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My very first career conference 21 years ago had Mary Kay as the prized-speaker.  In one of her speeches she talked about delegating tasks that don't help you reach your goal or are not in alignment with your families goals, like cleaning the house. So I came home and even though I wasn't making much mk money and CJ was earning poverty pay...I decided that our 1000 sq ft home needed someone else to clean so I could focus on family and MK.  I had a makeover that week with a woman wanting mk but couldn't afford it. So for $5 an hour she cleaned my house. $10 later my house was clean and we traded product for cleaning.  I have had a cleaning lady ever since...21 years.  My husband thought I was crazy.  We didn't have the money and we didn't have a house big enough.  But I understood that sometimes you need to make a short term sacrifice to get where you WANT to be not where you ARE right now.
Take a look at your days and what is eating up your time?  You have the same hours in a day as me, Dacia or even Gloria Banks.  Could you find somethings to delegate to others so that you can do what will take you to achieving your dreams.  You see, cleaning the house wasn't going to get me the Mary Kay Car...that I did earn 9 months later.  But having a clean house was important.  Being the one to clean it, didn't make me a better mom...having the time to spend with my children was important.  Having a safe car to drive was important.  PLUS I calculated a few years ago that the money saved for driving a MK car for the past 20 years is paying for both kids to go to college without debt!!  Was it worth the short-term bet!!



  1. Great post! Such a challenge to make that leap into delegating... Between financial fear or fear that "no one else can do it as well as me" can really hold us back! Thanks for helping us think about that!


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