $1800 wholesale level and some of you are reaching up into the higher rungs of the ladder and achieving even greater success. Remember the $75 Starter Kit deal is still on today as well!  Sometimes as women we work better under pressure, don’t know why but we do!  There’s something about a non-negotiable deadline to help you get things done, isn’t there? 

So, if you did finish your Star and you’ve closed every prospect you know of, then what is there to do between today and next week?  Start dialing!  Dialing for Dollars is what I like to call it! Set up those quick stop appointments to show your great gift ideas and book those last chance Holiday Makeovers with your customers!  So, I have a question for you.  Have you ever sat down to make calls and then had trouble remembering who you needed to call back?  It was just a blur because you talked to a lot of women and then a few days go by and you know you should follow up with your leads but you can’t remember which one said to call you back when?  I want to share an easy way to keep track of your calls so you won’t miss a follow up opportunity again!  I find a great place to track this information is in the Call section of your Activities menu on your Dashboard.  Here you can enter a future phone call and set a reminder to tell you when you’d like to make the call and even link it to a particular contact!  There’s room to write a description of the conversation to remind you when you go to make the call and the number is right there to make it quick and easy! 

Remember to check out all of the “what’s new” features listed on the UnitWise Dashboard!

Create a great day for yourself by choosing to Live in Your Vision!

Pink Hugs,


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