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Have you been using the new e-catalog version of the Look?  I love this tool and I have a fun way to share how I am using it with my UW email signature. I think it looks impressive to have a formal signature down at the bottom of your emails.  When you have a signature in your emails, it saves you time but also gives a very eye-catching reminder to shop with YOU!  Sometimes, just our website links are not enough to drive people to websites to shop with us.  

First, go to UW and go to the Settings>Preferences>Web Settings tab.  You will see a place to change the text on the “auto-reply email” for anyone that visits your webpage here.  In addition, you will find underneath that two places where you can enter your email signature.  You can have one for personal emails and one for business and you decide which one you want as default.  Here you will want to enter the information such as your name, title or business tag line, and contact information such as your business phone number and website address.  In addition, UW allows you the ability to put pictures and links into your signature and that’s where we can make this look impressive! 

Once you’ve entered your contact information keep UW open and then go to and visit Product Central. Here you’ll find a link to the image of the current issue of the Look e-catalog.  Right click on the Look image and copy the image URL.  Then go back to your signature page in UW and click on the Image button to add this image by pasting this image URL.  Now, you can also hyperlink this image so anyone that views your signature can click on it and go directly to the e-catalog. *** This next part is VERY important. After you have the picture of the Look in your signature you will want to hyperlink it to YOUR e-catalog link.  In the same area in Product Central right click on View the latest the Look e-catalog HERE.  You’ll want to copy and paste the link from there to the hyperlink window in UW. You’ll notice this link is specific to YOUR personal website.  Here’s what I mean.  When a customer clicks on the image they will then view the e-catalog.  They will also have the ability to click on products to order them. This link will make sure they get directed to YOUR website to place their orders!   

Design your signature today and make your business stand out! 

You can get creative with this e-catalog.  I also send the e-catalog to hostesses to get them excited about the products they can earn free at their party!

Have a Fabulous February!



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