Winter Products

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Hello Gorgeous!

Tis the season! I hope you are all selling your way to Star Consultant status by Dec 15th!  Remember, if you participated in the Preferred Customer Program or you were a Star in Quarter 1, you are eligible to order the new Winter products!  What an awesome gift Mary Kay gave us to help us continue to our sales and give our customers even more options for their gift giving this year! 

Sometimes we find ourselves offering payment plans for larger orders.  This is completely up to you as a business owner. However, if you choose to do so I will share with you how easy it is using UnitWise!  After you create the Invoice for your customer go to Receive Payments in the Customer Center.  Here you’ll be able to select the customer who’s making a payment on their Invoice.  You will notice the Receive Full Payment box is automatically checked.  You simply uncheck that box and then apply the appropriate amount of payment   It’s that easy! I recommend putting a reminder in your Activities calendar so you know when to follow up with your customer for future payments. 

Have a great week!  Sell, sell, sell your way to Star!

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