Get your Year in Gear!

Julie Potts, is an Independent Senior Sales Director from Ft Myers, FL. Julie will post a blog each Saturday full of tips, tricks, info and advice for other consultants and directors. Be sure to check back each week!

Steps for stepping it up!
1- MAKE A LIST OF EVERYONE YOU KNOW...go through your cell phone and facebook.  Write down men and women, offices, doctors, etc.  Then as you write a name...think of who they know.  Example, Albert has a mom, daughter, wife and sister.  Dr Anderson's office has nurses and he has a wife and daughter. etc.  Use a spiral notebook and leave a line per entry to track your attempts and conversations.  This book will last your through 2011, I bet.
2- CHECK YOUR DATEBOOK...know when you are available to hold appts.  Block 3 hours for party and 1.5 for makeovers.  What about your training night and other events in your area this month?  Note them all before you make calls so you have option ABC to offer her.
3- WRITE AND PRACTICE YOUR SCRIPTS...what are you offering for Hostesses in January?  What are you featuring as your Party of the Month...New Year New Looks?  Write a script and call someone to roll play at least once then start dialing for dollars.
4- CHECK YOUR INVENTORY... did you sell off too much in December without restocking?  Do you have the new products to show like the awesome Cream Eye Color?  Place an order to be ready for all your sales which equal profits.
5- HOSTESS AND RECRUITING PACKETS READY?  FACE BAGS READY? go to my website at to learn more about packets and bags.  But being prepared saves you time and frustration! 



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