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So much is available on Intouch-check it out.  Foundation Survey.  Placemat...I am putting this in my reorder bags now.   So here's a tweak on my first booking idea...

Prep: print off Foundation Survey on cardstock.  Put goodie bags together with another sample you have in-stock with your business card...I am going to use the Lip Gloss or Liquid Lip or mascara samplers. If you went to Houston then you already have the Shade Finder card.  If you have the old one until the new one arrives?  She won't know the difference.

Approach:  "excuse me, I couldn't help but notice how sharp you look.  I'm Julie with Mary Kay and I've been asked by MK to test market our new foundations.  Did you know 9 out of 10 women feel like they are wearing the wrong foundation?  MK just launched two new liquid foundations to partner with our Mineral Powder and 3 other formulas.  If you are willing to give me your opinion, I would like to quickly color match your hand and send you the right formula and hopefully the right color...of course, the face is the best to match but for now we will use your hand.  All I need is for you to compete this survey, try the foundation when it arrives in the mail and then call me to answer a few questions. Ok? In the meantime, here is a sample of our Ultimate Mascara/Lipgloss and when I call, I'd love to get your opnion of this popular product too."  and give her the survey as you say ok so she won't say no.

I am using the hand even though it's not the best color for her face because I am not comfortable color matching her face that may have on makeup or her neck/chest in public.   NOW WATCH THIS...while she is filling out the survey, I am going to make it a booking.  Then when I call to profile her, I will turn it into a party!!!  I won't talk party yet because I don't want to overwhelm her.  I want her face booked first.

"You know Karen, the best way to truly test the foundation is on your face.  I offer free makeover consultations that are fun and pampering.  Is there any reason why we couldn't meet in person this week or next instead of mailing the sample to you?  On Tuesday and Thursday evenings, we need models at our Pink Studio...are you free tomorrow night at 7?"

Happy Booking!


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