Preparing for new product launches

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Change is never easy but in business, it's imperative. Mary Kay would say, "if your not changing then your going backwards." The fashion industry changes quarterly. Research is always finding new ingredients for better results. To be competitive in cosmetics then change MUST HAPPEN.

Dealing with it...
1 Inventory- call clients if they order what's going out to get stocked up. Buy one get one sale moves more products  faster. Put funds aside to stock new.
2 Clients- this is an op to call them all. Thank you MK.  Book them for refresher makeovers. Book Foundation parties. Have an open house. You are the confident in the change and they will get excited too.
3 Acceptance- you can't stop the change so assume the company has our best interest at heart and embrace it. Grumbling only hurts your business and deters your clients.
I am wearing the new primer and applied the new Matte Wear with a brush for the first time and I want to ditch my beloved Medium already!  Always try new items for a week then go back to old stuff ...that will sell you!
Embracing Change,


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